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  1. No, it was your guild that pushed the false narrative that Balance outnumbered everyone.
  2. Your guild repeatedly whined that we outnumbered you. I have shown that we did not, and that our faction didn't outnumber you either. I am confident that the server logs would refute your lies as well. Disputing your lies about numbers does not contradict the fact that what you are actually whining about is getting outplayed.
  3. You get too hung up on numbers because its the only objective fact you have on paper that supports your narrative. As I said, its not about population numbers. Its about being better than you, and you crying about it and quitting. If you had been honest, and said that we were beating you with better organization and preparation, we would not have disputed that. Instead you pushed a false narrative about Balance outnumbering everyone. We refuted that lie.
  4. Because its not actually about population numbers. The faction with the highest population is the one that is crying about losing. People are whining because the winning faction is playing the game as intended.
  5. You logged off and let us capture the map. Order is indeed a much smaller faction than both Balance and Chaos in this campaign. Balance and Chaos had similar populations, but Order was significantly smaller. Your guild leaving Order and switching to the largest faction, Chaos, played a role in that. The Winterblades does have a gear advantage, as a result of playing the game as intended. We spent the many hours required to compete over harvesting resources and craft good gear. But that doesn't seem to be what the thread is about.
  6. I'm just saying, that is what the score reflects. That you decided not to compete. The score will now run wild, as if Balance were infinitely more powerful. That won't mean they were.
  7. There is no resistance because they stopped trying after losing one siege.
  8. @jtoddcoleman You can see some examples of the spin, and the people who were pushing it, above. Most of them are in the same guild, a guild that recently picked up several ex-Winterblades who clearly have bitter feelings about their former guild. /who faction 15 minutes before the first siege of NA Trials of Malekai: Balance: Chaos: /who zone for each faction present at the siege that broke Chaos' will: Balance: Chaos: @jtoddcoleman Do you have server logs that would confirm these numbers?
  9. Balance was not the largest faction. Chaos had more people than Balance on both the first night of the campaign, and the second night when the first siege happened. Any campaign is unwinnable when people stop trying to win it. The imbalance in the score right now is a direct result of chaos giving up as soon as they lost the first siege.
  10. @jtoddcoleman There was no mega-alliance. You got fooled by the spin on the forums and a deliberate attempt to delegitimize the campaign. The first siege of the NA campaign, which caused Chaos to quit competing, involved 37 Winterblades beating 60+ Chaos. We could not have brought a zerg if we wanted to, because with 60+ chaos in their zone, it was impossible to even bring matching numbers due to the zone cap. We had to fight alone, as a guild, outnumbered. Despite what some people said, it was a close fight. At the end it was a race between the defenders killing the last bane tree and the attackers killing the tree. The siege could have gone either way. And then a vocal minority of Chaos players took to the forums to win the war there. They lied about Balance outnumbering everyone. They stopped trying to capture points because a run-away score supported their message. If they started capturing anything and closed the gap in the score, that would contradict their narrative. I am sad to see it worked. Please watch the video of the siege that broke Chaos' will, and how the "big mega-alliance" that won it consisted of one guild fighting alone and outnumbered. I do applaud your looking into implementing reward scarcity. Many of us have been suggesting that for years.
  11. I would agree that one of the best ways to counter zerging for a win is to force the winners to fight among themselves over the distribution of the spoils of war. Any mechanic where you get more rewards by having more people on the winning side encourages zerging. Take the current rewards for example. Every member of the winning side gets the gold sigil. The more people on the winning side, the more gold sigils are awarded. The spoils of war are actually multiplied by the number of winners with that mechanic. Compare this to a situation where there is a finite reward that must be distributed among the winners. It would be more difficult to keep a coalition together if the distribution seemed unfair to some of the participants, and if there aren't enough rewards to go around there will be conflict. That conflict destabilizes zerg forces. It encourages people to break off and try to control the distribution of spoils themselves.
  12. That character is likely just dead, not deleted. Log him in and rez and see what level he is.
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