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  1. 5.11 is out and IT WAS THURSDAY AT NOON (PST) PS. Hurray
  2. Dearest Simisoft, #1 Knight NA, First of His Name, Leader of the Exploiting Centaur Knights on Balance, Tamer of Brightdance, The cumulative hive-mind that is the Chaos Faction apologizes for denying you a decent fight, and then dying to your friends, disseminating, and thus denying the encore you deserve. A player of your esteem commands much more respect than what we put on display this evening. We, as a faction, sincerely hope that our engagements in the future will be filled with both the rush of battle and the passionate kinship earned by an accomplished Crowfall player such as yourself. Furthermore, I invite you to join us on the battlefield in our future struggles against the forces of Balance, to keep those other nasty Centaurs in check. You are an exception from your numerous, four-legged-lawn-thrashers; don't ever forget it. Best Regards, Mediocre Mowllusk Lawn Care Services Chaos Faction Influencer IG: @Crowfallgame 815 A Brazos St #313 Austin, TX 78701, USA
  3. Also, what about clerics/knights/Templar that swapped to survival tray to dodge? Will this be gone completely? That will have a big impact on these classes.
  4. What about the defensive/buff powers that formerly went on the survival tray? Do these now compete for space on the combat tray?
  5. I enjoy roleplaying as a lawncare service provider, taking care of the unkempt greenery surrounding the forts and keeps. When you log in and see that grass the same height each day you are witnessing the passion and effort put forth by yours truly (and my trusty John Elkene riding mower). It ain't much but it's honest work.
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