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  1. Your post made it seem like I was hugely biased against ranged classes. I was simply explaining how that is not the case and I understand how they play. This is another one of those situations where you don't understand the game you're discussing with me. The way stealth works in the game TODAY is that if you are stealth, you cannot be hit by "targetted" abilities. That can mean rapid fire, that can mean a melee left click, that can mean a bow shot. It will not hit you if you are stealth. So you ARE basically phased out for the purpose of those abilities. Abilities that are ground targetted AOEs are the only abilities that will hit you when you are stealth. I was using shadowbane as an example of a game that had in combat stealthing that was not game breaking. It also happens to be another game that Jtodd Coleman (the creative director for Crowfall) helped design and Crowfall is seen as the spiritual successor of shadowbane. You're confusing my argument. I don't disagree with you. I was not referring to this dream scenario of "equal skill" an "equal luck" and "equal positioning". Obviously if there are two equally skilled groups the ones with more numbers will win almost every time. Currently it takes no skill to chase someone down even if you are a scrub and the fact that you are forced to fight the first engagement you have to the death isn't a good design decision. Tactics should matter. I don't see the purpose of locking me out of skills like mounting and stealth that might allow me to evade just because someone pegged me with a 40m heat seeking snare hurlbat.
  2. I'm starting to feel like the designers have some time of financial interest in either mouse manufacturing or repetitive stress injury surgery. The y menu change is a great idea and SEEMS like it would be relatively easy to implement since they have pop-ups with that functionality today. Even just allowing us to disable confirmation boxes as a menu setting would be great as the extra CLICK TO CONFIRM that surrounds every aspect of crafting is really cumbersome. I also vote that they remove useless crafting components that don't add anything to the actual item. Things like carbon, coal, stitching sinew etc should just be eliminated and have their cost just added into the dust component.
  3. Hey Rooq, I welcome the discussion. You may not know this because I've never seen you in game but myself and Wolf Haven (my guild) is composed of like 90% archers. Personally, nearly all of my game time pvping has been spent playing either an archer (90%) or a duelist (10%). I definitely understand the ranged portion of the game. Well, I did say you should add a cooldown to stealth. Let me give you an example from another of Jtodd's games. In Shadowbane when you were stealth you couldn't be targeted whatsoever. You could only be hit by aoe abilities or revealed by someone with stealth detect. It provided value to those classes that were able to see stealthed players but you could still overcome your lack of detect via skill. There should definitely be a cooldown on the ability, but if you are fighting a stealther and you don't keep them dotted, then you've made a mistake and they should be able to punish that mistake. The other thing to remember is that classes that have stealth should have made some type of trade-off to have stealth, be it survivability, mitigations, DPS, etc. Well, I think that there should be a high skill ceiling. That always makes for a lot of fun in PvP games. Low skill ceiling battles result in winning via luck or numbers which in my opinion is boring. I think that if an opponent has 2 or 3 players chasing you, you should still have a chance to get away. It should obviously be harder but not impossible. Currently if you are a cleric for example you are not getting away from 2 players chasing, like, ever. Well, I'm not saying that you should take mobility away from them. I'm saying that the you normalize the speed of travel between in and out of combat. You can still allow movement enhancing abilities like sprint, they just don't change between combat states. This statement makes me question whether or not you've actually played the game that we're discussing.
  4. I don't think this the right perspective. Assassin should have an advantage, sure but I don't think that it is great balance to have a class able to guarantee a gib 1:1.
  5. Assassin ult shadowstep is bugged. Will pop the assassin out of stealth immediately if they have any players dotted/bleeding which is a sizable portion of the assassin kit.
  6. Theres also .5 to 1 second delay after you target someone to see what buffs/debuffs they have. It makes it challenging when playing classes like confessor that need to keep track of how many debuff stacks are on an opponent.
  7. I think you're making a bunch of assumptions about their intent. Shadowstep not being usable if your opponent is dotted, when DOTs are a substantial part of their kit, is 100% not working as intended. Also, it doesn't make a ton of sense to me that stealth classes lose an entire portion of their kit once combat starts. Again if that is the intended design, I disagree that it makes sense and I think it is a poor design decision. Point 4) is probably the one of the most important to be honest with you. The issue isn't that you can be chased down, its that when you're outnumbered it is near impossible to escape from skilled players. If their intent is that every skirmish results in a complete wipe of the losing team then I think they've made a mistake that vastly limits the "skill ceiling" of play. If I am fighting a group of players while outnumbered, I should be able to use tactics designed to fight that way IE kiting opponents, stringing them out and choosing terrain that is advantageous to me to actually battle. If my opponents become 60% faster than me after 15 seconds, it eliminates my ability to out play and outmaneuver. It should take skill to chase down a skilled opponent in my opinion. I don't agree that #5 is a totally different issue. This all plays into balancing movement speed and for ranged vs melee this is of paramount importance. Yes there are multiple ways of accomplishing these goals but I think the simplest would be to normalize movement speed over all.
