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  1. Hi All in the Oceania/Aisa region, If you don't feel like joining our guild, that's cool. If you are already part of a guild, no problem. We would love to just hang out with other people in the region interested in Crowfall. Feel free to drop by our discord channel for a chat;
  2. Hi Quinceyr, thanks for joining the team. Application approved. I also need to thank Novakayne for joining. We hope to see you in-game, feel free to join the discord channel for ease of comms (see link in guild page). Cheers.
  3. Hi Ischmalud, Thanks for joining us. Yep, on the oceanic faction point, I would also anticipate that once we get a meaningful presence that a NA guild would be happy to align with us, it would cover a good chunk of time-zone (US East to AUS West) when the games are up and running. We could be a powerful ally due to 'time'. Still hoping to see some more Kiwi's join - for some social banter if nothing else, lets see!
  4. Hi Mikki, As you've already discovered, you join guild at this location; Thanks for joining the guild - you are now a member - I've been told that people are receiving error messages when they apply, even though the application is submitted. Please join us on the discord channel when you have time. Fellow SSC members please welcome Mikki to the Company. Cheers,
  5. Hi all, Welcome to the Southern Sky Company (SSC) Guild forum. Please feel free to drop in and have a chat with us on the ''Crowfall Australasia'' discord or to ask about joining the company. We are a small group of players currently based in the Australasian/Oceania region. We are currently playing on the NA Server for the 5.8 Campaigns. Our 'Why' for setting up this guild is three-fold; Firstly, is to create a community of Crowfall players based in our region and to have fun, we are a diverse bunch of players from hard-core to casual, young to old and in-between. Second, is to align with like minded Guilds that value their members. Thirdly, to learn, adapt and overcome. See you in-game.
  6. If anyone in Australia/New Zealand wants to group, feel free to join the 'Southern Sky Company' Crowfall guild. Currently playing NA server as Balance. Please check out the discord server to connect with other Aussies, Kiwis and other players in the APAC region.
  7. The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

    Welcome to the guild Crossfire. Join us at our discord channel. You'll find the link in your application msg. Cheers
  8. The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

    Welcome to all the new 'Last Watch' members. We look forward to speaking with you in our discord channel.
  9. The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

    Hi all, anyone wanting to join - including potential applicants connecting via our old Shivtr site - in with the Last Watch (yep, we had a re-branding exercise when 7B left us (think that is what Scree may be referring to) , feel free to request an invite to our discord from me once we've sorted your application.
  10. Hi All, Thanks for the interest. I must admit straight up that I haven't been fully engaged in Crowfall atm for a multitude of RL reasons. I was hoping we could share the load and look for others - to build the community. Again, Im not beholden to using the current Discord link, if someone else wants to suggest improvements. My main goal is to share the play experience with others in the APAC region. I must say, that I did spend some time on the Sydney server recently to check out the crafting and Mobs, but its only a abattior map (a lot smaller that the US/Euro servers (no forts/workbenches)).
  11. Thanks for the Discord check, link sorted. Thanks for the good wishes.
  12. Hi Fellow players from the Australasian/Asian Region, Have you been playing on the AU or Singapore Server? Wondering how to group with others from AUS/NZ or the greater region? It's not very organised yet, but together we can create something fun! See the (permanent) discord link to the Crowfall Australasian channel below if you want to build something or just chat. Cheers, Axio_ Kickstarter Backer, ACE Investor & Tester
  13. The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

    Hi Watchmen and Watchwomen, Please send a warm welcome to our newest member Phadra and a returning member Kenmori. We hope you can join us in the 'big world'. Welcome to the Watch!
  14. The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

    I want to take the opportunity to wish all our Lantern Watch {LW} members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year wherever you are spending it. For our members that have not yet taken the opportunity to connect with us via our slack platform please send Ravencroft or Vox a request so we can all connect coming into 2016 and the next step in testing. Merry Xmas from the Lantern Watch and keep your swords sharp.
  15. My Crowfall votes are in!