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  1. There will be different campaigns with different rulesets. There doesn't need to be one "intended meta" that applies to them all.
  2. The game is designed to have multiple campaign rulesets. Your preferred ruleset is not "the one" the game is designed to function around any more than any of the other planned rulesets. I do look forward to Import restrictions actually being functional, and Spirit Banks being more restricted in how and when they can be used, though.
  3. Why not just play campaigns that don't allow imports?
  4. They told us about different campaigns having different import restrictions during the Kickstarter. They never promised that you'd "never take anything out of the EK."
  5. I don't see anything on there about how adding a last name to your character switches a game from a MOBA to an MMORPG. You should check out some of the articles and videos ACE has made about Crowfall. It will help you to understand the role we play in this roleplaying game.
  6. It is a roleplaying game, but the role that we play is that of an immortal Crow. Regardless of which mortal vessel you inhabit, your Crow is known to the other Crows by one name. That doesn't make it a MOBA by any stretch of the imagination.
  7. The buff is no better for the gold reward than the silver reward. The difference is cosmetic. People still get bent out of shape when they are losing, so it seems to be enough. The stat for the Trial of Valkyn sigil is +2% Damage Bonus.
  8. I would as well. When you drag items out of inventory they should drop as doobers instead of instantly being deleted.
  9. If there is an easy method to deny loot to the people who killed you, of course you will use it. That's why there shouldn't be one.
  10. That wasn't the purpose of this thread or the saga forum. It is where you took it, though.
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