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  1. Aerynth Traders Auction #0038 is for a vendor stall on east side of the south parcel. Bidding ends at 11 PM EDT on October 19th (5 AM CEST October 20th). With 90+ vendor stalls from numerous players and guilds across the community, Aerynth Traders is by far the most popular market EK and it gets a lot of foot traffic around the clock! Bidding is active in the Aerynth Traders discord: https://discord.gg/KAWjMWv
  2. FYI, a work-around is to destroy the siege equipment by attacking it.
  3. That is not true. You can only wear one 2% dmg bonus item. They don't stack.
  4. Yes, and there is a reason that some games do give good items for winning. It really is a 'neither side is wrong' situation. Some people like games that grant power for winning and some don't. Crowfall is full of mechanics that reward winners and punish losers. Player looting. Control of respawn points, mobs, and resources. Keep buffs. To the victor go the spoils.
  5. I didn't know they were on LIVE, or that my guild got any, so I assure you it has no impact on my long-held belief that rewards for victory are actually a good thing. Its a matter of preference. Some people like rewards to actually give advantages, some don't. Neither side is wrong. I don't know why you are so convinced that you can't win.
  6. That is a bad assumption on your part. I didn't get any of these rewards. Are these even on LIVE yet, or these still on TEST? You aren't going to lose a campaign because of these necro additives. That is absurd.
  7. This. Campaign rewards being worthwhile is a good thing.
  8. It is my understanding that neutral respawn outposts can be used by anyone so long as they have never been captured by anyone. After they are captured for the first time they can no longer be used when neutral.
  9. I do not like this change. Infiltration of keeps is content. I also don't like the invulnerable guards in keeps outside siege windows!
  10. Catapults damage themselves when fired in an EK. In this screenshot the Treb is the target, but all damage goes to the firing Catapult. It doesn't matter where the Catapult aims. It always hits itself. Ballista also hit themselves every time they fire. The Trebuchet works fine, hitting the target as expected.
  11. Gold God Statues are now Medium size buildings. They were XS before. Intentional?
  12. Vassals can place chests. You don't need to assign them tokens, just make them Vassals.
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