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  1. Well then unfortunately, in vain I like the game, if I can’t play properly with big teams then, and no one from my country is playing with whom I can communicate with, it will be a waste of money for me. It’s pretty depressing, unfortunately we don’t have any interest in the game here, and that just puts it with a shovel. Well, hello, I’m watching to see if the developers are thinking of small teams or solo players as well.
  2. Sorry, but I have to ask a question. Because it looks very much like this on a test, and due to the lack of my community, I’m going to play a big part alone, and my foreign language skills aren’t very conducive to being able to converse with others very meaningfully in the long run. What are my options? challenges can you expect in the game?
  3. unfortunately my English is not the best, and since the 2rd most difficult language in the world is my mother tongue, it is also difficult for translators to translate it.
  4. I want to ask, about when will the Live server get an update?
  5. I am a new player myself and I make videos for the community in Hungarian, which is currently 1 person. My video already had a couple of interested people, as well as someone who would have bought it, but seeing the amount of players, they were scared of buying and the interest turned into negativity. And they were more titled a dead or never-appearing game. Needless to say, it is still increasingly difficult for me to promote the game of obscurity to a non-existent audience and to convey the content as much as possible after such reactions. And, that's what he only says when I talk to
  6. I like the game, but I have to say it’s very sad for the player volume. Quite a few have asked what this game is like, I’ll show it about stories, but when I show the amount of players they fall out of their brains and become uneaten to them. Unfortunately, the numbers speak for themselves, the developer has no plans to take action on this?
  7. Thanks for the reply, then wait until then. I also have something to present from the current version, and I am well acquainted with the castes myself. Although I will be honest, I could be very happy for a good black wizard, good eyes with CC spells and phlegm animations if possible, let Human do it too
  8. I have a couple of questions gathered in a list that I would thank if I could get answers. I watched the broadcasts, and most interviewers were more interested in the overpower of a character than in the game itself. I'd rather ask about the game itself. 1. When is the game expected to be released? "it's been a really long time to make, and for example, the gaming community in my country has already dug up the game and put it in Duke Nukem Forever status." 2. The unoptimization of the game is unfortunately appalling, and you can’t figure out that there’s so much in it that burden
  9. Is there no way to create a clan for free? Or is it only now that he pays during the test and will it be possible to buy Crown for gold later in the game?
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