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  1. Sorry haters, this dregs is definitely very active.
  2. Seriously? You've played pvp mmos and you wonder that?
  3. No. To my knowledge no guild has actually capped a zone. Zones do cap, but so far I've seen no evidence of a guild or alliance doing it by themselves. It usually involves multiple alliances piling into a zone.
  4. In the post where they announced the campaign. They really should have added additional siege times for some of the forts and keeps in the campaign. They've done it before.
  5. Most people feel that feeding trolls isn't productive. People have been lobbing falsehoods about W numbers for years, replying to every one of them with a denial would be a full time job. Notice, its not even the rival alliances we actually fought in the campaign who are making that accusation. It is bystanders like yourself who heard other randoms say it just spreading it along because it fits your narrative. The person who said it first in this thread was WeaponsX-- someone who did not even play in the NA East Dregs. He just hates W and has been lying about us for years because he's indescribably sore about losing campaigns to us in the past.
  6. That isn't a lie. They announced that they were beginning to advertise.
  7. Winterblades is incapable of doing that. As far as I know, nobody has done that yet, not even the larger alliances. Don't believe everything you hear. A lot of people throw that accusation around as propaganda or because, like you, they believe what they hear-- especially smears against people they are predisposed to dislike.
  8. I don't think it makes much difference, but it was you who suggested it did. Since you didn't seem to know the change was reverted, I was just letting you know.
  9. Those last hour changes were reverted. People are getting those easy rewards. https://crowfall.com/en-US/blog/shadow-month-begins
  10. Failure of logic there. Those millions of gold went from players to players. That is the economy working, and its a good thing. Millions of extra gold being injected into the system by faulty game mechanics is entirely different.
  11. Interact (Main) and Interact (Secondary) are not implemented intuitively for a number of EK interactions. The key to move a building or open a chest has a nasty tendency to switch back and forth between the F and G key depending on ownership. Hold one of those keys for a few seconds too long, and you can easily create a headache for your EK by ejecting an asset owned by a vassal, etc. Example: These two buildings, one of which I own, the other I don't. I'm trying to move them and one uses F to move while the other uses G to move. This is really horrible UI.
  12. I get why someone who wasn't playing on the campaign might think that, but no, there were no such agreements. People tended to pay more attention to the zones they had keeps in, but that is the extent of it.
  13. How hard is it to count to two? Did you try sniping outposts from the two larger alliances?
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