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  1. Maybe if you tried to actually interpret the post instead of nitpicking details? It's the general direction of the art. It looks silly, it is silly. Stillettoes? Come on. My Half-GIant Myrm in plate looks quite a bit better. The general feeling is "badass" rather than "skimpy".
  2. I'd buy that argument if this was The Matrix Online or something. It's not. I don't think I'll get anywhere with you by arguing tho, either you get it or you make a point of not getting it. There are some of us who would prefer female characters that were getting ready for combat rather than a booth in the red light district, that might not be you. I can live with that.
  3. This leather armor needs a serious look at, I want to play an archer, not a prostitute. Hight heels and some exposed shoulder bs? Can we have a proper armor instead?
  4. Hi, I'm a complete noob to this game, although I did play Shadowbane back in the day. I'm looking for a guild to teach me the ropes and keep me company. I normally play between 20.00 and 02.00 UTC. I'm from Sweden, but can feasibly play on either EU or NA. My only demand from a guild is that it enforces a mature behaviour from its members. I'm 36 and my tolerance for racism, misogynism and other forms of idiocy is close to 0. I don't mind immaturity and general fooling around, as long as it is respectful to others.
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