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  1. Yes, you are totally right. If it makes you feel any better, the need for tutorials and guides gets brought up all the time. It is well known. ACE has acknowledged it, and they plan to do that work after they finish implementing all the major features. Tutorials and guides that are created before the systems are finalized end up needing to be redone, so it is not really efficient. That stuff comes last.
  2. It's really not a PvE game. Leveling isn't meant to be a big challenge. You may find it more challenging to take forts and keeps, and to win a campaign.
  3. We don't know much about how building will work in the Dregs. We can hope it will work like it does in the EKs, but that hasn't been confirmed.
  4. Indeed. When casuals and noobs beat vets, it is unlikely to be a faceroll. More likely to be a hard won fight, and something to be proud of. That kind of thing is a lot of fun.
  5. This is a misrepresentation of what open world pvp is about. Newbies and casuals aren't the only ones who need resources. Everyone needs them. Vets and hardcores get ganked too. Sometimes the people who get jumped turn the tables and kill the gankers. Its a pvp competition. I understand that open world pvp is not for everyone. Some people just don't like it. That is reasonable and fine. But as a fan of open world pvp, I don't like to see it misrepresented.
  6. If Dregs is somehow worse than 3 Faction campaigns, I'll probably find some other game. Dregs or bust.
  7. You honestly don't already know whether you will prefer Dregs over 3 Faction campaigns? Sounds like you gave the right response then. I've known I'd switch away from Faction campaigns ASAP ever since Kickstarter, and I think a lot of people are in the same boat.
  8. Agreed. I miss EK market towns. I could see a need for vendors in long campaigns with low imports. But I don't think there is any need for the vendors in God's Reach and Infected. EKs can serve that function.
  9. Not sure why people think running a poll and possibly doing a wipe would be instead of working on 5.11. They made it clear that the only reason they considered doing a wipe was because it would be very easy and wouldn't take time away from development on 5.11. They were perfectly capable of conducting this poll and continuing to work on 5.11.
  10. Jah

    1500 Powers?

    And don't forget every racial dodge is a different power, and every class retaliate, a few different blocks, etc.
  11. Jah

    1500 Powers?

    I suspect the number comes from one of two places-- either a design spreadsheet, or their content management system. It almost certainly includes powers that are not currently available in game. Old powers from deprecated Disciplines and Archetypes, and new powers that have not yet been added. I could see that getting them up to 1500.
  12. The Winterblades crafting combinations page does have the rest of the combinations. Check the tabs at the bottom. https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/
  13. Well, you specify that you are talking about training points, but you also use general phases like "Players should feel like actually playing the game advances them somehow" and "Knowing they can play the game to progress" which seems to suggest that there aren't ways to advance through active play. I think it is important to keep in mind that there are.
  14. Active play does advance players. Vessels, armor, weapons, and jewelry are created through active play, and you can only win campaigns through active play. Passive training is the only thing that does not come from active play, and it is just one aspect of progression in Crowfall.
  15. Weapon discs can easily be implemented as Majors and/or Minors without the need to bring back the specific slot for them. I too would prefer that they were more like Shadowbane weapon discs. Unlock weapons not normally available to a class.
  16. Which new features do you hope to test while we wait for the next patch? Building up from the starting point is part of the game. If you need months of passive training before you can really play that would be a serious flaw that needs to be known and addressed. You suppose that a wipe would make less people play, but please understand the proponents suppose the opposite. Proponents for the wipe believe the wide skill/gear gap is discouraging new players and that a wipe might result in higher population and activity. Nobody wants less players.
  17. It is entirely appropriate to explain why a skill-only wipe would not achieve the desired outcome. Don't QQ or complain about people giving feedback as requested.
  18. You have a recall power. It should be slotted in your survival tray by default.
  19. They asked us in the Q&A yesterday for our feedback on whether we want a wipe...
  20. Yep, it is kinda funny that from the perspective of prospective players, ACE has an obligation to heavily market their launch so people don't miss out on getting started right after the final wipe. Not sure what I think about that.
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