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  1. [-W-] Winterblades

    Some recent Winterblades videos: And a handy map of the current campaign: Membership has its privileges:
  2. I hope that isn't accurate. There should not be ways to circumvent the need to caravan resources across the map.
  3. I wonder if it could be a cookie-related issue.
  4. Hey Crowfall

    Press Z to leave combat mode and F at a weapon rack to get free gear. Hit B to open Spirit Bank which is where you should store your good stuff.
  5. Was it not possible to specialize in any of those roles?
  6. Please add "unsafe" storage as well. Make people decide which stuff to put in the limited available "safe" banks and which to put in a more lootable storage.
  7. EK Resources

    I suspect we will be able to get low ranked premium resources in EKs at some point. If ACE said categorically that it will only ever be knot/cobble/slag i don't recall that.
  8. Guild Mottos

    Looks like it was that simple, as its been changed already.
  9. Guild Mottos

    I bet they are in fact case sensitive and the all-caps showing on the guild page is web formatting.
  10. Can't say I approve of basing your map off Scorn's and removing his name from it.
  11. Pack Pigs

    Because looting is fun.
  12. whats up with skinning?

    You can see where the boars are by checking my handy map: