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  1. Leap does work correctly if you jump to a higher elevation though.
  2. Champion's 2nd leap gets cancelled if the first leap was to something lower elevation than where you originally leapt. EX: first leap was over a cliff, you land, use second leap, cancels within 0.2 seconds of using it so you don't move at all just stutter.
  3. All the same level nodes as dregs. Make the map huge though so we can all stay in one zone to minimize loading with the temple portals in a triangular placement. People who want to push rewards can go hit dregs hard while the guild vs. guild constant server is more a permanent home base.
  4. Thank you for the input, Im digging all of these!! Do you have any ideas for any of them? Like how to anti zerg??
  5. It's not an issue with map size, it's an issue with how the maps are laid out. Everyone remembers when the gathering stuff first came out. We had 3 zone and all were FULL of people PvPing over resources. Maybe instead of minimizing map sizes we minimize the areas you can get the better resources?
  6. The reason you're the only player is because there is no room for smaller guilds. I updated my original post with a few more ideas I didn't have time to write out last night.
  7. Agreed, everyone deserves a chance at an identity in the world. A bigger map allows that.
  8. I think those reasons are only valid because there still isn't enough incentive to win or any chance with the smaller maps being dominated by WB, DIS and UXA. Largening the map seems to solve most of these.
  9. Excellent through and through, this is concise and to the point while also letting them see how to do it. Thank you for commenting!
  10. How about lowing the cap to 3 guilds and having them capped at 75 each. This keeps numbers in moderation and still allows crafter to be part of the guild. In addition to keeping in game alliances smaller it will also push the politics of the game creating more depth.
  11. I get it. Without any guild or much new content it feels very slow. Especially now with the new crafting and gathering systems, I'm scared people will be maxed out within a month of the game releasing. People have no reason to stay if they don't have engaging systems AND they get rolled by more experienced players. The crafting is where I think they should start with making things fun again. It's the most complete system but it still needs some tweaks so people know a bit more of what they are doing. Whether that being a little wiki that can help people look up where to get resources or accura
  12. I agree the future is grim but just saying that doesn't help. We as beta testers need to give active feedback so they know what to do. That's all we can do.
  13. Read my reply to Mad earlier in the forum, I tried thinking up some ways we could create a better PvE system so it pushes PvP around those points. I'd be grateful if you could think of some too.
  14. I did say after the player base starts growing, but I do understand what you're saying. I also think though that if the maps stay small, all of the bigger guilds can have a better hold since they are all within reach which for sure won't push the game in the right direction. If we deny new people/guilds then we might as well just be playing Infected with the amount of guilds that'll be able to be competitive.
  15. So you'd like to see siege windows shorter/more often? Or maybe see it where after the first day, sieges can be claimed for free during siege time? Just so all the keeps and forts can be taken and have guaranteed content because who wouldn't want the free points?
  16. So how would that prevent work around, I guess I don't understand what you're saying?
  17. I agree entirely, neither the PvP or PvE seems complete and I think they need to do a combination of both to succeed. Thralls need to be more of a combat hub. They are there every night cycle. We need something to push PvP in the day though like only having the gryphons spawn then and having them be significantly harder. I'm thinking Herald level and they can drop wayyyy better loot that you can't get from anywhere else easily (same idea as thralls having runes). One of the possibilities I could see would be the extra back items you get like the tankard but having a greater variety that gave y
  18. So talking to my guild and players from other guilds I have some things I think Ace should try and how we (players and developers) can do. 1) Twitch Twitch is one of the biggest platforms for gaming ever. It is a huge opportunity that we miss out on significantly. My first idea for how we can get new traffic into the Crowfall section, uses the official Crowfall channel on there. When we have mega sieges, where all of the major guilds in a particular region are present, they need to be streamed from a Developers prospective or some over arching camera angles maybe with a play
  19. 1) Be able to place chests near each other. 2) Have the ability to put chests closer to the entrance of the EK. 3) Have gear not lose durability in the EK. - no reason you should be punished for practicing in the EKs 4) Let the introduction buildings be moved or removed entirely if you choose.
  20. Thank you for testing it yourself also so you can see. It makes you miss out on massive amounts of damage.
  21. I'm just asking for clarification, but is the alpha final point passive supposed to stack on one timer or multiple. Currently, it stacks buff wise but the timers on each one are unique so it is mathematically impossible to get 10 stacks. The cooldowns on the abilities and the GCD itself make it impossible along with the lack of rage in a real fight. In regards to the critical hit bug, I posted a thread on the champion page but wanted to post here to just incase it went unnoticed. Simply put, alpha warrior pips give you a crit, but after testing we realized it does not calculate it through
  22. The Whirling Pain combo ability does not use pips.
  23. You could make it more of a skill competition too and require vendor gear or certain vessel levels only.
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