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  1. Yes, that is a fairly typical issue with gifted packages. They should email support@crowfall.com If they emailed support, and haven't heard back, that is unusual. There should be a quick automated response to acknowledge the support ticket being created. Check spam folder?
  2. You complained about the grind but suggested mobs with rare drops to attract pvp. I don't actually disagree with that wish, but you don't see the possible contradiction? Killing mobs for rare drops is exactly the sort of thing some people are railing against as a grind. I'm not, but people are. I think you and McTan read more judgement into that observation than was there.
  3. The elite equipment droppers, high level camps, and stat runes were RNG loot. People did grind them. The R7 Guards were an XP grind. Things that some people would call a "grind" can also be a source of PvP conflict. No, it wasn't obtuse. I was simply pointing out that I saw a contradiction between complaining about the grind and simultaneously asking for "mob camps with rare drops, runes, weapons/armor etc so people go there and fight over it." ACE have actually been adding those exact things. They do serve the purpose of adding something for people to fight over, but people also complain about them being a grind.
  4. Please don't quote my reply to someone else, add an unrelated tangent, and then accuse me of being obtuse. Thanks. Yes, I think SB-style disc droppers are a better alternative to RNG based disc droppers. That has little to do with my comment about what Wrain said. I don't think many people would consider the guaranteed drops from SB disc droppers to be "rare drops." Rare drops imply a low percentage chance of the item dropping.
  5. Can you explain why Dust would be immune to the same supply problems that Gold would have? Because it has a different name? Gold sinks are planned but not yet implemented. It will be used for taxes and upkeep. Just because the Dust sinks were implemented before the Gold sinks doesn't mean Gold should be removed.
  6. It doesn't make sense to get rid of things in pre-alpha just because they aren't working yet.
  7. My feedback is based on the announced training rates. Of course they could change the training rates, but I think it makes sense to discuss how it would work according to the planned rates.
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