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  1. Apologies if this was addressed at some point in the last couple years, but will I have any non-laggy options in Japan? Or will I have to join NA servers?
  2. I know it isn't EXACTLY the same topic, but this raises the question of advantages/disadvantages again. With silence on that point for so long (while talking so much about other character customization aspects) they are probably cutting it but aren't 100% ready to confirm yet.
  3. Minor Disciplines: Thrill Killer - Passive: Increased damage against people harvesting resources or crafting (or who have done so in the last 30 seconds) "B0N3d00d and platedewd would approve." Misanthrope - Passive: Decreased health loss when attacked by your own class "Professional courtesy is for the weak!" Fool - +1 Minor Discipline Slot "I mean, think about it..."
  4. Sounds very cool! Have the devs said anything about infiltration, pass wall, etc. skills that can get you in a keep prior to the walls falling? Really want to cause paranoia and havoc with my assassin. Can the current champ leap into a castle (or a knight pull someone)?
  5. I think I've missed out on 80 percent of information over the past few months because I have neither the time nor the inclination to watch videos. Or, is there a fansite that regularly transcribes these?
  6. Never leaving combat mode is, I suspect, the end result. Is there a way to separate "fleeing" ooc from "mining the last hour omg wtfstealthalphastrike" ooc? Maybe the system only works if you are ooc AND have been in combat at some point in the last 5 min?
  7. Won't the new dizzy system be a huge, huge buff to Assassins and those with stealth disciplines? Getting in that first unexpected hit on an ooc enemy will be a real advantage, even setting aside the element of surprise,
  8. Stealth adds a strategic dimension to pvp because you can't just bottleneck or do the Hillsbrad shuffle. It breaks static situations and forces 360 degree awareness. That being said, I suspect that most people don't hate stealthers for strategic picks or siege infiltration in mass pvp. They hate them because they are bored soloers alpha striking solo resource collectors. Hard to allow the good part without the bad part, although if you are interested in in-depth thoughts on this the Camelot Unchained website has a great essay.
  9. Lack of stealth is really, really disappointing. Hide-type powers are near worthless in pvp, ask any dark elf. Guess it will be Assassin for me...but realistically, stealthers are almost always melee so not really surprising.
  10. There is one and only one question that matters after reading that: Will there ever be a situation where you login (or die) and cannot immediately play the exact same class (or another class of your choice, assuming you've skilled it up) with the people (i.e, in the same campaign) you want to play with? If "no" this is a cool new aystem that I cannot wait to try. If "yes", then that is the first and last point every single review and gamer word of mouth news will focus on and it will eventually be changed after much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  11. 20. Cancellation of Sierra Online permadeath version of LOTRO 19. GM Darwin 18. bless deeds 17. taking our dervish camp in the Northern Desert of Ro 16. Left Axe 15. Docta Twista 14. Hibernia at launch 13. Bright Wizards 12. Losing invisible pyroblasts 11. Aradune 10. AOE punting into lava 9. AO launch 8. Outcasting 7. PAUL BARNETT. 6. whining about getting ganked at xroads 5. Holocrons 4. SB.exe 3. MMOs that fetishize twitch over strategy. Chess doesn't suck just because you have the tech to build Hungry Hungry Hippos. 2. Crowfall podcasts and videos- just give us working folks transcripts that we can read on our phones, please. I miss half or more of the new information because of this. 1. TRAMMEL.
  12. Did anyone else notice stealth is available to all classes? Unless that was badly worded...
  13. Love the blind- I played UO, DAOC, Warhammer, WoW and DCUO pvp, and always wondered why this was never used. Know which classic MMO had a pvp blind? Clerics on Rallos Zek in EQ. It literally blacked out the screen, like turning monitor off. Not a pvp game or designed for it, but launch-era Rallos Zek had its moments...
  14. We know that at least some rulesets will allow item looting. And in any MMO with item loot, you must confront the scourge of nakedness. Glass cannon casters, stealthed assassin-types, and thieves (if Crowfall has thieving- fingers crossed!) are naturally drawn to this lifestyle. This is for a simple reason- when you are fragile, your defense in PvP is some combination of (i) the element of surprise, (ii) bursting your opponent down quickly, (iii) lockdown abilities, and (iv) evasion abilities (roots, blinks, snares, etc.). If it ever gets to the point where your opponent is acting fighting back, you've probably already lost the fight. At the point where all your cooldowns are popped and the warrior in your face is out of your CC and has more than 10% health, having 15% resistance to crushing damage keeps you alive a whole extra third of a second. If it is more economical to gank or thieve while naked than while clothed, everyone will do that- you risk absolutely nothing. Some ideas to prevent nakedness: (1) Armor has to do more than mitigate damage- it needs to actually have an effect on your mana/stamina/HP pool. I know the devs want to be careful to not create armor that is *best* in all circumstances. But even if the mana/stamina/HP difference between different types of armor is relatively narrow, the difference between *any armor* and *nakedness* should be large (i.e., even the cheapest and lowest quality armor triples or quadruples your mana/stamina/HP compared to nakedness). (2) Different armors could have an actual effect on more than base mana/stamina/HP. For example, each piece of leather armor could increase stealth level by X, each piece of silk armor could reduce effectiveness of CC abilities by Y, etc. (3) Similar to ESO, you could give crafters an ability to give a *set bonus* to certain pieces they craft (culminating in an actual ability or useful passive). I've worn my share of deathrobes while picking pockets at Brit Bank, ganked my share of solo questers as a naked halfling on Rallos Zek, etc. But I hope that in Crowfall, we can find reasons for everyone's clothes to stay on.
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