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  1. The thread is about some specific changes. Its not about how safezones are ruining world pvp, how objectives like forts don't feel useful, etc. The thread isn't about how everything is great now. Its about how less sieges per week is a welcome change, having less outposts is a welcome change, and not having all 12 forts flip to whoever stayed up the latest is a welcome change. Those changes are not killing pvp. There are a variety of other factors that might be, but the specific changes discussed in this thread are not.
  2. If Retaliate worked properly against Roots it wouldn't be an issue, imo.
  3. You can also hit your ultimate so you are invulnerable when it goes off.
  4. Yes, that is intentional. There is a short window of time where you can react. The problem is mostly that Retaliating out of Roots is broken.
  5. The bomb does show up before it kills him. In theory he could have moved away from it. But he was rooted, and there is a current bug that makes it so you can't break out of a root most of the time. And in the second one, he actually walks right into the visible bombs because he's got his camera turned around, not watching where he is going.
  6. It is still possible to cap all of the Outposts over night (there are just fewer of them). And there is always at least one Fort that is active. And of course, it is still possible to farm over night. What is no longer possible is to cap all 12 Forts and 150 Outposts while most of the population is offline.
  7. I don't know what you are talking about. This thread is testing feedback about recent changes to the siege schedules for forts and keeps, and the reduced number of outposts.
  8. It’s sounds like you aren’t aware of the siege window changes that this thread is about. It’s not possible to take 12 forts and 150 outposts overnight anymore.
  9. Your equipped items can not be looted. You're inventory can be looted after either a) you release your corpse, or b) they chop off your head. If you are not looted you can get your inventory back by returning to your corpse/cairn. Chances are you'll be looted, though.
  10. R5 is too high for God's Reach, and there is no need for the campaign to be full of R7. Even R7 should be spread around. And R10 should be Dregs only.
  11. I mostly just quoted it to show that the resources are supposed to be limited in low risk places, and best in the highest risk places. It is a foundational concept in Crowfall that should not be abandoned.
  12. These player-owned and player-managed kingdoms are the only permanent (non-time limited) Worlds. They are complete, functional Worlds - but lack resource factories (such as quarries, mines and mills) and produce only common reagents. Players rule these Home Worlds as Monarchs and can grant land and titles to other players in exchange for oaths of fealty. Levy taxes, enforce trade restrictions, and set the PvP rules within your domain. The proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Players join one of three divine Factions and battle for control of the World. The goal for Order and Chaos is to capture as much territory as possible before the World is destroyed. The goal for Balance is to ensure there in no clear victor between Order and Chaos. These Worlds are more deadly and the stakes are higher. The alliances of the Gods hold no sway here. The followers of the twelve Gods vie individually for the Throne. The Shadow Worlds lie closer to the Hunger, where even the Gods dare not tread. On these Worlds it's Guild vs Guild competition for the abundance of resources and rich cache of souls. On the razor-thin edge of the Hunger lies the Dregs... Worlds utterly drained of warmth, about to shatter into dust. Alliances between Guilds are weak and brittle. These every-man-for-himself Worlds are deadly and unforgiving - yet they yield the greatest reward for those who can survive.
  13. Not in campaign worlds. In campaign worlds you benefit from having multiple people so you can better fight back if someone comes to kill you.
  14. God's Reach was never supposed to be a place to farm high quality resources. Its not really punishing GR to take them out, it is fixing the game.
  15. True, but we've seen some pretty large fights without zone crashes. And performance was relatively normal right up until the sudden crash.
  16. Something went quite wrong there. Some sort of zone crash. But I don''t think it was a general performance issue or the client controller. More like some sort of unusual but severe zone crash bug.
  17. I have no idea what ACE is thinking with the campaign being so full of R9 and R10 resources. It seems really excessive.
  18. Open world pvp conflict over resources works fine. You win some, you lose some. It really helps to bring friends. Full loot would be a nice rule variant, though. Should definitely be tried.
  19. That is why the "easy path" should not be an option for farming good resources. In an open world PvP mmo, the rewards should be tied to risk.
  20. Yep, that is one of the side-effects of a mostly empty campaign world. You are less likely to bump into other players.
  21. When God's Reach was first announced they said it would be limited to White resources. I honestly think that is what it should be. Not even Greens. Go to the Campaigns for resources. That is what this game is about. The Crows descend on the dying worlds to scavenge them before they are consumed by the Hunger.
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