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  1. Depends on your needs. A large castle supports more people than a small castle.
  2. I'm with the OP on this. I would rather focus on one character than a bunch of them. I have had other characters in games, but only to play on another server.
  3. Feels like just another willwill trolling post.
  4. If that was true, when they did realize it they could have just dropped their pledge. It's not like they were locked into paying it as soon as they pledged.
  5. That sounds like a blast. Yay, I've always aspired to be another nameless cog in some alliances machine. Double yay, I get to depend on people so I can play my playstyle. Triple yay, why bother to earn anything when if you kiss the right asses they will give it to you. No thanks. I'll earn my own way for my EK.
  6. I'll just stockpile basic equipment. I have no intention of using good gear because you will probably just lose it anyway. If I manage to kill someone I'll take their gear, bring it back to the EK, if that is allowed, and sell it off.
  7. I don't really care about k/d ratio, if I die, I just run back, not a big deal.
  8. I was genuinely curious because I have never seen a figure or metric anywhere.
  9. How is that a crutch? It's just as important as the other things you would ask someone who wanted to join your guild. If someone doesn't want someone who was an exmember of a guild, what does it matter to you? It really is the guild leaderships decision.
  10. Do you have any evidence to support how this relates to gaming or is this one of those I think its true so I'm going to present it as a fact and see if anyone notices claims?
  11. I disagree, but it is just my personal opinion, clearly yours is different. While I enjoy all of the facets of most mmos, be it crafting, economic wars, actual physical combat, gathering, etc, what has been lost in in recent mmos is the social aspect. The social aspect of mmos is what I miss the most from earlier games before you didnt even have to talk to anyone level a character. Maybe it's my age, but I don't need to beat someone down to have fun.
  12. Maybe I missed it, but are the core 9 cells everyone starts with tax free?
  13. I play plenty of games just because they are fun, not because there is some potential carrot dangling out there. What is wrong with playing the campaigns just for the sake of playing?
  14. So what you are saying is that if people don't play the same way that you do or that you enjoy playing then they should be punished? What makes you playstyle the only right one?
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