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  1. The Enemy Sanctuary is only the parcel that the runegate to the enemy beachhead sits on, not the whole zone. If you got the debuff at a runegate that does not lead to an enemy beachhead, that would be a bug that you should report to the appropriate bug/feedback thread.
  2. I don't think the sky is falling.
  3. A curious blend of crying and fronting.
  4. Yep, and I wonder about the people who plan to play Dregs but also get upset about imbalanced forces in pre-alpha.
  5. I'm curious, do you plan to play on the Dregs?
  6. That was just 5 hours before the Trials of Malekai started. That isn't a lot of time to change campaign start plans. In fact, I think they'd already started on EU. How about the second question? Would Winterblades + HoA be an unbalancing force if the Death Alliance had shown up?
  7. I have been honest and transparent. All of the "Chaos is outnumbered" or "balance outnumbers everyone" stuff I am talking about has been since the Trials of Malekai started. Some examples:
  8. Then we'll probably lose one of the other Keeps. Can't hold 3 keeps without splitting forces.
  9. Nobody is trying to claim the win wasn't because we had more experience, better organization, and had better gear. That is a huge part of why we were able to win against a larger force. Maybe if Chaos hadn't been falsely claiming they were outnumbered repeatedly on these forums we would not have drawn so much attention to the fact that we actually beat a much larger force. Good fights man, I mean it. We almost lost that siege, it was very close. That was one of the best fights we've had in a long time. If you guys would stop claiming we zerged you with numbers we could all just get back to having fun here.
  10. This thread gave me a different impression. @blazzen 1) Would you concede that it was reasonable to think you guys might show up for the Trials of Malekai given that your alliance made this call to arms thread while we were all waiting for the first sanctioned campaign? 2) If UDL, LoD, and whoever else is in the Death Alliance had shown up for the Trials of Malekai, would Winterblades + HoA on the same faction be an unbalancing force?
  11. The zone cap is actually 100, which is why with 63 Chaos only 37 Balance could even enter the zone to attack. Order? There were no Order at the Balance vs Chaos siege.
  12. The zone cap is actually 100, which is why with 63 Chaos only 37 Balance could even enter the zone to attack. Order? There were no Order at the Balance vs Chaos siege.
  13. My how time flies. It seems like it was just last week, while your guild was still on the same faction as HoA, that you insisted that a faction fighting together is not cupping. Thanks for the Keep though!
  14. Performance was considerably better in tonight's sieges.
  15. Cottage is missing from the Buildings page of the Store.
  16. There were more Chaos last night than Balance. The difference isn't numbers, its organization and experience. That is something you could solve.
  17. And that badge could still be yours. All you have to do is show up and lead the Chaos forces you called to arms a few weeks ago.
  18. Quite a few people rallied to your banner. Don't ghost them now, they need you!
  19. If you consider skins and decorations to be p2w, then maybe.
  20. Yea, i do find it annoying that the G to loot is always popping up in my EK when I walk around. There is also a risk of accidentally hitting it when you are trying to F to interact. With a shared EK that is even worse, because accidental G instead of F will eject the structure from your EK!
  21. I suspect that eventually 80% of leveling in Crowfall will be just throwing gold at the sacrifice pit-- even more convenient than leveling macros in SB. And people will have enough gold that it won't be a big deal.
  22. SB players rolled lots of alts. Whenever things got boring people rolled up new characters to try out new builds. It took at least as long as it takes to level a vessel. And we didn't have the option of just using gold to skip the level grind like we do in Crowfall.
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