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  1. Did Asphodel die? Long time since I saw any post from her.
  2. Where the wine making station Ralp Koster. I want the facebook My vineyard back !!!
  3. So we agree, for the sake consistency, it's missing chat bubbles!!!
  4. But a minotaur spinning like a tazmanian devil is appropriate?
  5. May I suggest an option where I can choose to put a channel in a mode where it slowly scroll left to right at the botom of the screen.You know, like the news on tv. Oh and chat bubble i love chat bubbles.
  6. Well that is reminding me about the nge where each crystal in your weapons gave a special power. Every jedi hate the blue crystal (cold that interupt if I remember) because they found it useless. But my officer was using it with his pistol and it was awsome for me. The dev changed it. Since then i blame jedi for ruining my fun.
  7. Oh and another thing. I think swg missed a big oppurnity by not allowing crafter to create mission on a public terminal where they could of pay other players every time they bring X amount of salt.
  8. Finally something about why I want to play in your game with spinning combat move. In swg a low level crafter couldn't build the best low level widget. I hope we could craft the best nails without been master builder. So that master architect could buy from low level the best nails so that he can concentrate on bigger things. I hope you will add some kind of eye hand coordination in the crafting system.Like a less extreme version of surgeon simulator 2013. Maybe if you go hunt for skin, it is better to kill with 3 critical then 50 low damages. Anyway. That was by 2 coppers.
  9. Star wars the force awaken, deadpool new movie trailer...this... *Pop* <---nerd brain explosion.
  10. You didn't give any arguments either. Just opinion disguised in sophistry.
  11. If Asphodel play Crowfall i'll join The guardian
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