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  1. I would agree that ankle-deep water would help aesthetically. We don't need swimming or boats, but creeks and ponds would be good.
  2. It will be important that they get the scarcity right. The best materials need to be relatively scarce so that people have to fight for the right to harvest them. Right now high ranked resources are not scarce so there is no need to fight over them.
  3. I am quite confident that we won't need to kill the same named discipline dropper 625 times to make a legendary disc.
  4. It looks like you are presuming that Discipline-dropping mobs will drop white Disciplines. That is unlikely. They will drop higher ranks.
  5. The rng loot drops from mobs, the leveling, and the leveling-related grind are pretty insignificant. They really haven't changed the nature of the game. The main anti-uncle-bob feature of Crowfall, from the beginning, was the fact that campaigns end. That remains a fundamental part of Crowfall. Yes, they said no leveling, and then they added leveling. On the surface, that appears to be a major reversal. But only on the surface. Look a little more closely and the fact remains this game is not a level-grind game. You are making a lot out of a little.
  6. I'm hoping we can go back to seeing and stealing enemy resource doobers with the Dregs ruleset. It made sense to remove that for Factions, but not for the Dregs where you can kill people who steal your resources.
  7. Fun campaign. I'm looking forward to the next one. Some guilds are switching factions so that should shake things up.
  8. Performance is much better now than what you describe. It could use further improvement, but we have sieges all the time and they perform well enough to be fun.
  9. Yea, I would guess 2021. I suppose 2020 is possible, not sure. There is a major patch planned for February 2020 that is expected to be fairly significant. That might be a good time to log in to the game and check things out.
  10. The game is still in development. It's currently in Pre-Alpha. Alpha and Beta are planned for 2020. Launch will come after Beta.
  11. Not sure if you actually play, but you should look into using debuffs if you aren't. They make a big difference.
  12. New players would be much better off leveling their first character, gathering gear from war tribes, and learning to play.
  13. Actually, most crafted discs have better stats based on quality. Runes that are purchased from an NPC and/or combined from lower qualities lack the increased stats. Higher quality discs made from souls dropped from mobs do have better stats.
  14. Harvested resources take time as well. In fact, they take time and effort, which is arguably more valuable than "passive" time. I'm not saying I know it will work, but it isn't as clear that it won't work as you say it is.
  15. There haven’t been any updates. We aren’t expecting updates on live until February.
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