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  1. The frontal stun immunity is big.
  2. EverQuest 2 crafting was basically an easy "fight" versus the item you were crafting. So you had to hit skills to "damage" it basically and defeating the item produced the desifred result. Of course you didn't get a menu, cause it was a minigame. In fact, you could die to the forge. It happened to me a few times. It was a kind of crafting a guess, neither good nor bad, just a matter of taste. Pretty slow, for sure and tedious after a while. I agree that Crowfall might use a better looking crafting interface, a more satisfying bouquet of sounds and "dings" while you do it, but we all know where the problem lies (lack of money), so not gonna happen.
  3. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of us feared for a long time. Short version: the engine, or they way they worked their way through this engine, is simply not suitable for an action game with large crowds. We have been worried about this for a long time, complaining about the terrible performance in all instances of the game, and now that the largest update is upon us, they realize that the game performs terribly with large crowds. Sadly, very sadly considering how much I want this game to succeed and how much money I dumped on it, this is not a surprise. What's even worse is their radio silence. The update is ready to test except for this last tiny problem: performace issues. I can only imagine how bad they are feeling, not being able to come up with a solution, and not feeling like breaking the news to the community but knowing that each extra day of silence is only gonna make things worse. Is the problem even fixable? And to what degree? Of all the reasons they could mention to delay the update, this is the depressing realization of a prophecy everyone was hoping to be wrong about. This wonderful game is built on crippled engine/code and might not be fixable given the budget. Once again, I HOPE to be proven wrong and forced to eat my words soon.
  4. Just last night I was in Discord with a bunch of my old guildees since the early 2000s. Randomly talking about MMORPGs we were talking about DAOC 2 and Star Citizens, as the scams they appear to be, and one of them said "and then there is Crowfall which I think is another scam and never coming out". To which, I jumped up and staerted to explain to them how wrong that sentiment is, and how uninformed they are and how the game is coming along very well and how I am surte it is going to be released soon and there is already a game here and it has nothing in common with the ridiculous state of Star Citizen and Camelot Unchained. So, finally, they asked "oh cool, so can we try it? Should we pull the trigger?" to owhich I froze and once again thought "if they go into the game right now, the micro-stutters would infuriate them and would just make them leave the game and file it under "joke". Raap's experience above echoes what would hit the vast majority of players who are gonna try Crowfall in its present state. Until the micro-stuttering problem and the overall bad performances are fixed, I can't invite anyone to try the game or come back to see what's new if they tested it a long time ago.
  5. Of course it runs. It doesn't run well though. And "well" is subjective I suppose. I expect any game to run at a steady 30+ fps under any circumstance these days. If it ever stutters, then it's not running "well".
  6. It's not even the LOW fps. It's how stable and consistent they are. Stop and go, fast and slow, smooth and choppy is way worse than, say, stable and permanent 30 fps. We can all agree that 30 fps is not good enough in 2020, but I'll take it over 90 in certain areas and then stuttering 20 in others.
  7. My gripe is that they keep telling us to invite our friends to test. And I would LOVE to do it, but unfortunately I know that if I invinte them with the engine in this state, they'll declare the game dead. Stupid friends? Sure. But they are my friends, and the problem stands: if we invite people now, they won't stick around.
  8. I hate that they don't address it much. It almost sounds like they want to pretend it's not a problem. I was hoping for a word in yesterday's Q&A.
  9. That's the insider way of thinking, the way of thinking of someone with a job on the line. I get it. At the same time though, ACE is in the business of making games and sell them. I have nothing against them making new games, if they can deliver a competent and reasonably complete game. If they can't (and so far, they haven't proverd that they can) then what they are doing is the closes thing to a scam (without, of course, being one). They can start all the games they want, as long as they deliver a game at some point, and considering they are LATE in the deliver of what they prromised, starting new projects might guarantee them a salary for some extra months, but it's cheating on their customers. At least until we have an actual working non-alpha and non-beta Crowfall in our hands.
  10. Let's not derail this thread with Camelot Unchained stuff. After all, if any of you watched the "reveal"m I think it's pretty obvious how bad they are doing. Can't think of anything less interesting than the "game" they have demoed. Fortnite meet World War Z in a medieval setting. Why? Who the hell wants that? As I said, they are in desperation mode. Let's just hope ACE never pulls anything like this on us. As Mystafyi said, if they focus and release a good game (Crowfall) chances are money would come. If they divert resources they are gonna have TWO bad games instead of one. Mark Jacobs is lying blatantly when he claims that the new game is not gonna slow down Camelot Unchained. The notion that ACE is working on anything other than Crowfall is terrifying. We can only hope it's early planning stage and so they are hiring specialists to help on Crowfall while eventually thinking what they could be used for when the specific tasks they were hired for are done with. If they pulled a Jacobs and announced a new game right now, then it's the end for Crowfall. They couldn't finish ONE game when it was their only focus, should we believe they can when they are split? Mark Jacobs's stunt from yesterday really rubbed me the wrong way. I was really hoping for a new Dark Age of Camelot. Now it's obvious that we'll never get it.
  11. This is a mess. And a mistake. I could go on for hours about why, but it doesn't matter. I am willing to bet that Camelot Unchained and City State Studios will crash and burn before an actual game (that is not a complete joke) will ever come out. About Crowfall I have a more hopes but a lot will depend on this next big update. Developing something new as a side project and be mysterious about it is one thing. Going all out and announce a new silly version of the actual game that you've been working on for five years with very little to show for is just desperation. This won't go well.
  12. I am sorry but I don't believe the City States folks one bit. I would never compare them to ArtCraft. I believe they are passionate, but due to money constraints and other problems that game will probably never happen. And this new move is the worst kind of bullcrap move and unfortunately I think proves my point even further. If ArtCraft announced anything new right now I would be INSANELY disgruntled and I would totally feel swindled.
  13. Exactly this! If the game open its doors to more people with the engine in this state, Crowfall is pretty much dead. Comments like "LOL SLIDESHOW!" and "it struggles to keep 30 stable fps on my megacomputer and it doesn't even look good" are so cheap these days, that kind of internet suprficiality is gonna spread fast and word of mouth is everything.
  14. I have seen this recently. Unity can handle it. What spaghetti code ArtCraft brewed in the last five years and what can be done now with it is a different story. Please forgive my apparent pessimism. I guess it's just my way to lower my expectations or exorcise my fears. I REALLY WANT this game to succeed, and so I really want for you to be right and for me to be wrong. I am just exposing why I am reasoning the way I am reasoning, and hoping that at some point ACE will just make a blog post or video to address my (and other people's) fears.
  15. You absolutely have a point. This is all speculation, but there have been plenty of games that have been postponing optimization for a long time, and THEN it magically turned out they couldn't be optimized. I am not saying this is the case (how could I know?), I hope it isn't. The fear comes from the fact that there is a difference between an engine that needs optimization and one that *seems* inadequate for the task. SEEMS. I am probably wrong here. I just hope I am. We have all been around a long time, we have seen everything. Not being suspicious at this point is impossible.
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