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  1. If we get to 15k backers they will change the discipline runes so that werewolf and vampire are mutually exclusive?
  2. It is not anywhere on my priority list for people to remember my hair or eye color, but I will make sure they remember my name, that is all the customization I need.
  3. I have always been a fan of the big, bulky, not human character types. More big guys is more better for me.
  4. Strong + Community ≠ Large + Population
  5. Every idea I come up with to keep a campaign interesting for an extremely long time is either full of distractions, or artificial brick walls except this one. Six faction campaign with one fortress for each faction that can not be assaulted unless the associated faction holds no other POI. POI on the outside of the map are easy to assault, difficult to defend, but cheap to maintain. The closer you get to the center of the map the more expensive the POI are to maintain on a daily/weekly basis. The longer you hold any POI the older it is, more likely to have week points, and the more it
  6. All of his/her other replies were well thought out, rational and rather comprehensive perspectives on the subject so I just laughed that one off and assumed a second read gave him/her a better understanding of my query. But to expand on your comment yes, I am in no way opposed to ladders or leaderboards if it inspires more committed and dedicated players to keep the game open. I am in fact strongly in support of any carrot on a stick that will inspire the self-centered and/or egocentric players to gravitate towards goals that will push them in the direction of the campaigns goals, rega
  7. I am with the crowd that say dev teams religiously turn on "god mode" for their characters when they do the very first showcase videos.
  8. I think that sums up exactly what has pushed me away from leaderboards. If my main priority in a game is wins to losses ratio in campains, I put all my efforts into coordinating my faction or whatever to make sure we win every campaign that I enter, but I have many deaths in suicide missions or unwinable distraction skirmishes to ensure a greater victory elsewhere, my leaderboard statistics other than campaign win to loss ratio can look poor and players who only care about death to kill ratios or some other stat think "psshhh what a baddy" Yet they never seem to accept my invitations to 1v1
  9. That sums up exactly how I feel but I was hoping for some more detailed answers from those who like ladders and leaderboards like this one . Ok this I can kind of understand, and I can get behind if your going to make a claim, make a claim that is accurately measurable, (that for instance i support) What do you believe is being measured by leaderboards? Skill? dedication? patience? Have you ever lost a match, duel, campaign etc, for the sake of raising your ratings in a specific chategory of the leaderboards?
  10. When I was young playing games, sports, and later video games I played to win each game and have fun the end. If I built up a reputation as a good battlefield commander then great. If I didnt oh well. The game was fun. I did not need trophies in my house, statues on my lawn, a ladder, or a leaderboard to know where i stood. I didnt need to keep all my protective gear or my jersy when i graduated highschool. I guess what im saying is why does the younger generation of gamers need proof of their abilities for the whole world to see in order to enjoy a game. Why is having fun and killing
  11. First I should say "I went almost a weeks paycheck deep into the crowfall kickstarter" yet even I would like to make sure rewards like tax free land plots dont go too far and at the end of the year I dont end up wealthier than another player who plays exactly the way I do.
  12. Maybe towards winter when we start starving we can eat the centaurs hind quarters and slap something like this on them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfyF6G_UhR0
  13. The ENTIRE reason the major cities are split into multiple zones is because consoles can not handle the temporary storage of the entire city, same thing with the one dozen zones that are super small, they were intended to be part of a different zone but had to be cut in half and renamed for console purposes. That is just the most basic it goes well beyond that. I am not trying to be all gung ho pc only, but yes if my choice is more content, more polish, more optimization, or spend time making the game work for pc and consoles, I will go with the former. EDIT: Yes more recent and upcoming c
  14. Yes I thought about this as well a few hours ago when they put in the mount stretch goal update, wondering if centaur just ends up at mount speed out of combat.
  15. There is a place for the individual, for the small guilds, and the large guilds. Large guilds will just get more noise and praise but at a cost. From begging to end the large guilds will need more resources to feed and equip their players. The large distance between their control points makes these control points vulnerable to multiple attacks at the same time. Meaning the larger guilds will have to play more actively to defend what they have, more playtime, more fighting, more traveling = even more resources than the average player. The rewards and praise of the large guilds will come a
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