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  1. I mean I do not think so. But it has been the opinion of some players in general game chat at the very least. In this thread it has been brought up that they are not OP but do need to included when taking a tactical approach to an assault of defense of a fort but even then, with the numbers some bring I doubt that is very true either though I can at least understand that excuse more then the complaint of them being OP
  2. Well I have opinions on many things but here I was more onto the point about the guards and how OP it seems some people feel about them. I got the clarification I think I was looking for and am satisfied there. Sometimes people want to label something as an excuse and hide behind them or even accuse another group of hiding behind excuses when it seems to me that some things are just fact. For me, in the instance of guards, I have a differing opinion so that may not be fact. Just an opinion. A fact is something along the lines of when a group brings in 3x the players of another they become know
  3. I can see the point that is being driven about the guards. I just have seen small groups overcome them as to not understand why groups that have larger numbers seem to always lean on the guards as an excuse as to why they were unable to push in. Or unable to outfight another group. You yourself said "that multiple guards are the equivalent to 2 or 3 players" (rough paraphrase) but in the direct center then those few guards there would equal maybe 1 depending on angles. So where I can agree that it is something that is to be taken into consideration on a tactical side I just personally do not s
  4. To me, No, but I personally agree that the guards are not OP, but I also take the stance that even if they are there and have some affect in the end, they are more of a nuisance then anything. The reason I asked for clarification is I have seen complaints about the guards being OP in general chat and was looking for a clarification. Personally I am glad that someone agrees that they are not OP even if we have a divide if they really make all that much of a difference in a fight.
  5. See now I do not understand, are the guards OP and a problem or are they not. I mean I have heard the complaints that they are but I have personally seen fights where they aren't even with smaller groups. I just need verification on which excuse has validity and maybe should be taken seriously and which ones are just what they are, excuses.
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