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  1. Thanks to Vanguard for this aventure.
  2. The truth is that it is not very important but I would like to know how the localization advances to other languages. Especially Spanish.
  3. Nobody says it will be easy, but in the end we all want to play and enjoy and that must be the purpose. Whether you do it by killing enemies, players or cultivating materials.
  4. Clearly the direction of Crowfall is to seek an approach to GvG (It is what I think) Campaigns are only one more resource for the game, the most attractive for many will be GvG, the rest are only alternative game modes to the main course offered by Crowfall
  5. Es la naturaleza de este tipo de juegos, el juego evoluciona a través de sus jugadores y tiene esa libertad, no será justo para todos los jugadores. Cualquier esfuerzo es bueno para ganar un asedio, campaña o batalla. Pero es triste esforzarse siempre al 100% y no obtener nada a cambio, a pesar de ser así y es un poco triste que siempre pueda buscar otras formas de disfrutar y ganar. The human factor will determine progress, success or failure.
  6. I think what he is trying to share with you is that the factions always need to have an Balanced number of players in them. So in this way the three factions can compete without leaving a gap or that a faction takes full control just for being 100v30. From my point of view it is not strange, I understand why we do not want to see an imbalance where one of the factions always wins only by having the largest number, the forgotten faction will never receive anything because there are not enough players to compete despite its effort. THAT is something that I have seen many times
  7. Yeah, Whenever you need it you can let me know, i will be happy to help.
  8. Totalmente de acuerdo con lo anterior. Me gustaría aprovechar la oportunidad también para ofrecer mi ayuda en cualquier momento a aquellos que la necesitan, especialmente a los nuevos jugadores. My name in game is Adalid
  9. I had no record of that, thanks for that information Lordslime. I hope it will help many.
  10. I first apologize for my English. I have followed the game since 2017, at a minimum. I can say that this is absolutely nothing, great changes are coming, great things in the future, that we must keep in mind. The game right now deserves the effort? Without a doubt, supporting the game is a start and I think the team behind Crowfall deserves that trust. The changes are visible and of course if you enjoy the game with friends and colleagues ahead. Now, any complaint can be understood, 2-3 years to prepare, fundraising campaigns, I understand that there are doubts and fears but our
  11. It is possible that it is only the game. Everyone has problems with fps, but you have to know that it is pre-alpha. As a solution, you should minimize some graphic options so that the impacts are less.
  12. En primer lugar lugar me disculpo por mi inglés. Bueno, jugó esta clase en su versión secutor. Tengo ciertas dudas sobre él. Para empezar, solo puedo decir que si su papel es un tanque, ¿por qué aguanta tan poco después de subir todos los puntos en la constitución? Exactamente y refiriéndose a otras clases, sus escudos son pobres. ¿Qué hace esta clase de mar especial? Es difícil sentirse útil cuando encuentra otras clases de resistencia a cualquier enemigo, ya sea con escudos o aguantando y haciendo mucho daño. Es cierto que soy nuevo y no tengo una gran idea de esta clase y de
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