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  1. This was discussed quite a bit when Tomes were announced. Here's an example:
  2. You won’t be able to use Tomes to get ahead, only to catch up. Farming Tomes on multiple accounts to make one super account won’t work.
  3. Super annoying things

    Yep, that is what it looks like when people are waiting for a major patch with an expected full wipe. It has nothing to do with the durability of basic rune tools.
  4. Super annoying things

    I'd like to see people carrying more lootable stuff, not less. The incentive to carry tools in inventory while out in the field is a good thing.
  5. For people who feel that way, there will be No Import Campaigns.
  6. It is not soft launch. There will still be an alpha, then beta, then soft launch.
  7. Sounds like fun. Happy to contribute!
  8. Making armor great again! A proposal...

    It was even more stupid with random hit locations. I am not suggesting that. It should just add up the resists on each piece like most other MMOs do it.
  9. Making armor great again! A proposal...

    I think the idea that only the chest piece provides resists should be abandoned. It isn't serving a real purpose.
  10. I certainly hope both of those things are true, but they are far from certain. Both seem to be undetermined at this time. Can you point to a link that suggests otherwise? And even if POI resources avoid the problem of recall/spirit bank, they are just a small slice of the lootables in this game. And unless there are major changes, those are some of the least exciting things to loot. I don't want people to recall the moment they collect a thrall for a precious major discipline. I don't want people to recall the moment they loot a player who happens to have a hoard of valuables. Recalling as a tactic to secure valuables is bad for world pvp.
  11. I would disagree that Recall worked well in SB. It discouraged world pvp. Rather than seeing farming as a driver of pvp, it was often considered a chore that was entirely separate from pvp. People just recalled if anyone showed up on track, instantly recalled if they ever looted anything exceptionally valuable, and it detracted considerably from world pvp. Looting is fun. Mechanics that make looting unlikely to happen are bad. I would agree that if Recall stays in the game it should be loud, long cool down, and long cast time. How about if it makes a light-beam to the sky like over the runegates? And takes at least 30 seconds to cast?
  12. Recall and spirit banking in the field demotivate world pvp. And while it may not seem like such a big deal with routine harvesting, if anyone ever loots anything that is extremely valuable they will spirit bank or recall instantly. That removes some potential high-excitement gameplay from the game.
  13. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Yep, the returns on Constitution are pretty bad. Some of the other stats aren't so bad.
  14. It lets people avoid the need to caravan their loot to safety, which was one of the core concepts of Crowfall. Spirit-banking from everywhere, and safe recalling with loot are both bad for Crowfall.
  15. If you claimed they were “different” nobody would disagree with you. It’s the claim that necromancy is “dead” that people are debating.