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  1. Maybe ACE should just call Crowfall a survival game then.
  2. I feel like good lore enriches a game, even when you pay no attention to it. It ties things together. Random fantasy elements thrown together without vision are never as satisfying as when they are put together cohesively.
  3. I would prefer they finish the game first, and then start iterating on it. I wouldn't want them to slow the delivery of the Dregs and other major systems to provide more variation to the faction campaigns during pre-alpha testing.
  4. I hope not. People should need to go to Campaigns to farm for high quality disciplines.
  5. Very nice to see that we'll have to hunt these in Campaign worlds to get the higher ranked ones!
  6. Yea, I would prefer the targeting reticle was higher as well. And straight above my character rather than offset to the side.
  7. I wouldn't. I'd rather they just put it on TEST as soon as it is ready. I don't see much point in delaying it. I'd like warning for when it will go to LIVE though.
  8. Would you want them to delay putting the patch on TEST once it is ready so they can give warning?
  9. I doubt that. Your alts are useless if you haven't put considerable effort into equipping them with vessels and gear.
  10. I think people absolutely need to be able to quit CWs. Locking people to a campaign they've given up on would be terrible.
  11. There is a press kit you can download on their website. https://crowfall.com/en-US/press/ https://web-cdn.crowfall.com/MediaKit_Summer2017.zip
  12. Pre-alpha is almost finished. The next patch, version 5.110, should be hitting TEST soon. That will be "alpha" I guess. Then 5.110 will go to LIVE and Beta phase will begin. Soon!
  13. Sure, but harvesting and crafting were clearly going to be important from the start.
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