  8. I made a post in suggestions regarding in combat/ out of combat toggles and how it effect group fighting and movement speed. I'd be interested in your opinion. I see this as a big problem right now also.
  9. Hey Everyone, I'd like to discuss the implementation of combat mode vs out of combat mode. Can anyone provide any pros to how the system is currently implemented? It seems like it is creating far large challenges from a balance and skill implementation perspective than it adds. Let me start by outlining the differences as a I understand them between "combat" and "out of combat". When you enter combat you automatically leave combat mode after 3 seconds if your "opponent" is dead or 10 seconds if your "opponent" is still alive. Out of Combat - No restriction on use of abilities. Automatic Sprinting Pathfinding enables automatically Can use mounts Increased health regen. Greatly increase stamina regen. Can stealth at will. In combat - Cannot use harvesting items/abilities Decreased stamina regeneration Lower base movement speed Sprinting costs stamina Cannot mount Cannot use *most* stealth abilities Decreased health regeneration Now lets discuss a couple balance/operational issues that have come up as a result of this weird dichotomy. 1) When Harvesting if you accidentally click to swing your weapon you must wait until you leave combat (3 seconds) to get back to whacking your node. (Annoying) 2) Many movement abilities such as champion leap, automatically queue "combat mode" even when being used in non-combat situations. Other abilities like Knight's Pursuit do NOT queue combat mode (annoying) 3) Stealthers have a particularly difficult time as many of their abilities are tied to being stealth meaning that once they initiate combat those abilities are completely unusable (not fun). There are exceptions to this like assassin shadowstep but thats super buggy. (Balance) 4) Vastly impacts tactics when fighting in an open field, particularly when fighting outnumbered. Example) If you are fighting a 2v1, if you attempt to disengage and run away, one opponent can keep you in combat mode while the other opponent stops attacking and either mounts up or waits for pathfinding to begin so they can easily catch up to your "in combat" movement speed. They can then engage you and keep you in combat while their partner leaves combat, mounts up and catches up. Rinse/wash/repeat until you die. Fighting outnumbered is already very difficult and this makes it almost impossible to escape an engagement outnumbered. (Skill ceiling) 5) Makes balancing melee characters vs ranged characters way more difficult resulting in needing to make wonky ass changes like "lunge" weapons. Range characters do not need to use sprint nearly at all during combat, resulting in them having a full stam bar for retaliate. Melee characters need to close to within 6m and as such utilize sprint WAY more during combat than ranged characters, then once they get hit by a CC its also WAY less likely they have stamina available for retaliate because of this reason. (Balance/Skill Ceiling) I'd like to hear some arguments in favor of the current system. One of the primary ways a smaller group can overcome a larger group is through superior coordination and tactics a big part of which is knowing when to engage and disengage. What happens right now is that if you are outnumbered and attempt to disengage, there is a nearly zero percent chance of escaping from skilled players. The players who are close enough to you will keep you in combat mode and limit your movement speed while the others will simply mount up and catch back up with you shortly. My recommendation is to eliminate combat mode and instead have normalized movement speed. Stealth should be usable at any time but should take a few seconds to "completely fade". You can simply add a cooldown to switching to your stealth bar to balance that portion of combat. If you're fighting a stealther, you should make sure you hit them with a dot so they can't just stealth away. That being said however if a stealth pops their stealth ability between dot tics and hits you with an expose or an ambush, thats a SKILL move. Zero reason why that shouldn't be possible. I have some more thoughts but I'd like to hear some opinions first. EDIT: Another issue that we identified regarding combat mode and stealth. If you have a DoT on an opponent, you're stuck in combat until that dot wears off. Thats why shadowstep doesn't work on assassin reliably. If there is a dot applied it immediately breaks you from stealth.
  10. See, thats why i really dislike the combat/non-combat implementation. It creates all sorts of weird interactions such as with stealth, with movement speed, mounting etc. I just really don't understand why the wouldn't just balance the movement speed across the board rather than create this weird dichotomy that makes it FAR more challenging to balance.
  11. Hes joking that since there are only two branches to the output tree (flawed or non-flawed) that its 50/50.
  12. Okay cool. So calculate what the "material sink" objective was for flawed assembly and increase item costs by that amount. I'm not even a game designer and i fixed the problem without RUINING EVERYONES FUN.
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