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  1. Careful what you wish for. They can make us do repair chores just to achieve the already planned lifespan of our gear. Adding a repair system essentially just means adding a new hassle since they can dial in the planned lifetime to be the same either way.
  2. Yep, and that is part of why sandbox pvp games will never be as popular as WoW. I still pray that people who don't want to be looted don't influence ACE too much. I like looting games, even if it stings when I get looted. Actually, I like that sting.
  3. I won't say I like the idea of 5 minute potions, but I do like the idea of people carrying around commodities to be looted. Looting is fun, and all too often in games with looting the sensible thing to do is to have nothing worth looting in inventory. Mechanics that encourage people to have lootables in inventory are a good thing.
  4. Something to keep in mind is that different campaigns will have different rules. While a campaign with plentiful imports and exports will allow crafters to operate in the safety of their EK, a campaign with no imports will not. The tighter the restrictions on imports, the more crafting will have to be done in that campaign. The existence of campaigns with no imports, or highly restricted imports, doesn't prevent an EK economy from working because there will also be campaigns that are less restrictive. Just because combat players and harvesters can be the same thing doesn't mean they always will be. Some people will very likely end up focusing on one of those activities more than the other, regardless of the fact that they can be equally trained in both. These activities take time, and no matter how many accounts you have, and how many professions you are trained in, you only have so much time. Even if everyone was fully trained in everything, they would still end up somewhat specialized in the types of activities they engage in. I do think that "security guard simulator" will be part of Crowfall, but I don't think it has to be as dull as that might sound. There are lots of ways to provide protection beyond standing guard and waiting. If I am harvesting I'd be happy to have combat players from my side raiding the countryside in a wide area. They don't have to just stand around. The more raiders I have on my side, and the wider they range, the better the collection of intelligence about enemy activities, and the more distractions there are to keep the enemy from raiding me. An activity that the combat players might see as simply "running around looking for fights" also serves as providing protection.
  5. There are vendors on TEST with unlimited free resources. They are in the forts and keep.
  6. VIP, I must be missing somthing

    Yep. A combat character with VIP is no more potent than one without. A Blacksmith with VIP is no better at Blacksmithing than one without. With VIP you can be both a Combat character and a Blacksmith, whereas without VIP you'd have to choose one of those professions. VIP does provide an edge, but it is an edge that is easily overcome by playing with a group. The non-VIP Combat character can get weapons from someone else and be just as good as the Combat character who is also a Blacksmith. Nobody can claim that VIP provides no advantage. Its a question of whether the advantage it provides is modest enough to be acceptable to you. To some it won't be.
  7. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    If you don't want RPG elements in your PvP game you probably should go play something like Overwatch.
  8. I would suggest deleting the Art+Craft folder in Users/Documents/
  9. This game is absolutely filled with "win more" mechanics. It seems odd to me that we are talking about them as unwanted. If they are unwanted why do we have looting? Why have rewards for taking forts and keeps? Why have rewards for winning campaigns? Getting actual in-game benefits for winning seems to be a cornerstone of Crowfall to me. There are lots of games out there that keep everyone on an even playing field. Crowfall, like most pvp RPGs, doesn't. Much of the game is a competition to gain in-game advantages over your opponents.
  10. Noob Question

    Go to a Crypt to switch vessels. The Crypt is just outside the beachhead in the campaign worlds.
  11. I believe it is possible to get this to work. In addition to adding the patcher to Steam, add the game .exe itself to steam library? If Steam is running the .exe for you, you may need to use a command line argument to specify LIVE rather than TEST environment, because normally if you run the game .exe instead of the launcher it goes to TEST. Try making a shortcut to the game client with the argument "-ecosystem live" added to it and add that to steam library.
  12. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    You can only take two major disciplines. That means you will have "sacrificed" all of the potential disciplines you could have taken to take the ones you do choose. This is comparable to the kind of trade-offs people often request to be added to the passive training system. You have to make some hard choices and they will decide which powers are unlocked for you. Also, major disciplines will likely be difficult to obtain. Much like disciplines in Shadowbane, certain runes will be scarce and coveted. You'll have to struggle and compete to get the ones you want. Given the scarcity of these runes, you can't just replace them whenever you want to switch out powers. Deleting scarce and valuable runes to switch powers will probably not be common. And if you do delete a rune to switch your spec, you will have "sacrificed" for it. A system for making hard decisions that unlock certain powers will be in Crowfall. It will be in the discipline system, not the passive training system.
  13. It wasn't that long ago that Slag could be used to craft low-end Advanced Weapons. But this was nerfed, making Slag almost entirely useless. Now vendors are being added to the game to sell White resources to make low-end Advanced Weapons easier to get. These two changes seem to pull in opposite directions. Why not allow Slag to be used again for crafting low-end Advanced Weapons?
  14. Nice update! o.O Emotes! What sort of Raid mechanics are coming?
  15. Not the most productive direction to take a debate about game mechanics.