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    Crowfall, Doctor Who, WWE, and Gaming in general.
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    Lords of Death (LoD)
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  1. And I've found my new home with LoD and other former Virakar players. It's good to be back with a solid crew
  2. The tide is about to roll back in. I'm excited. Bring on the Crowfall evolution!
  3. I've noticed that when opening inventory, the transition causes quite the performance spike, affecting SPK, FPS, and the ping. It happens again when closing inventory screen. I wish I knew how to fix this...
  4. Oh dear... looks so familiar, but it's been too long. I'm impressed, though hehe ;)
  5. Well, I suppose now is a good time as any to say "hi" to the community that I will be a part of for a very long time. You can call me Vhost (obviously ). In the late '90's I went from Diablo 1 to Ultima Online. What a leap. I was introduced to the concept of MMORPG and logging in just to see what adventure I would get into and what people I'd meet that day was enthralling. Community is everything in an MMORPG. If you don't have that, it's just a single-player game you happen to be playing alongside others. I touched nearly every MMORPG out there since then, and just the other day I was reminiscing about Shadowbane. I played the beta and was there for the launch. I enjoy Roleplaying, but in a game like Shadowbane, it wasn't so much about going around roleplaying with people in taverns as much as it was absorbing yourself into the lore in order to invest and care more about what it was you were defending and fighting for ingame. Thus, I found myself in an Irekei clan where the Dev's of Shadowbane allowed us to create a lot of the Irekei lore, including the language! Now don't ask me to remember any of the language (feels like a lifetime ago), but the visions of grinding as a group in the desert as a Sundancer and defending our fort from our enemies will never fade from my mind. What a special game in so many ways. True, it had its technical difficulties, but the allure of basically creating your own culture, community, and world and then fighting FOR it was off the charts. So, while watching a video on youtube about the rise and fall of Shadowbane (cuz I'm hungry for a good MMORPG experience, and there's nothing quite what I'm looking for out there), the youtuber mentions Crowfall. Suddenly it's like a locked up memory suddenly burst out of a time-capsule in my head. I had remembered hearing about Crowfall way back, but somehow I had forgotten. I instantly looked it up and here it is in all its glory. I found home! All in all, it's nice to meet you all and become a part of this fine community. I hope to find my place among you in a guild sooner than later. And... "May Yaga embrace you as you fall by my hands!"
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