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  1. As mentioned in the patch notes: Discipline equipment slots will be automatically granted at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Removed the talent nodes that used to grant discipline equipment slots from all classes Talent Trees.
  2. I'm not sure the fact that campaigns end makes them "instances." Not in the way the term is generally used, anyway.
  3. So no more 3rd party siege crashers? And what about people who live in the same zone but aren't part of the siege? They get locked out of their own keep?
  4. Shadowbane had all kinds of restrictions on which races and classes could take which disciplines. You could describe that as "locked down" as well. Want to be a blade weaver - werewolf? Nope, only elves can be blade weavers and only humans and aelfborn could be werewolves. Want to be a ranger - dark night? Nope, only warriors and templars could take dark knight. Part of the fun of creating shadowbane characters was working within the numerous constraints on who could take what.
  5. The vendors that provide free exploration disciplines on TEST give out white disciplines instead of legendary, preventing us from using them on crafted vessels. Can you switch these to legendary like the free majors and minors?
  6. The new Specialty Tools items can't be equipped, which means we can't use the various crafting belt items that used to require crafting minors to equip.
  7. Try these combos. The hides do all have to be the same quality, but the quality of the lacing sinew doesn't matter. From: https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/
  8. Currently there are no rewards for winning campaigns, but there will be.
  9. Both, I guess. It looks like CC put the most effort into winning this campaign and so they won.
  10. Leveling is an afterthought. It takes a few hours. Some classes are much better at it than others. That isn't likely to change with this patch.
  11. The new design in 6.2 doesn't touch the harvesting and crafting progression at all from what we've seen and heard.
  12. I play white vessels frequently. I have many characters and only one of them has a crafted green vessel. It is not an insurmountable disadvantage. You are making incorrect assumptions.
  13. If I were ACE I would consider holding off on that until 6.2 is more polished and some performance fixes from the Unity collaboration are in. Then do a fresh "Beta 2" or whatever to entice people to come back and give it another go.
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