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  1. How will the leaders of the different groups be decided at launch? Are we gonna wait until we've done a campaign or two or will you (maninthefedora) choose before the game launches?
  2. Eternal Shadows and The Silence are my two favorites also. Hopefully we can decide on a name and other details soon.
  3. I have few suggestions for names: Eternal Shadows The Hand of Fate Requiem Let me know what you guys think!
  4. I'll probably end up choosing either the Ranger or Champion
  5. I'm all for this system. It will reward those who contribute and will motive people to contribute more.
  6. I think you can keep some if not all of your stuff, there is the main world that never gets erased where you can put stuff on display. Maybe you can store equipment too?
  7. Sounds like a good structure for order. The ones who contribute the most gain more power than the ones who don't contribute. Earning your place in the ranks, I like it.
  8. How will the guild's chain of command work? You (maninthefedora) are obviously the leader (you said so yourself and started the guild), but will there be other high ranking 'officers' or will everyone be equal under you?
  9. Having a blacksmith or merchant in the guild will definitely help out with getting equipment and making some cash on the side
  10. Sounds good, glad to have you on board
  11. That's why when we finally get into the game we need to level and gear up quickly to handle targets early on
  12. It sounds like death will have a large impact and toll from what the description on play2crush says. If it didn't, it wouldn't really matter if you died countless times
  13. Awesome, just what i was looking for
  14. So basically mercenaries with higher purpose and skill, right?
  15. Awesome to find a fellow metalhead, may join up later if my friend's guild doesn't work out
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