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  1. Seems Quiet

    There are a lot more people playing now than there were when this thread was made.
  2. Could be they were working on other things.
  3. This seems to be a difference between TEST and LIVE right now. If I switch accounts on LIVE I end up getting disconnected. It still works fine on TEST.
  4. If anyone spots any errors, let me know.
  5. If it takes you 45 minutes to get basics you are doing it wrong.
  6. Oh, he didn't mention that part. I would suggest emailing support and asking them about that. More likely to get a response than posting on the forums.
  7. You can buy VIP in the store. It can be found in the Merchandise section. You should do it this month, before your wallet funds get converted to crowns.
  8. If you wanted to promote diversity, which classes would you block from taking Field Surgeon?
  9. In my experience only Clerics and Druids actually take the rune, so I don't see how it really matters that other classes can take it. There are better runes out there for non-support classes to take. Also, it is very likely that additional restrictions will be added to many of the runes. They intentionally put few restrictions on who could take the runes for testing purposes.
  10. This is just a guess, but if you are running the live client directly, rather than from the live launcher, it will attempt to connect to TEST. You need to run it from the launcher.
  11. Upgrading Pledge

    You have to be logged in to the website to see the upgrade option. Try logging in again?
  12. Exciting stuff! Can you tell us more about currency?
  13. Apparently the investors disagree with you on that.