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  1. Don't worry, I spent half an hour trying to make it work too!
  2. I spent hours looking for a barrel mold for this reason....
  3. Welcome to the game, hope you sorted out your issue with parcels and EK
  4. Total noob question, I understand the NPC rank is related to the quality of mats but at R8 what rank creatures should i go after? 4? Thanks in advance
  5. From Known Issues: Harvesting weak point on various skinning creatures may appear off. I noticed that when this happens on my guinecean I can still hit the weak point, maybe it's an issue with character size?
  6. muthax


    True, it's a plague that is hard to fight but if they have to pay a monthly fee and then the account gets banned, they'll have to buy a new copy and sub. Doesn't stop the plague but at least it's a bit of a stopper
  7. muthax


    The only good reason for a required sub is gating gold sellers
  8. For me at the moment, gathering and crafting (but I have just joined and still haven't seen any campaign). It reminds me of SWG
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