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  1. I wonder how many of them are on webcam without pants
  2. In every game i always advertise free with mats, but would accept tips. For every cheap person there's a good handful who tip more than i would have charged for services. Even some of those cheap people were the ones responsible to referring very generous people my way.
  3. While i dont worry about ninja looting persay, would be nice if group loot options are added in the future (with a timeout for FFA)
  4. As a new player from many many sandbox MMOs, i like the balance of PvP and PvE crowfall is hoping to achieve. As long as PvP is the endgame, and everything can lead to it, im fine with it. What i do not hope to see is 100% loot including gear. That is a game i will not play because it will be dead in no time. While many love the idea, it isn't marketable. I want campaigns that are alive in activity, not people cowering in their safe zones afraid to go out without a massive group or gear disparity. When it comes to gathering in 100% loot environment, ace will likely need to revisit one of its method of boosting gathering efficiency. Combat stat points should not be sacrificed to better gather. I can understand forcing people to specialize in one aspect or another, but those stat points should be separated from the combat based points via a different additive slot for gathering/crafting while making the gear.
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