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  1. Did the parcel have an outpost or fort? Or was it between any two other outposts or forts? That could easily explain why people ran through an area without a POI. Streamers who jump to the conclusion they are getting sniped, while streaming an open world pvp game, are pretty lame.
  2. How do you know what happened? Is this the standard streamer logic that goes, "Since I am streaming, anyone rolls up and kills me is a sniper" ?
  3. Nonsense. I don't recall you asking for an arranged fight. Cuddles and Uya were always too uptight to even consider a friendly fight with Winterblades. If you have a different attitude, feel free to let us know when you want a fight. We almost always comply with such requests. Ask your buddies in HoA. We've had quite a few arranged fights with them.
  4. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Is that the only source of information you relied on? They did talk about their fancy plans for crafting before the KS.
  5. Is in gaming spying an exploit?

    ACE can't force people to play Factions in good faith. There will always be people taking advantage of the limitations of Factions. The solution is to play on the Dregs.
  6. Check out the Rules of Conduct. That is where they explicitly allow naughty ingame behavior.
  7. Resource material upgrade

    And presumably we will some day be crafting those structures inside Dregs campaigns, and not just in EKs.
  8. How to safe farm in Crowfall 5.8

    You can have both combat training and crafting training on the same account. Harvesters being loot pinatas is an intended game mechanic. It fuels conflict. Make some friends!
  9. That recipe still comes from passive training. The first node of Crafting Basics unlocks it.
  10. Gold is the bypass. I still hear people saying gold lacks value. If that is true, sacrifice it to level your vessels.
  11. Spirit Bank usable only in facction temple

    Bring combatants with you when you harvest.
  12. 20 hour review

    Change is planned.
  13. Shadowlands Vs The Dregs?

    The Dregs was always going to have guilds in it.
  14. The Meaning of "Full Loot PvP"

    The plan is to have different looting rules for different campaigns. In some of the earliest examples given, they showed the 3-faction rules have 100% inventory loot but no equipment loot. That is the ruleset we are testing right now. The example rules given for a Guild vs Guild campaign included partial equipment loot. I think it is reasonable to expect that having different looting rules for different campaigns is still planned.
  15. On the other hand, this is a "come join the winning side!" thread.