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  1. Still getting used to the game and, got my first character at lv 30 recently and saw that I missplaced 2 points in the skill tree. The thing is, I would suggest to add a [ + / - ] visually to add or retrieve points on each skill, and a button [ F ] default to commit those points. Just to save you some, "oh I miss-placed this" situation. Also, depending on the "upgrade" , the icons could be different colors as well: like: red for new abilities, blue for "minor I, Exploration Disciplne etc.." unlock ... Plus a description of the "unlocked" power. Something like this? (I edited a little b
  2. I had something similar in mind, or even something like "recipe book", where you click the name and directly redirects you to the "recipe" for that component (+ icons of the ingredients). I got confused while trying to craft my first armor piece. Sorta like a cheklist for a specific crafteable item? Anyway I'm still trying ti get used to it.
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