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  1. I never said it was anybodys fault. I just said its not the way to advertise. I reported the streamer, but he streams daily under Crowfall tags, and talks about anything but the game. The Game Devs could have him banned from crowfall streaming on Twitch, I know this because the devs of Dead matter had taken down streamers for breaking NDA, One message freom the Crowfall devs to twitch, and this guy will be gone New people to the game seeing this guy might be turned away and potential loss of a sale. That is all I am saying.
  2. Some random Radio station s who doesnt even own pc games, is streaming under Crowfall some end of times religious talk. He is the only Crowfall streamer so I wont even link him, just type in Crowfall, and he comes up. Not the way to advertise a game imo.
  3. I am a hardcore gathering nutcase. I love to gather, craft and grind. I'm not against pvp, but really not into it. But Albion Online and Black Desert Online are both PVP orientated games and I have done a decent job as a gatherer and supplying market with my rare goods or resources. My goal in Crowfall, is to become a known crafter, of simple but good quality goods. Somebody affordable and always in stock, and best prices in all the lands lol. Or atleast that is my goal. As to what ill make I dont know, gonna spend this time to learn the game, experience it, see what ther
  4. I have tried my forum user name, email, nothing works. Help Username or Password is invalid
  5. Hey all, Decided to buy the game. About me. I am an older loner, I enjoy pc games like Albion Online and Black Desert Online, I love grinding, gathering and crafting. I often play solo as I listen to audio books, and cant do that in active voice chats. I am not a huge pvper, nothing against it, I just perfer to gather and sell my goods to those who need it. If you have any helpful beginner info to offer me, I am all ears! Thanks
  6. Thanks, I am not against pvp, but I am just a huge fan of being an epic crafter like the days past in SWG, where when somebody wanted a certain piece of armor, they would look to see if you had any on sale first before settling for another persons crafted goods. I enjoy harvesting and farming npcs. PVP happens, but being forced to have to use discord to chat with people is a turn off for me. Ill do it when I need, but I am an older gamer, and I sometimes just wanna lay in bed and grind npcs and farm resources without having to listen to people talk all night. I did that for the last
  7. First, I tried posting in Q& A but for whatever reason this is the only section I am able to post in. Ok, so I am thinking of buying this game, but how solo friendly is the game? I am ok with it being hard, but if its like not possible at all, that would be an issue for me. I tend to game 90% at night, which using a mic at 2am would present an issue for me, and after 10 hours of work, the last thing I really want is to hear 20 people yelling and coordinating. I just like to enjoy my audio books, and go grind mobs and craft gear. Games I have played
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