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  1. I have about 10 mmorpg friends i can bring. Thats plenty enough for the small scale skirmishes we prefer. Well be our own little antisocial murder crew. W.e u wanna call it that'll be us lol. Im tryin to suggestivly accelerate this games launch by making commments like i did about crafting, gathering and leveling. They all refused to buy the game till it at least hits open beta... I feel like the guinea pig here.
  2. Unfair sarcasm @ brainbuster of a topic comment. Every reason you Just gave something can easily substituted or removed. You go into the world to kill and take forts. Gear suggestivly be gotten off a points system pvp vender. Your familiarity with your class can be learned through repetition combat as always.
  3. As a member stated earlier youtube is not a good representation of this game. Youtube shows action combat only. The main attraction is also the main selling point for the game, pvp. If crafting and gathering were so cool why dont we have tons of videos on youtube of that? Its not popular or entertaining is the reason why. Considering that alone why do many companies still choose to add it into their games? Are we stuck as a society and dont know a better time sink substitute when tired of the pvp? I wonder.
  4. Your so out of touch with reality that you feel the need to warp it around you. Literally no one came off as you just described. This thread is to talk about why/how they should/could remove these extra layers. If you like the extra crafting/leveling just talk about what you like about it. The last guy that tried to act like you are now didnt get far acting like a jerk either. Whats with people taking the word research to literally?... Soo dumb...I mean i stated the only research i had done on the game was watching a couple hours of pvp on youtube. Idk what better substitute word i coulda
  5. Thats cool if they wanna keep crafting. If companies want to hide themselves behind a crafting items- sales-eventual monitization methods similar to archage w the apex selling for gold.Then using that gold to get an advantage by buying crafted gear np. Ill drop my credit card and they can eat. But do NOT make me craft. Im here to kill and have fun. If they want my credit card for heal items and gear np. Idc. Just dont make me craft. -.- dont. For the record crafting items in games is not a waste of time in my opinion. Especially to those that feed off that activity experiencing dop
  6. Negative. You were being undertone negative towards me. You insinuated i didnt do my research. Lol i told you i watched pvp vids for a couple hours. Thats all i said. Then i trick questioned you by asking if ypu liked escort missions in literally any game. Instead of responding as expected because no one likes escort missions you say some crazy stuff like you like them. Smh. All you bro. Then finally you made assumptions that the videos i was watching were just some crappy gankers claiming to be skilled. I mean.... Come on. How far out on the limb are you? Crafting refrences w act
  7. Stop assuming literally the worst crap. Idk who/what you are but what you just said was unreal af. You go ahead and enjoy your baby sitting escort missions. Most pvp happens at or around events and coordinated zergs taking important capture points. The best pvp for me tho is those small skirmishes between just 4 or 2 people which happen anywhere anytime. I promise when i gank you its to make you die. Idc about anything on your toon. Thats just me tho. Lotsa people wanna loot players and make em feel it. Never liked full loot games but i do like permadeath ones.so far this game offers the least
  8. Tried darkfall hated it. Both of em. Only because of the mana into stam stam into mana and hp into stam or w.e crap they forced on everyone. You know what im talking about. Terrible terrible. Ive never played shadowbane. Idk what thats like but since you refrenced it. Ima google it up.
  9. hours of watching youtube videos on the pvp. Because honestly i had no idea there were plans for more than just pvp. As for everything else you just said omg refund! Theres no way im doing escort missions ever again. Jokes on me no refund. Jokes on you the game will not develop as you just described. If you think it will then lemme just ask you this. How fun is an escort mission in any game?
  10. The point of the thread is to draw attention to my opinions on crafting and leveling. Sure. Now go look at how many people felt the same way i did. Not just in my thread but many many others. See the bigger picture. Just because there are players that like these crafting gathering and leveling systems doesnt mean everyone that feels the opposite about them are wrong, misinformed or overly opinionated just because you don't agree with them. Differences in opinion is good. unless your isolating someone like you just did to me. Thanks...
  11. I never asked for a suggestion. Thanks tho. This to me and as described by the website is a throne war simulator mmorpg. Base capturing is the main goal.Kinda like guild wars wvw or planetsides global map take over. Take a fort/base get points. Ez. However there are other confusing dont belong elements like crafting and a lvling system in place. So were talking about how and why those should/can be removed to bring back focus to the pvp aspects that drew most of us in initially. Or talk about why we like those extra layers.
  12. You cant think like that. Assuming a "white vassel" is a lowbie who cares if they dont contribute as much. Everyone has to start somewhere. We cant look down our noses at lowbies because we all had to be one. Adding to the lagg tho? Thats an optimization issue and or hardware issue. Lower your settings? Idk. But i agree with you on not diggin a forced inclusion w crafting just to pvp.
  13. We are husband and wife. Whats more interesting if you really are a staff member would be seeing that the same credit card was used for both accounts.lol. theres no prerequisite to having an opinion about a game we just picked up. I watched vids for hours before i finally hit that buy now button x2! We were so excited to get in and start pvping everything that moved. Then.... Surprise lvling on allods no pvp and if u wanna heal u have to craft by chopping trees for bandages..... I hate crafting Compleatly and thoroughly with every fiber of my being. To be forced pushed me away to be told no pv
  14. hi ive watched alot of videos on the game. after realizing it was in a playable state finally i decided to check it out and make a few suggestions. This game is designed around its open world base capture pvp. So then for a game thats centered around that i feel its just a mess to have to lvl up first. i find it useless that theres a crafting system or gathering system in this game. it takes away from the most important hook line and sinker which is the PVP. sure people dont wanna pvp all day everyday. That's what other games are for. Take a break go play something else. I find the best way to
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