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  1. Yes people are still going to have multiple accounts, especially in a game like this where spies and sabotage will more than likely play a huge role in major campaigns. The problem however is that with only 2/3 passive skills gaining points, it creates an environment that if you are not running a second account, you are at a major disadvantage, you will either need to sacrifice exploration which has combat bonuses, or crafting of any kind. I think to really solve this issue.... each of your characters should have it's own passive skills which could either be tailored to their class specifically or not. This would allow you to train up each of your characters into different crafting specialisations.
  2. Perfect.... thank you so much for your help.
  3. I was unsure originally what the timebank represented. Is that to imply that we can save up without logging in, 30 days worth of passive skill points, where a freemium must log in daily to continue earning?
  4. I would really rather stay away from P2W even if I was on a premium membership. This post was my attempt to remedy it in some aspect. However if they are removing that benefit altogether I am happy with that decision. Thank you for the information.
  5. I wanted to touch base on what is provided with the premium membership. I wholeheartedly plan to continue supporting this game as I actually enjoy the concept. I found it on kickstarter but never did back it, but money was tight back then. Definitions: Hardcore: Players who commit a larger amount of time to the game than casual players. Multiboxing: The use of several instances of the game by a single person at the same time. Premium: Players who pay for VIP status. Freemium: Players who do not pay a subscription fee to access services. The suggestion is this: The skills that are granted over time: a. Premium players should earn points toward all three trees. b. Players who do not have a subscription earn points on only two trees. The reasoning for such is that all hardcore players have alt accounts that are earning points for the crafting tree. This can lead to "multiboxing" which is the same person running two instances or more of the game at the same time. The player would do this to trade materials to their alt account to lower the risk of trading and crafting with other players. Why "force" premium players to create an alternative account just to earn skills for one tree. Unless the developers will take action to prevent this or make it against the rules it will lead to several issues. It promotes creating extra accounts for premium players, using server resources, adding to the queue for log in once released, reserving account names, and creating unnecessary work on the part of Premium players. This grants the ability for freemium players to not lose out considerably on skills which affect their ability to fight. They would need to choose between Exploration or Crafting, which opens up the market to more producers which may benefit the economy. The freemium players should only feel 33% disadvantaged rather than the current 50% from access to only half of a premium player. This also allows a freemium player to create an alt account if they so choose, however at least the need for a premium player to have the alternative account will be gone. I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.
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