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  1. I'd prefer to keep major disciplines as high end loot that have a major impact on your character. I think adding readily available low quality versions of them just waters down the concept.
  2. Vendors selling major disciplines will really detract from the allure of hunting for discipline runes. Discipline hunting was a beloved aspect of Shadowbane that drove a lot of small scale pvp, and I am not sure it would have been if there were vendors selling common versions of them.
  3. God's Reach isn't supposed to be a place to get fancy loot, and I think major disciplines qualify as fancy loot. I hope they never drop in God's Reach.
  4. What prevents a common foot soldier from having everything handed to them and being viable on day one in Crowfall, without doing any PvE at all?
  5. It seems a lot of people forget how much PvE was required to level characters, equip them, and build cities in Shadowbane. The only way you could be competitive in PvP in Shadowbane without doing a bunch of PvE was if other players did the PvE for you. That will work in Crowfall as well.
  6. I wouldn't even try to make buy orders for unique crafted items. The UI requirements would indeed be unwieldy. I'd start with just buy orders for the various non-unique commodities. That, on its own, would go a long way. If someone wants a "Poison Dagger with at least 80 attack" they can go shopping for that themselves. If someone wants to buy raw resources, buy orders could facilitate that.
  7. Yes, at least one person in this thread did say that. And I still think you are reading too much into the poll. Its a poll. Its not even put out by ACE. It is not a sign that ACE are going to skimp on tutorials.
  8. I think people are reading a lot into the poll. I don't think it means they'll only make a tutorial for one system in crowfall. lol
  9. This build does have a lot of bugs, but I don't think that is a reason to keep God's Reach as the only place to test those bugs. We'd get more testing done with a non-trial Campaign world as well.
  10. Place a stonemason's table in your EK and craft the rest of the tables there.
  11. I don't think that is it. I think they gave us a 24 hour notice that the patch was coming yesterday. The campaign starting 24 hours after the patch is in addition to the advance notice they gave us that the patch was coming.
  12. And for the 24-hour notice they gave us yesterday.
  13. Well, he said "I have a ton of toons with gear and mats on the EK vessels´╗┐. If that all gets wiped I am gonna be upset." Sounds to me like he is concerned about his gear and mats on EK vessels getting wiped. Rebuilding our EKs shouldn't be an issue. Resetting the backer rewards means we get them all back again.
  14. Even if EKs do wipe, I would not expect that to wipe your EK vessels' inventories.
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