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  1. Yep, although that would appear to be in violation of the ToS. Some clarification from ACE would help here.
  2. No special programs are needed to run two clients on the same computer, so I don't see how that line covers multi-boxing.
  3. Where do you see that in the ToS?
  4. Only with regards to passive training though. That's just a small portion of what is needed to be relevant. You also need leveled vessels, disciplines, weapons, armor, etc. You need to know how to play well, and you probably need to form relationships with other players. Someone who just logs in to distribute passive training points, but doesn't actually spend time playing, will not be very relevant.
  5. I get the same problem on my iPhone. Can't scroll to the bottom to sign in so well.
  6. My concern would be that it would become a new grind that I'd have to do in order to keep up. There would be the sense that you have to do whatever repetitive task it takes to max out your active skill training regularly. And that would be on top of the existing activities such as leveling, farming resources, and crafting to equip yourself.
  7. I'm not admonishing you for going off topic. You quoted me where I said it's not about trinkets and countered that "for many it is." I provided some reasoning for how its really not about trinkets. This talk about trinkets seems like an attempt to dismiss the topic being discussed, which is siege mechanics to encourage pvp and reduce the importance of night capping to campaign scoring.
  8. You can get the trinkets simply by logging in, chopping a tree or two, and crafting a basic axe. You can get the special gold rimmed trinket regardless of whether your faction wins or loses. This thread is not about trinkets, its about siege mechanics that encourage pvp rather than off-hours back-capping.
  9. Its not about trinkets. Its about giving feedback on game mechanics to make the game better.
  10. At what stage would burning out night capping be appropriate?
  11. Jah

    Linux Client

    When you run the client directly it connect to the TEST server rather than the LIVE server. You could probably get around this with a command line parameter.
  12. Speaking of which, that is not what I said. I didn't say it was mostly off topic. I pointed to some of the specific things you mentioned as reasons why you were surprised people supported these mechanics and suggested those things were not what was being supported. It was clarification.
  13. You wondered why people support "these mechanics" but then you listed problems/mechanics that are not what this thread is about. I don't disagree with you on the points you made about too many hideouts, objectives not seeming meaningful, etc. I was clarifying what people were supporting because you said it surprised you.
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