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  1. Ironically, this is where it actually becomes "difficult" to land your shots. It's not that you have to aim precisely at your target-- you have to avoid hitting the wrong target with the overly "forgiving" large raycast / cone / smart targeting. Landing a clutch Rescue on the ally that needs it, rather than some other random ally that is running nearby, or even behind you, takes some practice.
  2. Jah


    We aren't talking about advantages accrued from playing more, we are talking about advantages from paying more. Again, you've missed the point. It's not about assigning blame for losing access. It is about whether losing access imposes a disadvantage.
  3. Jah


    I wasn't talking about who is responsible for the disadvantage, or who is to blame. I was talking about whether a temporary suspension can impose a disadvantage over a longer term. Assigning blame is irrelevant. You missed the point. It's not about why an athlete has to miss some games, or why a Crowfall player might skip a month of subscription, its about whether that suspension creates a disadvantage. A required subscription for Crowfall would create numerous tiers of player. Someone who pays the subscription every month would have an advantage over someone who pays it every other month. Both are Crowfall players in the long term, so your argument that they can't be at a disadvantage because they are "literally not participating" doesn't apply. The more months of subscription you pay for, the more benefit you get. It might even be worth paying for months when you couldn't play, just to buy that advantage. If you wanted to maximize your advantage, you would pay the monthly subscription every month indefinitely, just as you would with an optional subscription that offered an advantage.
  4. I can confirm that is not the case. All the skills you mention matter, although "twitchyness" is not an emphasis.
  5. Jah


    If that "disadvantage" is the reason you can't participate, and it is inflicted upon you by a required subscription, then yes, you can. Crowfall is a longterm competition. If I miss out on passive training while I am deployed overseas, that will put me at a disadvantage when I return. Unless, of course, I pay for the advantage of maintaining a subscription even when I have little time to play. If I have just one weekend free during a month, I might like to log in for a siege, but can't quite justify paying a subscription for the month. A required subscription inflicts upon me the disadvantage of being unable to participate in that siege, even though I am very much a participant over the long term in the Eternal War of the Gods. Take a real world example. If a professional athlete is suspended for a few games, that will be a disadvantage for him. It will hurt his stats, his standing with his team, and may have a lasting negative impact on his career. Would you say it can't inflict a disadvantage on him because, while he is suspended, he is "literally not participating"?
  6. I'd prefer the badges remain cosmetically unique for participating in these special events. New badges could offer the same stats, but have new cosmetics.
  7. Jah


    If you buy the game, join a guild, level up, equip yourself in gear, and build a city then you ARE a competitor. If, at the point, you stop paying an optional monthly sub, you might lose access to some sort of advantage, such as additional passive training. You remain a competitor. If the subscription is required, and you stop paying, you lose access to everything. Even if you pay the sub again in a later month, the disadvantage inflicted upon you by the payment model may have lasting effects on your competitiveness. You couldn't keep your passive training going. You couldn't show up for a critical siege. Etc. Of the two, losing access completely is a bigger disadvantage. People who never let the required sub lapse have an advantage over someone who periodically pays the sub and plays.
  8. Jah


    Only if a required sub forces that disadvantage on them. If it is an optional sub, then not paying does not equate to not playing. Instead, the disadvantage is less severe. No, it is not. I never said anything remotely like that. I am comparing the "pay to win" advantages provided by an optional subscription with those provided by a required subscription. Being prevented from playing can be viewed as a disadvantage to someone who would play if they weren't locked out.
  9. Jah


    I am indeed debating to debate. It is an academic discussion to me. As I said already, I prefer required subs. This isn't about my preference, it is about comparing the "pay to win" aspects of required versus optional subscriptions. But no, he is not right.
  10. Jah


    No, it is an opinion. They have not necessarily quit the game. They may just be taking a break, or not have enough free time during the month to justify the sub. They still have accounts, vessels, gear, passive training, etc. With an optional sub, they can still contribute to victory. They can still win. They can have a much bigger effect on the game than your mother who does not play. With a required sub they can't contribute, lose access to all of their stuff, and literally cannot win without paying additional money. Nobody said anyone is entitled to access to the game. Straw man.
  11. Jah


    If I have 20 players in my guild, all of whom bought the game, and paid monthly for a year, and then one month 10 of them stop paying a required subscription, my guild loses a lot of power that month. If it was an optional sub we'd lose far less power. As for "exact same rules" that holds true for an optional sub as well. Everyone has the option of paying that sub. Just like with a required sub, everyone who pays the sub is on even footing. It's only the people who don't pay the sub that are at a disadvantage. And the disadvantage of being unable to log in is a bigger disadvantage than inferior passive training. You have decided that if someone stops paying the sub they "don't really matter" but that is just your opinion. In my opinion, those Crows do matter. They paid in the past, and they might again. They still have accounts, passive training, vessels, and loot, and they are still members of the guild. Losing access to the game is a bigger penalty than losing a training bonus for those people. And for their guild.
  12. Jah


    That, or something is preventing you from understanding my argument.
  13. Jah


    If half of my guild decides they no longer want to pay the sub, that isn't a matter of "choosing sides" it is a matter of choosing how much they are willing to pay. If not paying results in a loss of training benefits, that is less loss of power than if they lose the ability to log in. If the players in my guild only pay for 6 months of subscription per year, while the players in your guild pay for 12 months of subscription per year, your guild pays more, and can win more, as a guild and as individual players.
  14. Jah


    There is nothing disingenuous about suggesting that the guild who pays the most in a required sub game will have the most active players. Don't throw that word around lightly. I am trying to have an honest debate here. And in an optional sub game, it is equally true that "if we both pay the same we get the same access and power."
  15. Jah


    If the reason they "quit" is because they can't play anymore unless they continue to pay every month, the payment model of the game is at least partly responsible for the decision. And money is playing a role in the size of your guild. You might have players who temporarily don't have as much time to spend, and so can't justify the monthly fee, but they'd be willing to show up for sieges. They'd be content with less passive training. But they don't get the "advantage" of showing up to fight without paying. The ability to log in is an advantage over being unable to log in.
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