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  1. A Rangers traps play a key role in open world pvp and in the ranger class itself, they should work as part of the classes damage output (since weapon damage is restricted) and I think they should come in many shapes and forms. Changes + Addons All Ranger traps used should be placed for a 30 minute duration (longer than non ranger traps) A skill/trait or disciplie to enable ranger to stealth a trap they placed Rangers can place up to 5 traps at once Ranger Traps could have various functions and/or be scaled with level, skill and other factors. Standard Trap: si
  2. Regarding 1st question, after reaching level cap, salvage for experience points would no longer work and all sacrifice items are to cash in for gold As for the 2nd question, It is currently possible to buy materials from NPC vendors which removes the need of crafting axe, pick, and hammer also stops player from venturing out which defeats the reason for the game. My question is if you agree or disagree to NPC vendor selling wood ore and hide
  3. First I wanna dedicate these post ideas to 'The Infected' & Campaign mode (PvP enabled zones) Since the map is extremely huge! I think it would be a great idea for players to make more use of it through the Stonemasonary/Woodworking by being able to include crafting small PvP structures like guard towers and watch towers to fill the land mass during adventuring. Making use of the big world and finding incentive to find PvP from an everyday casual adventure. Guard Tower: Similar to PvE towers but they are player-built. Hiring a Guard NPC is costly. Any kills made from guards are a
  4. Hello I recently joined Crowfall and after afew hours I found that the graphics have kept me hooked to level up and be all powerful! I also like to adventure out for PK..If you like PvP then be sure to read my other posts and support potential changes coming forward in future updates! Enjoy your stay and contribute to Crowfall 🐧
  5. Crowfall needs to add a friend list function. Throughout the adventures of grinding, crafting and holding down the fort with factions there will be many experiences where we want to remember a player and even be remembered by players. In combat where someone saves you from rough pve mobs In combat when a stealth enemy jumps you A master craftsman that can make the best jewellery I suggest it goes under one "Social" tab along with guild list, faction list, PK list, player vendors etc
  6. The M keybind to open the map. Map needs to pop up instantly with 0 second loadtimes! Map also needs to show guild members, party member and tracked enemies (if tracking works)
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