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  1. What is the purpose of an EK?

    You may not be able to take "everything" into a campaign world, but you can take some stuff. Some stuff is better than no stuff.
  2. Guild Presentation

    Friendly fire in the Dregs is unlikely. There are no announced differences between the Dregs and Shadows, so I can't imagine why one would be better than the other.
  3. Guild Presentation

    The Dregs will have guilds. It is a "FFA" in the sense that it is possible to kill your own guildmates, but not in the sense that there are no groups or guilds. How the Shadows would differ from the Dregs was never actually explained. JTC explained at some point that he still wasn't sure how they would differ, and that they may end up folded into one campaign type.
  4. Bought 199$ package

    No, you will not lose access. You will be able to play on LIVE in all testing phases. Yes, the naming of the testing groups is confusing. You are in "Alpha 2" testing group but you can play in Pre-alpha, Alpha, and Beta. The only time when you might not be able to play is on the separate TEST server shortly after a new major patch. When they do major patches on TEST they sometimes start out with a limited number of testers before adding more.
  5. I just tested it with a Templar and it definitely switched into Survival if I hit Z while in Melee.
  6. Bought 199$ package

    Yes you have testing access. Download and play. https://crowfall.com/en/client/ Monthly VIP will not be consumed until the game goes live.
  7. Eternal Kingdom Trade Hub

    I would agree that there are challenges associated with putting player vendors into Faction campaigns, but I wouldn't rule it out. I don't think it is an unsolvable problem.
  8. Eternal Kingdom Trade Hub

    With player-owned vendor stalls inside campaigns you wouldn't need to be physically there to do the trade either. That is the better solution.
  9. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Good to know. The only thing I really mind about you guys is the relentless hypocrisy. Accusing others of the stuff you do, and doing the stuff you accuse other of, seems to be standard procedure.
  10. Eternal Kingdom Trade Hub

    Yep, we need trade stalls in campaigns.
  11. Eternal Kingdom Trade Hub

    The fact that we will be able to import stuff into campaigns will ensure that EKs will be trade hubs. People who only play no-import campaigns won't have much reason to participate in the EK economy, but everyone else will. Trading inside a campaign should occur inside the campaign. I really don't like the idea of items in EKs being tied to specific campaigns.
  12. Eternal Kingdom Trade Hub

    I don't think it is a good idea to trash the intended mechanic where people can earn rewards from winning campaigns and import them into later campaigns. There will be no-import campaigns for people who don't like the "imbalance" of importing stuff into campaigns.
  13. @thomasblairThanks for taking time to answer my question about Tray toggling! I'd like to clarify what I was talking about. Currently the Tray swap keys act as toggles. If you hit U to enter ranged tray, but you are already in ranged tray, you end up in survival tray. This might be fine with perfect performance/latency, but frequently performance issues contribute to players ending up in an unintended tray. For example, you get attacked while out of combat, knocked down, and you desperately want to get into combat tray. So you hit a combat tray key but nothing seems to happen. So you hit it again. Turns out it was just lag, and both go through. You switch into and out of combat, and get hit while out of combat some more. I propose that hitting the U key can only take you to ranged tray, not into and out of ranged tray. If you want to get into survival tray you hit H. I can understand the original logic was that people might want to toggle between two different trays with one key. Not a bad thought, but in practice it creates a frustrating experience when people end up in a tray other than the one they are trying to use. Should be: Hit H, you go to Survival tray. If you are already in Survival, you stay there. Hit U, you go to Ranged tray. If you are already in ranged tray, you stay there. Etc.