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  1. Thanks, I am not against pvp, but I am just a huge fan of being an epic crafter like the days past in SWG, where when somebody wanted a certain piece of armor, they would look to see if you had any on sale first before settling for another persons crafted goods. I enjoy harvesting and farming npcs. PVP happens, but being forced to have to use discord to chat with people is a turn off for me. Ill do it when I need, but I am an older gamer, and I sometimes just wanna lay in bed and grind npcs and farm resources without having to listen to people talk all night. I did that for the last 10 years and it ruined mp mmorpgs for me. Playing solo has given me alot of my freedom back. Thanks for the info, still considering this game.
  2. First, I tried posting in Q& A but for whatever reason this is the only section I am able to post in. Ok, so I am thinking of buying this game, but how solo friendly is the game? I am ok with it being hard, but if its like not possible at all, that would be an issue for me. I tend to game 90% at night, which using a mic at 2am would present an issue for me, and after 10 hours of work, the last thing I really want is to hear 20 people yelling and coordinating. I just like to enjoy my audio books, and go grind mobs and craft gear. Games I have played solo and enjoyed include Albion Online(some aspects are not solo friendly) Ark Survival SWTOR BDO now all are better with friends I know, but does this game have any long term enjoyment for the anti social solo gamer who just wants to farm npcs, craft goods and sell it to the community? I can spend hours just grinding mobs and crafting in mmorpgs. Thanks in advance.
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