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  1. Ok, can't be the only one thinking it… OMG DEATHSTICKS ARE BACK BABY!
  2. Meet every stabby stabby you ever encounter in Crowfall.
  3. I only trust copy which has reached equilibrium with http://www.translationparty.com/.
  4. Pretty sure it capped at 10. Then you could wear an item, I think only rings could get the enchantment, to add another 10. Hence 21 trains in hide or sneak to be able to evade anyone but a scout.
  5. So here is a page on gendering guinea pigs. Seeing as gendering a guinea pig requires scrutinizing their so oh oh ohh sex junk I can't help but wonder why the latest race/class table still lists the Guinecean as gender locked as male. Unless Artcraft is going to render Guinecean wedding tackle I really don't see why the continued oppression of strong independent Guinecean sows whom don't need no boar continues.
  6. The Trebuchet! Nostalgia overwhelming! Now if the vessel system gets dropped I can be officially hyped again.
  7. I'd like to see the ability to steal an early lead and burn the world the world down. Make the larger guilds try and put out your fires.
  8. youma

    I made a thing

    No problem, glad you like it.
  9. Absolutely not, customizing your flesh puppet was always part of the plan.
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