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    Axio_ got a reaction from Tinnis in The Strategy Game - Official discussion thread   
    Curious to know if anyone has thought about the people playing that are outside the NA or EU time-zone where the server is hosted? I'm expecting that ASIA/Oceanic players will be disadvantaged until there is a server in the region.  By definition they would all be 'nightcappers', when playing typical after hours or weekend times.
    Would love to know Raph Koster's view on the whole strategy game issue.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Groovin in Southern Sky Company (SSC) - Oceanic Guild   
    Hi all,
    Welcome to the Southern Sky Company (SSC) Guild forum. Please feel free to drop in and have a chat with us on the ''Crowfall Australasia'' discord or to ask about joining the company. We are a small group of players currently based in the Australasian/Oceania region.
    We are currently playing on the NA Server for the 5.8 Campaigns.
    Our 'Why' for setting up this guild is three-fold;
    Firstly, is to create a community of Crowfall players based in our region and to have fun, we are a diverse bunch of players from hard-core to casual, young to old and in-between. Second, is to align with like minded Guilds that value their members. Thirdly, to learn, adapt and overcome. See you in-game.
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    Axio_ reacted to Scree in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    I'm enjoying the months worth of candidates applying, and no word from its owners. Might be time to stick a fork in this one.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Kraahk in Australasian/Oceanic Region [AU] - people to play with?   
    Hi Fellow players from the Australasian/Asian Region,
    Have you been playing on the AU or Singapore Server? Wondering how to group with others from AUS/NZ or the greater region?
    It's not very organised yet, but together we can create something fun!
    See the (permanent) discord link to the Crowfall Australasian channel below if you want to build something or just chat.
    Kickstarter Backer, ACE Investor & Tester
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    Axio_ reacted to Iorek in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    The site is going to be completely different so you will have to apply again under the new one.
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    Axio_ reacted to Iorek in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    It's under a new name but we have not started recruiting yet.
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    Axio_ reacted to Iorek in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    No, people just won't let this thread die.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Phadra in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    Hi Watchmen and Watchwomen,
    Please send a warm welcome to our newest member Phadra and a returning member Kenmori. We hope you can join us in the 'big world'.
    Welcome to the Watch!
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    Axio_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    I want to take the opportunity to wish all our Lantern Watch {LW} members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year wherever you are spending it.
    For our members that have not yet taken the opportunity to connect with us via our slack platform please send Ravencroft or Vox a request so we can all connect coming into 2016 and the next step in testing.
    Merry Xmas from the Lantern Watch and keep your swords sharp.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Calling all Crows: Vote for Crowfall!   
    My Crowfall votes are in!
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    Axio_ reacted to Muta in How I feel knowing Aus server test incoming   
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Tahru in Shout Out To Lantern Watch   
    Not too bad a first attempt, keep em coming.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Zim in Shout Out To Lantern Watch   
    Not too bad a first attempt, keep em coming.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from EDM in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    We're still here Gizmaul.  Just being good CF citizens.
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    Axio_ reacted to Pann in About the Guild Recruiting forum   
    In addition to the Rules of Conduct, there are a few additional rules and conditions for this forum section.
    New topics restricted to recruiting only. Discussions in the threads must be limited to recruiting, resources (websites, chat) and activities for the guild. Off-topic and derogatory posts will be removed; repeat offenders will be penalized (including account suspension). This is not the place for guild politics and warfare; save it for the battlefield. 
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    Axio_ reacted to Chelvie in TEST FEEDBACK for Flash test on Wednesday, Sept 16 @ 4 pm Central   
    Yeah, I'm thoroughly impressed with you guys on how you have been handling these tests.  Sure there have been hiccups, but there hasn't been anything that has actually stopped us dead in our tracks.  No more than 12-14 hours later, we're back in again doing another test.  The games have been hectic with lag, but there have been significant improvements to that.  As a tester, it's awesome to actually see stuff get fixed that has been highlighted, as a backer, it's awesome to see that my investment into the game is making me have a happy feeling, and as a future player, I am excited as to what is around the corner.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Mahon Amichai in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    Thanks Ozzie, I've been away for from the forum for a few weeks, good to see the community thriving!
