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  1. Manpower costs would be minimal, and the financial reason is to appeal to people that are alienated by the decision to restrict the gender options on those races.
  2. Only the Kickstarter bundles, Amber and above, included Collectors Editions. Any bundle after Kickstarter did not.
  3. People do not tend to play on test after a wipe. The unlimited resources makes competing there seem a bit pointless. There is nothing to fight over.
  4. When you unlock a character from a campaign your inventory is moved to the world bank of that campaign. You can export the stuff using the vault tab in the lobby.
  5. ^^^^^ Even vets get surprised and insta-killed by the Allfather's Wrath at enemy gates. It is not obvious enough.
  6. Which core systems were changed for a few to play 24/7? Can't see how that would be the reason for abandoning voxels, or removing passive training, or anything else for that matter? All the changes I've seen were intended to make the game better, not cater to a small testing population.
  7. That is exactly what the uncle bob video was about. It explained why they thought temporary campaigns that end, like a strategy game, was an improvement over permanent servers for an open world pvp mmo. People read a lot more into it, and made a bigger deal of it, than ACE did.
  8. I never said anything resembling "listen or don't listen listen are the only two choices", that feedback is monolithic, or that players leaving or no longer playing is not a form of feedback. No idea where you got any of that.
  9. Heh, you suppose testing population would be higher if they didn't listen to feedback, and didn't try to make testing enjoyable for testers. I suppose it's a theory.
  10. I get the impression they listen to lots of feedback. I doubt they exclude feedback from forum warriors.
  11. Sure, but dodging is a very effective ability in combat. You can't dodge a hitscan unless you dodge before the hitscan is even cast, and complaints about that are reasonable, but it doesn't mean you can't use dodge to avoid damage in Crowfall. I use dodge all the time to, um, dodge out of sticky situations. I guess I'm just not a fan of exaggeration as a way to make a point. We can complain about hitscans without saying dodge isn't even a dodge, or claiming crowfall isn't skill-based.
  12. I'd rather they listened to people who participate in testing than people who don't and just take pot-shots on the forums.
  13. I'm really just reacting to the hyperbole. I think it is reasonable to be frustrated with Crowfall's use of hitscan powers, but to claim that the fights are decided before they begin, or that it's not a "skill-based" game, is exaggeration to the point of nonsense.
  14. It sounds like you have a very narrow definition of what "skill" means. Aiming skill and twitch reaction skills aren't as important in Crowfall as in some other games, but there is no question that various kinds of "skill" play a large role in the outcomes of Crowfall fights, sieges, and campaigns.
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