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  1. I stick to disussing game mechanics and what I feel works and doesn't. I realize this isn't a beta or alpha forum yet, but once it is, muting threads where players are making suggestions, expressing their hopes for the game, and discussing what does and does not work... well, it is NOT going to be good at getting player input or feedback. I don't respond to personal attacks from those who disagree with me. In fact, several were made against me in the original thread, but I didn't take the bait. It doesn't really matter to me if everyone agrees with me or not. What I'd like to see is just some honest debate and speculation. Currently, it seems that a small cadre of loud voices have a large sway over what is or is not allowed here. I had no idea that was the case. However, it is EXTREMELY disturbing to have legitimate threads like mine locked down and deleted. Clearly certain mods on here have an agenda. Perhaps they are more aware of the game mechanics than the general community at large. For us, mostly things are speculation at this point and lists of "what we'd like to see" is the majority of the postings on here. 99% of these ideas, including some of mine, may not be feasible or not part of the devs vision. On the other hand, players can help to tweak and shape the process, based on what they think does or doesn't work. Allowing various voices to make suggestions and discuss game related matters, well that is the whole point of having a Suggestion forum and a General Discussion forum, isn't it? There are a multitude of Pro-FFA non consensual PVP posts on these forums. They are no more trollish or off topic than my post which presented a different view.
  2. It was deleted because "it wasn't focused on the information that has been released". Lol. Just like 90% of the other general discussion threads. In any case, I found it frustrating. This is mainly because in all the years I've been posting on gaming forums, I've never made an offensive post, I've never had a thread locked, and I've certainly never had one deleted. I made a suggestion and an argument for why non-consentual FFA pvp results in empty servers and abandoned games. That is all.
  3. In any case, even suggesting that non-consensual PVP is a bad idea resulted in a lock and now a delete. Lmao.
  4. There hasn't been a whole lot released yet information wise. When they announce it is FFA non-consentual PVP, then we'll know. Otherwise it should be a topic for discussion. If it has been decided already, someone provide the quote.... Right.
  5. No. I'm saying I made a post that was locked simply because the moderator disagreed with my post. The devs are making the game they want to make, and whether they like my suggestions or not is not relevant. I guarantee you they want to hear feedback and suggestions from the fanbase. Otherwise, these forums wouldn't exist. When that gets stifled by mods acting on personal bias, the forums suffer.
  6. For the record, the mod publicly posted that I was trolling in the lock out message. Interestingly, that IS actually a violation of the forum rules of conduct.
  7. I posted a topic in the general disccusion forum about the perils of free for all non-consensual PVP alienating a great many players. I thought the developers would like input from players, and I bet they read the forums from time to time. I've met some of the devs in-game on other titles before.. Perhaps some of them may remember me from my meticulous bug reports and early online guides from previous titles. I betaed UO (Aldarion of Yew). I was in alpha testing for SWG (Confederado) and wrote a PVP guide for same at release that was published all over the net. I'd hope that inputs and suggestions from experienced players and testers would foster discussion, not a quick lock from Moderators who happen to disagree with my opinion. In any case, I'll leave my thoughts, speculation, and suggestion to myself. They don't seem to be welcome here. Instead, I'll just lurk and check back to see how this game develops. I have high hopes from the design team you've assembled. It just saddens me that the forums are not places for dialogue. Good Luck.
  8. First, I'll say for the record I loved both the UO crafting system and the SWG crafting system. So I have high hopes for CF in the crafting department! One thing I've always thought would be an interesting twist on crafting is the idea of a master/apprentice system. While players would be still able to discover new recipes or combinations on their own, given enough time and resources, what would be really cool is the ability to learn recipes from other crafters. Let's say, Smith A has discovered that a certain combination of materials produce a certain effect. Smith A having the ability to teach Smith B this secret technique would be an interesting twist on the traditional route of learning recipes through trial and error or loot drops. The most interesting aspect of this to me is how such a system would foster additional player interaction among crafters. Normally crafters don't interact with one another a lot, unless they need a component only another specialist crafter can make. I'm intrigued by the concept of a fealty system based on land ownerships. A craft guild system based on master and apprentice allegiances in a fealty tree type system could add another whole dynamic to the economy, politics, and trade of the world. Imagine powerful crafters influencing events through arming or embargoing combat oriented groups based on the combatants willingness to provide resources to said craft guilds.
  9. MMORPGs are my thing. My first was the beta of Ultima Online. Over the years, I've played most of the major titles that have released. While I love to adventure, crafting is one of my favorite hobbies in any MMOs. In the titles I've played that had crafting, I've maxed out the skill in one or more crafting professions. In some games, this was a giant waste of time, in others it was moderately useful, and in a few such as SWG, it was key to my in-game financial empire. The most effective way I've seen to keep crafters relevant over time in a game economy is through item decay and item salvage. Loosing your items through PvP looting is not a true item drain. The items still exist in the gameworld. They are simply the possession of the PVP victor. They may even be for sale on a vendor before the defeated player even makes it back to town. To truly create a constant demand for fresh items of all levels from crafters, and not just a demand for the occassional high end piece of gear, there has to be a drain of items out of the economy. In a lot of games, crafting involves repeatedly grinding low level useless items for skill. Why? To skip through and be able to craft the finest items from rare components. A craft system that avoids this trap will be much more interesting to players. Crafters bread and butter should be the everyday items they make for players. The exquisite pieces of high end gear should be rare, valuable, and require quite a bit of effort to gather materials to make. The only reason players in most games dont want a steady supply of everyday gear is because gear never gets destroyed, so players focus mostly on getting better and better gear. What I've seen that works is a combination of the following item drain methods. #1. Item decay. In many MMORGPs, items become damaged. In most games, these damaged items are repaired with no consequence to the item. That epic Sword of Doom is just as good as ever once it is repaired. I'd prefer to see some sort of durability system. Think something similar to UO. Perhaps each item could possesses a certain amount of durability, based on what it is made from. Lower durability items get damaged faster, become less effective sooner, and need repairs more often,. Every time an item become sufficiently damaged, it needs to be repaired. During repairs, the durability of the item drops. To make it even more interesting, the amount that durability drops during repairs could be influenced by the skill of the craftsman doing the repairs. Over time, every item that is regularly used will eventually wear out. Players can have a great deal of influence over how fast that happens. By acquiring high durability items and using advanced craftsmen, they can extend the life of their gear. Would you entrust the repairs on your Epic Sword of Doom to any old watery tart standing by the forge? No, you'd want to make it last as long as possible, so you'd try to find an advanced craftsman to repair it. #2. Item breakdown or salvage. Let crafters break down items into a portion of the underlying resources needed to craft them. This gets rid of older useless items AND provides the crafter with resources.
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