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  1. All those things that keep killing me in the Dregs must be all NPC then. Nice A.I . They act like real players.
  2. It is always full. It is all about the LIQUID vs GAS ratio. Some like lot of Liquid others prefer less but everyone need a breath of fresh air.
  3. Just add a rune called Quick Reflex. Everytime an assasin try to 15 000 damaged you from stealth. 50% chance it stops his attempt to stab you and return the full damage on him.
  4. How about original idea with crafting and harvesting instead of more pvp with a nametag.
  5. Yes, because dev listen to player 1 and not player 2. Harvesting and crafting are meaningless if player 1 doesn't accept the full ecosystem. So we get boring vendors machines or spending hours in 200 players raids.
  6. I don't see how you disagree. So you are player 1?
  7. The problem is: Player 1: I love pvp and hate buying stuffs from players. Crafting is stupid. Player 2: I love harvesting and crafting stuffs. But I don't mind helpind my guild in Pvp.
  8. Did Asphodel die? Long time since I saw any post from her.
  9. Where the wine making station Ralp Koster. I want the facebook My vineyard back !!!
  10. So we agree, for the sake consistency, it's missing chat bubbles!!!
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