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  1. So this game always really excited me but it off put me when until now when some misunderstandings got cleared. but what i want to know is about gear and loot. I cant seem to find anywhere about any cool weapon/armor effects, how to make or find them. And what they entail. The game is PVP focused and i love dunking on nerds in these types of games but I am hella confused if there is cool loot. As cool items with unquie effects that change gameplay are my favorite thing in any mmo and i hate it when they don't. if all gear does the same thing or have a stat stick problem. whats the point of having any gear. I hope i get a quick response because im thinking of buying this game. EDIT so its not letting reply so ill do this. I kinda always hated in wow that trinkets were the only cool extra ability stuff. im wanting to know more about weapons and armor. i know they started to do some item custom prefixes which imo i like a lot. im wanting to know more about like what you would see from borderlands or Diablo 3.
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