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  1. The direction that this issue is facing is the same problem as Albion, where there will be no space for small guilds, much less for new guilds, leaving the GvG campaign stagnant. After all, the crowfall alliance proposal is linked to the faction, isn't it?
  2. How are you guys? Where do I find the boss wolf, spider and hell cat heads? In the infected campaign I only meet the bear bosses... Any know? Thanks in advance. ☺️
  3. Everything good with you people? I would like to give a basic suggestion, that may have already been mentioned: Hide helmet, add covers and add quivers. Hide helmet: I believe that not everyone likes their characters' amor and after a few minutos of creating them, I would probably want to see the character customization more clearly; Covers: The Thralls already have their capes and many armor looks beautiful with them, they could be added as soon as possible. In addition, you should also have the option to hide for the same reasons that I told you about the helmet;
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