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  1. Nobody said it's crazy. It is well known that game will need to be more intuitive.
  2. If it's accurate, it's accurate at portraying what the game looks like to someone who does no research and expects things to be intuitive from the start. It is well known that Crowfall needs tutorials, better tooltips, a better "new player experience." Every other noob that plays the game comes here and says that. It is known.
  3. I think the easiest solution is to raise the baseline on the stats that noob crafters can achieve to be more comparable to what noobs can loot from mobs.
  4. Thanks. Tutorials and better tooltips are certainly planned. They wanted to get the game more finalized before they put a lot of effort into that sort of thing. Similarly, they have long said that optimization comes later in the process. We should be seeing a lot of work on optimization in the coming months. The new version on TEST is actually a lot more bright/colorful than the current version on LIVE.
  5. Yes, I think it is helpful to know which version the feedback is for.
  6. Is this feedback based on the new patch on TEST, or the old build on LIVE?
  7. Something needs to be done so that crafters can compete with wartribe gear.
  8. You will get the new monthly rewards as a backer. You don't need to do anything.
  9. Yea, true. If we are spending talent points that are specific to a disc that could change things.
  10. Unless something changes, they can be removed.
  11. Any account with a digital copy of the game should have access. If the digital copy was gifted, it may need testing access to be added manually. Email support@crowfall.com
  12. Well, first you seemed to be suggesting they should give an ETA and if they don't hit the ETA, delay it until a later window. When I asked about that, you talked about instead "putting it on blast" or let someone know when it is ready-- which presumably is exactly what will happen anyway. Excuse me if it is not clear what you are asking for.
  13. I am pretty confident that news will spread far and wide as soon as 5.110 is available on TEST. Are you worried they will put it on TEST, not tell us, and nobody will know?
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