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  1. My guild has me squared away thank you for input.
  2. I have a Fae but can level a Blackguard it’s np. I am interested in joining asap. However I am very experienced in Assassin/Dagger gameplay. So I could try with my Fae and then reroll if needed I do not mind.
  3. Ok I have a Fae atm, do you know how they compare?
  4. Just wondering if Fae Cutthroat is still good. If not what would be the better option? Thank you for your help.
  5. If anyone knows location of elven graves please chime in.
  6. Thank you and do you happen to know where these graves are located as well as what tools or prerequisites are required as well.
  7. Ok guys I am new and see that there is a big learning curve and so far loving the game. I have only found stone and human graves and was wondering if Fae graves exist. If so where do I dig them up and what prerequisites to being able to dig graves as well. If they do not exist then how do I make a vessel for my Fae or is it possible to upgrade a Fae Vessel? Thank you in advance for the help.
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