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  1. New Player Gameplay Loop

    Ganking in Crowfall will have purpose. If you gank an enemy harvester you deprive your enemy of some of the resources they need. If you gank an enemy crafter you deny your enemy some of the gear it needs. If you gank an enemy combatant when they are not ready for a fair fight, you weaken your enemy. Any of these things might help you to achieve you sandbox pvp goals. Yes, there will be a community that polices itself, to a degree. But the gankers are in fact welcome in this game, because they provide content to everyone else. They are the bad guy that the harvesters and crafters need to look out for. Gankers are prey for more powerful groups. As you said: Get rid of the gankers and you get rid of the opportunity to punish them for ganking.
  2. New Player Gameplay Loop

    Those things will happen in Crowfall. How would you imagine it being prevented?
  3. New Player Gameplay Loop

    What is the difference? If its open pvp and someone runs up and kills you that is ganking, right? How do you prevent that in an open pvp environment?
  4. Crafting Leadership is not granting Experimentation Points. The other Crafting Leadership nodes work;, its only the Experimentaiton Points node that is not working. Confirmed on multiple different crafters with multiple different leaders who are fully trained in the leadership node that provides Experimentation Points.
  5. He was objecting to the fact that a player can be handed things in game without earning them. That is what I was disagreeing with.
  6. I think the first 30 days will be a lot less dull when more of the game loop is implemented. Right now we don't have to explore much, we don't really have to fight over territory, and we don't have much reason to build up forts and keeps. If we are busy fighting over territory in Intermediate gear, the wait for Advanced gear won't be as bad.
  7. We have very different views of how Crowfall should work. I would much rather leave it up to players to distribute resources. If a guild wants to reward its members for contributions that the system doesn't recognize as "personal performance" they should not be blocked from doing so. Players should decide what sort of participation they value. The last thing I want to see is the game deciding for a guild which of their members deserves rewards.
  8. I think these systems create synergy. We fight over the harvesting resources. We fight over the locations where crafting can be done. We protect harvesters and crafters from getting repeatedly ganked by PvPing alongside them. People that want to go it alone will have an uphill struggle, but that is a necessary side effect of create a sandbox pvp game with a robust economy.
  9. Not from my perspective. As a member of a guild I could play less than some people, or take breaks, without falling behind on training. In a traditional level-grind game I would have to spend as much time as my friends to keep up with them. All the active progression stuff can be distributed to me by my guild. So I can be on completely even footing with the people who actively play 5 times as much as me. There is a big difference there compared to traditional level-grind game.
  10. I'd be more interested in explaining in detail what you will actively do in game in those first weeks, but given how you have been responding to me it is not worth my time to try to help you.
  11. Intermediate gear is the second tier that you can reach on the first day. You start out with basics and then you progress to intermediate. How is that not relevant? It fills the exact gap you are talking about.
  12. What makes you think I am hung up? I asked you how your were calculating the probabilities, you told me, and then I let you know that the variable you were using for the calculation doesn't mean what you think it does. I am trying to have a mutually beneficial discussion of how experimentation works with you and you are insulting me for it.
  13. Talking about the types of progression you can do in the early game while waiting for the types you can't do is entirely relevant.