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  1. +1 ----- My favorite types of PvP are things I can plan for. Mines and banes in Shadowbane were enjoyable forms of PvP for me. Mines may have been every day but you often didn't have to be on for a siege every single day of the week. The game currently doesn't have enough players to justify having points that can flip back and forth endlessly. It isn't a game of PvP, it is a game of who can get sick of the tug of war first. If I spend every hour of free time I have standing in some circles and end up winning the campaign I may have won, but I certainly didn't have fun.
  2. Hello everyone. I decided to try Crowfall again recently and have been really enjoying the recent updates. Now I just need a guild. Region: NA Atmosphere: I prefer an atmosphere that isn't over the top serious but still organized. Casual/Hardcore? Any Size: I enjoy playing in larger guilds that have most of their structure figured out. Play-Style: I am still trying to figure this one out. I normally play ranged dps classes or tanky aoe classes. Been playing the ranger a bit. I also really enjoy crafting and selling in games. Faction: For this campaign, I am on order. If I do not find a guild by the end of the campaign I am fine with any faction. Game experience: My most played games are Runescape, Shadowbane, WoW, LoL, Path of Exile, Minecraft and Stardew Valley style games. Looking forward to finding a group of people to play with. I am in a guild now. Thanks.
  3. Remember that one time shadowbane had that lore server... That was one server I did not enjoy.
  4. Lol I guess I can agree with that. although I think I spent my whole time not at a bane sitting at a mine checking track just in case someone decided to pvp that day.
  5. carloon


    I agree. I absolutely loved shadowbane and played the emulators. Although it was fun to get back in the game I loved it isn't the same. Gaming has changed and we have all changed and hopefully for the better. Shadowbane was great and I want something similar not the same, I want a game that is better.
  6. Shadowbane was my absolute favorite mmo when I was a teenager. Seeing the things I loved about that game coming back is so awesome! I am looking forward to seeing more about this game
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