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  1. There is way too much friction to this process. Currently i DREAD campaigns ending because i know of the logistical nightmare that awaits me to organize banks/inventories across multiple characters in order to export properly. I recommend allowing equipped gear at the end of the campaign to be exported with zero tokens as a salve for some of this issue. That would at least be a start so instead of having to login several characters and calculate how many bank export slots i will have by either unequipping all of my stuff in the bank or just keeping a log, I can continue to play k
  2. Yes, this is a great idea. Also, yes you also need to hoard hundreds of majors and minors if you're running a guild. You have to understand that for guilds, these things are all aggregated and distributed.
  3. Yeah, nothings technically impossible. Impractical based on time/budgetary constraints though which makes it functionally impossible. I agree with you though. Referring back to shadowbane just gets peoples minds in the wrong place.
  4. Shadowbane's system is impossible to implement at this point for a multitude of reasons. I think they followed what they viewed as shadowbane's level of customization which is being a "guinicean duelist/slayer/nightstalker/unholy beast". You've heard both Jtodd and Blair talk about class customization that way. I think they mistook WHY shadowbane had the depth that it did. The skill point/stat rune/starter runes were just as if not more important than the actual discs. I know a ton of people would go sundancer or bladeweaver solely for the dual wielding.
  5. Not going to mention that you need to have trained the necromancer passives so your vessel isn't garbo?
  6. Druid - Windlord Disc is available to Arch-druid via the Dark Domain. Does not grant the pursuit power (likely because this is considered a melee power and druids have no melee tray)
  7. I run a guild. It is unrealistic to expect or require players to use out of game resources to facilitate the social interactions in the game.
  8. If the game is unable to retain players that don't quickly find a guild or already have a guild it is doomed to failure. They have built all sorts of friction into the player interaction experience and there is quite simply no easy way to find a guild using in-game tools/resources.
  9. People are already coming up with ideas to deal with the low population and the game hasn't even launched yet.
  10. Well it seems like this idea wasn't very well received by the community. Generally speaking people who are already invested in the current paradigm don't want to see a change which makes sense. Hopefully they develop some mechanic that allows them to more easily retain new players.
  11. The vessel system doesn't change how a character plays though it simply impacts your stats. I can level a character to max in about an hour currently. That makes it even more important to keep people engaged with their progression so they stay involved.
  12. My argument is that character progression is such a core gameplay loop/hook that gating it behind a crafting discipline is deleterious to keeping players engaged. People feel far more attached/invested in their characters than their gear.
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