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  1. As more information comes out about the state, and future plans, of the game, its increasingly clear that Crowfall is perfectly aligned with the values of KDS. We want as many chances for tactical PvP as possible, and with the recent announcement that it is exactly what they are focusing on with the Thrall system. Join KDS and get ready for some guerilla night-time ambushes and defences!
  2. KDS has got such talanted leadership and coders, i am proud to be a part of it. Seeing all the hype building around Crowfall inside and outside KDS makes me feel really antsy to get going. Hope we get lots of people to play with, either together in KDS or on opposite sides! Either way its going to be a good time
  3. The GMS is fantastic and showcases what the main strength of KDS is: Organization and strategy! Proud to be a part of it and excited to get going with Crowfall in 5.110! (You can be a part of it too(!?), if you arent already) 😉
  4. Glad to be back with KDS for this next Crowfall patch! Going to be a great time, of that i have no doubt!
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