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  1. Hello, I played a Trandoshan Bioengineer on Shadowfire. Shop was north of Nashal.
  2. Ich bin auf Crowfall aufmerksam geworden als Raph Koster auf seiner Seite geschrieben hat, dass er beim Design mithilft. Vergangene MMOGs sind: Ultima Online (6 Jahre) Star Wars Galaxies (3 Jahre) Eine ganze Reihe weiterer für kürzere Zeiten: Vanguard, Seed, Pirates of the Burning Sea, EVE, The Secret World, ArcheAge
  3. I backed both. For a while I had both at the same level, but my bets are with CU and that's where more of my money went. Having played their alpha helped that. After such a long time of MMO clones coming out, I'm happy there are choices now.
  4. So...does that mean to gift something, I have to buy a smartphone or tablet first?
  5. The usual counter to heavy cavallry attacking is a pike phalanx. Several rows of infantery planting the backs of their pikes into the earth pointing them against the charging enemy. This ends bad for the attackers if they don't stop... Would be great to see something like this in a game some day.
  6. Could you point me to that? Seems I have forgotten where ACE said this. Ooops found it. Seems I'm blind.
  7. They have the burden to manage the economy anyway, because this is a game not only about economic simulation, but about PvP too (and probably some more things like decorating etc.) To allow the people who don't play the economic game as their main game to have fun too, ACE has to manage the economy or many at the losing side of the economic game won't be very happy.
  8. I support this. That certainly would help.
  9. Thanks. This badge test was brought to you by P2C.
  10. Interesting point. Let CS take care of the judging and call in 2 (random? volunteering?) players as witnesses. That would avoid the closed door feeling and maybe reduce false claims of injustice at the forum.
  11. As long as the same feature (not the unique skins) is available by in-game mechanics, it's not p2w.
  12. There are sometimes openings in the early backer pledges, when someone upgrades. Saw one for Early Bird Amber today.
  13. It's all in the wording of the pledge tier on kickstarter. Unfortunately you went with "+ all previous rewards". Other campaigns did several tier chains by using something along "+ all rewards of tier_name_here". Just as info should you do another kickstarter in the future. Please use the addons for adding more beta keys (maybe alpha keys too, depends on which kind of alpha you'll be running). This!
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