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Mahon Amichai in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    Ozzie, the cake needs a few extra candles, might keep the trolls at bay.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Mahon Amichai in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    Hang in there (living in the doldrums), good things come to those who wait,  plus we have all the new watchmen/women to play with in-game.
    Greetings all.
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    Axio_ reacted to valor in Meaningful EK Contribution to Campaigns   
    In communication, there are two pieces of delivering information.  The way you send it and the way you receive it.  The way I sent it came across as relaying factual information, which I believe it to be based off of everything I've read or heard being spoken directly to the subject.  The way it was received was as me attempting to add "official" information to Todd's post.  I can see where that misconception would come from.
    From my understanding however, you don't have issue with anything I said, but wanted to simply call me out based off of your perception.  Thanks.
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    Axio_ reacted to jtoddcoleman in Friendly Fire 'explained'   
    I thought the answer was clear, but in case it was not:
    We WANT to make FF work. And we are willing to try find ways to make it work, for all servers.
    But if it doesn't, then we may have to fallback to other ideas to discourage it on some rule sets, specifically the ones where players have less control on who joins their "team" (not just the FFA server).
    and if THAT doesn't work, maybe it becomes another optional flag for all Campaigns (like the victory conditions.)
    and if THAT doesn't work, may have to turn it off on some Campaigns or rulessets. To me, that's the option of last resort.
    Our debates on how to solve this internally echo many of the points and concerns made here. But to be clear, our goal is to make it work.
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    Axio_ reacted to bairloch in Friendly Fire 'explained'   
    I think this deserves posting here too...

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    Axio_ got a reaction from courant101 in How Many Of You Have Played A Pvp Game?   
    I'm guessing WWII online counts.
    No healing, one good shot and your dead either from OP or static defenses.
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    Axio_ reacted to bairloch in Why Ttk And The Zerg Are Inextricably Linked   
    One shots would be *gasp* random. Not something you can *do*. Yes, I know people hate RNG. But there's so much random in real life, the only way to recreate it in a game is to whip up some RNG.
    Suckingdoge - Yes for alchemists fire and creating a catapult, etc. but flights of arrows were much more common and had the same effect. Making large numbers of combatants incapacitated.
    Freeze - Oh, I agree. Dodge mechanics, blocking, etc. can increase TTK and, IMO, should be the primary way to do it, not health. But none of those do much good for you when a nuke goes off in the middle of a crowd.
    Primal - only partially. Plenty of games I played with no pocket healer and combat would still take fricking forever compared to "real life". It is a conscious choice in development and one I hope CF avoids. Yes there have plenty of ways to fight the Zerg, but they all were overcome by a bigger Zerg. This one makes it so the bigger the Zerg, the more damage it takes. Guerilla tactics are always useful and, as I stated, real tactics is how you would win in a system like this, rather than just more bodies.
    Adall - Yes, it is a hard call, but they seem prepared to make them, no? I like your modifications. To be honest, I hadn't put much thought into the math, I'm more of a big idea guy and I let the people who know what they're doing crunch the numbers. "Longer" is a very relative term. I'd be find with 2 or 3 minutes, 10 minutes is moronic.
    Krethys - Yes, these types of attacks would have to be costly. Like I said, this would be a well prepared and defended fortification. Not a skirmish. One and two shots, as stated above, would be random, not a skill you could master. In the Zerg fights, it wouldn't really be a "one shot" it would just be such a large modifier that it does enough to kill you. See, it's not a skill or something you can get good at, it is a function of the situation.
    That said, I do believe in some level of RNG in small skirmishes and one-on-one as well. Even the best warrior in the world could get killed by a farmer if his foot slipped in the mud at the wrong time.
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    Axio_ got a reaction from Chrissy The Blesser in How Would Artcraft Entertainment Handle Dupe Gate?   
    Great news,
    Laws are nothing without enforcement.  Speak softly but carry a big stick, love it.
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