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  1. Being rooted while shield blocking, and the high ping makes it almost impossible to use the shield effectively. If, instead of being rooted, you were forced to walking speed while shield blocking, I think it would see a lot more use.
  2. The ping was annoying, but it never really felt like I was being held back by it. Everyone was suffering, after all. I was consistently able to come out near the top of my matches, able to win one or two of them, and certainly make a nuisance of myself in others. If my ping drops at the same rate as everyone else's, I think EU players on NA should be just fine. Now, if we could just convince the developers to host the servers on the east coast.
  3. It has nothing to do with button mashing. From what I can gather, it is literally just an error call sound that plays whenever the client tries to call a sound file that isn't available. It will literally play at time you are holding a button down. Given the high pings that we are experiencing in the current state, that is basically all the time.
  4. Silhouette control is more important than emulating reality. If having a big ass sword makes it easier to tell that he has a big ass sword from a distance, then a big ass sword he should have. Same with the shoulder plates. You need to be able to tell the difference between armour sets from a good distance, and the easiest way to do that is to exaggerate everything.
  5. Stab stab stab, stabbing people in the combat Alpha.
  6. I spent my weekend murdering people in PFO. I had fun.
  7. Nope, just not very much to do. I'm playing it right now, for example.
  8. I have pizza and I have cider. Now if I had a game to play...
  9. So I'm out of the loop, when does it look like A1 people might get their first chance to tinker with the game systems?
  10. Hmm? I've been fairly public in my discontent with Pathfinder Online mechanical complexity. The game is fun, and the combat is definitely skill based, but the game feels like it has a reasonably low skill ceiling. Combined with the extremely low competitive population, which stifles the development of an interesting meta game, and you get a game where you can very easily feel like the strongest person on the server with little around to personally challenge you. The people that I would be worried about being forced to fight against are all in Golgotha. There are one or two people outside of our political bloc that I actually feel challenged by if I encounter them. Boring.
  11. I was off playing Pathfinder Online for 6 months. Starting to get a bit tired with the lack of mechanical complexity. Hoping Crowfall will help with that.
  12. EU person, checking in, ready to whinge and whine about high pings on demand.
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