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  1. Really? I've tried right clicking so much though! Must be on my end. I was thinking more slot by slot filling rather than mass fill. Thanks for the combination recipe page though.
  2. @miraluna I hadn't seen that image. That looks like a lovely fix. Thank you for sharing the image. I can't wait to see it in action. I can see what @VaMei means by how the picture suggests that a single player can pump all mats into one assembly, though presumably the final UI would have some dynamic feature that either selectively highlights various sections in different colors or separates into different areas. The image shows a crafting bench in one section--it could easily be made to show several different benches or key colors to mark different crafting disciplines. It's still highly advantageous to show the entire crafting tree, regardless of available crafting disciplines, which was my primary pet-peeve. I'm actually slightly in love with it as well. Though I guess my second pet peeve, which I hope they include, is quick dropping mats into slots. Clicking and dragging things is sooo tedious lmao. (Though maybe that's too bot-friendly?) @ZironeThat's cool that you want the game to have a lot to do with guild interaction and community trading! Me too! That was my main draw to the game as well. My main qualm was that I felt the amount of materials needed to form even the most basic upgrade to what should be a "starter" weapon seems ridiculous in time spent gathering compared to killing a couple mobs. Over the past few days I've talked with some others in game and played more myself and I've been told that the gear I've been crafting isn't really meant to be crafted at low material tiers. It's better to get the basic gear from mobs and then work on making hella nice gear later. This makes much more sense, honestly. I think my preconceived notions on what "basic crafting" is colored my perspective quite a bit.
  3. I have two main problems with crafting. One I think will be partly solved when the game launches and there's guilds/players working together, the other one is an actual annoyance. 1. Crafting takes a vast amount of materials. The amount of time it takes to kill/harvest mobs and find/harvest ore and then craft the various components and parts is a couple hours worth, just for a single intermediate armor piece. Or you could go kill 2 or 3 <insert mob here> and get slightly lucky. Maybe 10 if you're unlucky. And get a comparable item with admittedly, lower durability. Because I don't yet know what later levels would be like, I'm assuming that with guild/community cooperation this isn't as bad. Now that I've been able to spec more into the crafting discipline, mats do come faster, but still not as fast as actually killing mobs. 2. Crafting is more tedious than it needs to be. It's window switching/manual reading: the game. If I want to craft a sword, I get that it should be 3 items (Pommel, hilt, blade.) That's fine. But when each of those is in a separate list for some reason, it's needlessly tedious. My suggestion is that next to each item slot, a "+" sign or similar be added that opens a sub window where you can craft the needed item. That way you still have the crafting menus available, but you don't have to go back 4 tiers in order to find out you need more metal to make rivets. 3. An item material tree being visible for crafted items would be nice too. This would provide a rough overview of the rough total of materials needed, not counting experimentation. Ideally this would be clickable/link to the various points as well. For example: Click a special symbol to see the full crafting tree. (The following item combos/numbers are made up) ->Leather Pants ->>3 Sewn Leather Squares ->>>30 Hides ->>3 Dust ->>3 Sinew ->>>6 hides
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