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  1. Hi! Is this game just like Shadowbane? Will it be open world PvP and full city customization?
  2. Hats off to the die hard Crowfall Testers who have spent countless hours, time and dedication to a game going nowhere. 👍
  3. Roaming around and found this small area where you can hide into this Rock.
  4. If anyone could point Damebix, Angelmar or Phylor my way that'd be appreciated. I'm sure they don't check this side of the Forums, and I can't really PM them. Ive done some research on Crowfall and it's definitely come a long way. If these guys are still playing then I'll definitely buy the Game.
  5. What's up guys. I've taken a long break from PC Games, I see a few Guilds like -W- and LoD I used to play with back in the day. If anyone knows me, send me a P.M.. Let me know how things are going, I'll be coming back Late February and was wanting to hook up and play some Games with some Old Friends.
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