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  1. I have all the Research nodes fully trained for Blacksmithing. Treated Steel does not show up as available in Armor Components.
  2. Looks like it works with https instead of http. https://bit.do/cftest And people might like crafting info and maps at the Winterblades' Crowfall Resources page.
  3. Can’t place my house?

    You can't place buildings on the Temple parcel. You need to place a different parcel first, and then put your building on it.
  4. Where are the banks?

    There is a local bank right in front of the temple at the beach head. It looks like a large chest. There are also local banks in each of the forts, and in the keep. To export things to the spirit bank hit B to open the spirit bank, then right click on things in inventory. You can also drag and drop items from inventory to the spirit bank. It is very likely that everything will wipe for 5.6, including spirit banks.
  5. Go to the Crypt, just outside the Beach Head, and you can switch vessels.
  6. I think it is much more likely that it is the Day/Night cycle that lasts ~6 hours. I think it is very unlikely that Seasons will be so short.
  7. Looks to me like there are two different things being shown there. The Day/Night cycle is displayed with the rotating Sun/Moon image and the 3H 8M shows how long until it switches from day to night. Around the edge of the circle the Seasons are separately displayed.
  8. It is totally unrealistic to expect to earn the same cash value from playing the game as you could by working a job in real life.
  9. Yep, it is a pain in version 5.5. It is much faster in 5.6.
  10. You posted this is the 5.6 forum but are you talking about 5.6? It is much faster in 5.6 than it is in 5.5.
  11. Stealth counter?

    One thing that comes to mind-- if your friend was de-synched from using F at a gate or from teleporting he'd be invisible and it would make your attempts to detect him fail.
  12. The Hurlbats in Crowfall, much like in Shadowbane, are edged weapons. They are essentially a type of throwing axe. See the rightmost weapon below:
  13. I'm guessing they are using the TEST server for internal testing which is why they lock us out. Sure, its nice to keep our training up to date, but its not really a development priority. Patch 5.6 has stability issues, with frequent server crashes, which I imagine they are trying to fix before asking testers to jump into it for more testing.
  14. "Coming soon"?

    Fae is coming soonest. They are in Patch 5.6 which is currently on the TEST servers. Not sure when Frostweaver or Stoneborn will arrive. Soon!
  15. That is why it might work. It rewards players for pvp but doesn't create an incentive to kill alts. You'd be better off sacrificing gear at a brazier than to kill your own alts, but killing actual enemies is rewarded.