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  1. If you agree with his whole statement I am curious about what your basis is. You agree that we attack our allies? Have you ever seen that happen? If you have not, how can you agree that it is true? You agree that because I advocate for Shadowbane/Darkfall/Eve/Game of Thrones style sandbox pvp politics that makes me untrustworthy? Doesn't your guild advocate for that type of game as well? If you attack other peoples' integrity without basis, what does that say about your integrity?
  2. Well, he was falsely claiming we kill our allies. As far as I know, you've never been a Winterblades ally. On what basis would you agree with him? Given how this thread started, it seems relevant to know if you were just confused.
  3. I'm curious what you are claiming to agree with. I don't recall ever being in an alliance with you.
  4. If that is how you see it, then don't let me discourage you from from spilling some tears of your own.
  5. To be fair, there were people with strong feelings on both sides of the debate about night capping.
  6. You actually convinced yourself that W and HoA are responsible for timers?
  7. According to the scoreboards from the last Dregs campaign, your guild is larger than V. Either way, people need to stop blaming players and guilds for the state of the game.
  8. I wouldn't get too attached to GR vendors. ACE has said they are temporary. EK markets are the future for out-of-campaign vendors.
  9. I'm just talking about the existence of war tribe gear. It's the same basic concept as the random gear that dropped in Shadowbane. The addition of that game mechanic to Crowfall was not a divergence from the Shadowbane mold.. The loot tables are bad and need fixing.
  10. I'll point out that Shadowbane had mob-dropped gear that was exactly like Wartribe gear.
  11. Jah


  12. This is true. It is easy for a dominant force to think it is too easy to farm unchallenged. It certainly felt that way when the Balance faction was dominant. One of the tricky design issues around appropriate map size for the population is the ability to project power. With such a small testing population these campaign worlds seem "too large" but that isn't true in all ways. It is actually too easy to project power across the whole map. Whoever has the most people can project power anywhere in the campaign within minutes. So while these maps may seem too large for the current population, in my opinion they are actually too small to prevent a single force from policing the world. I hope when we get higher populations we also get much larger campaign worlds, so that no matter how dominant one group is, they can't effectively police the whole map. They have to focus on regions.
  13. All PvE activities in the Dregs are potential PvP activities. Labeling activities as PvE or PvP, in a black and white way, overlooks that truth. Things like the event notifications help to encourage PvE activities to draw PvP, so that is a good start. There is more work to be done to get the balance right. Ultimately, the PvP to PvE ratio will be very sensitive to size of the maps and the number of players. These campaigns may be a bit large for the number of active players, but they'd be too small for the intended number of players in a campaign. Finding the right balance will be a challenge for ACE.
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