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  1. Yea, I would prefer the targeting reticle was higher as well. And straight above my character rather than offset to the side.
  2. I wouldn't. I'd rather they just put it on TEST as soon as it is ready. I don't see much point in delaying it. I'd like warning for when it will go to LIVE though.
  3. Would you want them to delay putting the patch on TEST once it is ready so they can give warning?
  4. I doubt that. Your alts are useless if you haven't put considerable effort into equipping them with vessels and gear.
  5. I think people absolutely need to be able to quit CWs. Locking people to a campaign they've given up on would be terrible.
  6. There is a press kit you can download on their website. https://crowfall.com/en-US/press/ https://web-cdn.crowfall.com/MediaKit_Summer2017.zip
  7. Pre-alpha is almost finished. The next patch, version 5.110, should be hitting TEST soon. That will be "alpha" I guess. Then 5.110 will go to LIVE and Beta phase will begin. Soon!
  8. Sure, but harvesting and crafting were clearly going to be important from the start.
  9. I'm curious who thinks guards are OP. Where have you heard that?
  10. If that makes you feel better about the torrent of excuses that come out of Order, I can understand why this seems important to point out.
  11. How is this confusing? They are not OP. They do make a difference in a fight. Is that complicated?
  12. Guards aren't paper. They aren't OP, but they do have an impact on fights. Why didn't we win that fight? I don't know, I wasn't in it. Just because we routinely beat you in similar situations doesn't mean we won't sometimes lose.
  13. You know well that we have. We've smashed through you guys while you hide behind guards on many occasions. What usually follows is a bunch of complaints about centaurs, alpha warriors, archers, druid bombs, veteran players, etc. Always something.
  14. Of course they should. But if they say that their opponents are "bad" for losing an even-numbers offensive fort fight, it shouldn't be a surprise that people point out the role that the guards played for the defenders.
  15. You are already forced into understaffed sieges on weekends by the existing schedule. The changes suggested in this thread would make that less frequent, unless someone kept paying the cost to make it happen.
  16. Automatic sieges 5 times per week is what Vicid is talking about getting away from. There would still need to be a way for defenders to negotiate a time that works for them when a siege is initiated against them.
  17. I don't think anyone suggested that using guards makes people bad. I think they were just pointing out how reliant SL is on guards.
  18. Then why are you evaluating them as though they are representative of the upcoming marketing campaign?
  19. The dev diaries are not the “marketing campaign.” They are tidbits. The real news is still to come.
  20. Oh, I agree. I'm just saying the line isn't between attacking individuals versus groups. Good luck getting players to use language that makes it clear that they are talking about characters rather than players. Most players don't distinguish between the two. The policy will be hard to adhere to and hard to enforce.
  21. We know a big patch is coming and we know there will be a big reveal of information to go with it. This dev diary may not have taken the edge off the waiting, but I don't see much point in rending our clothes and putting on sackcloth.
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