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  1. 200 people on at once in infected tonight is hardly empty
  2. Numbers were just an example, you need to keep people interested in gathering, so i don't think the low end should be less. Quality and amount of goods gathered increases the better the disc. You will still get better and probably more mats despite the protection level being higher if you kill them. Even if its 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 it will still be fairer than all one way, or all the other.
  3. I disagree with this premise. All full gathered loot drop does is further the imbalance of off hour gathering vs prime time or have people crying for larger (and empty) maps. There is no risk for a ganker besides some durability loss whereas the gatherer can lose significant resources that required them to grind out certain discs to be able to gather in the first place. Not to mention they often get engaged when they deplete their stamina and likely invested into int/dex vs their class optimized stat combinations A gatherer still loses additives, sac items, gold, consumables, dust and
  4. Major Hitching in sky point Mine entrance, parcel K24 and K25 when crossing between the two parcels. Also textures missing on the hunger hogs when you loot them: and final bug to report in the mine is somewhere around the turnabout section below, if you tunnel into the wall accidently, instead of invalid location, you fall through map, then port to temple deaded
  5. There is a major Oversight in the Blacksmithing Metal Bar recipes, and minor ones within the Stitched Leather recipes Here is the current list for Blacksmith: If you will notice, there is no Attack power under Effect 1. Meaning until you are ready to craft epic materials, you are locked out of that very important stat. Leatherworking and woodworking both have access to Attack power. This issue is making War tribe Weapons viable for longer than they should be. Switching Effect 1 and Effect 2 on a Copper Bar (Copper/Copper/Copper) will achieve this without locking any other stat out.
  6. just imagine the rage when an RC makes someones epic and it flaws to blue with unrolled stats...
  7. While i agree that progression needs to be lengthened in term, i do not agree with increasing the power gap between epic and legendary much further than it is. Cost of upgrade doesn't always have to equate to a greater increase in stats. Legendary imo is for those niche players who want to get the little bit extra and are willing to dump a lot of resources and time into it. This was one of the major things i liked about GW2 endgame gearing, Exotic was enough to play meta, but ascended was optimal but not by much more. However, this game has more arcs to progress on, You have Crafted gear,
  8. In big keep, got stuck behind this throne:
  9. aside from making stealth time reduce item durability and making stealth drain stamina, i don't see a means to give the attackers any sort of risk. While i agree guards pathing needs to be adjusted for a short term solution, people need to realize a campaign is never safe. Most guilds have been hit hard by hamster attacks, even veteran guilds who should know better. It's part of the game, and there should be risk for the increased stats you can get from an r2+ table. I craft, i know the risk, and i make sure my crafting habits are adjusted in campaign to minimize that risk. A well tim
  10. Guild Campaign rewards are tradeable/bankable but unable to deposit into ek noble chests. Can be unbugged the similar way the first campaign rewards were fixed, stacking into something that wasn't bugged.
  11. Top likes and why Change from passives to the belt/toolkit system, allows newer players to specialize quicker, and the gold sink encourages responsibilities be spread out in guilds. Guild rewards implemented. I want the downward pressure on alliance/guild size, i want the politics from people feeling like they deserve more of the guild's win. As someone who helps manage discipline stocks, i love that white discs can finally be used on any vessel quality. Bank filters are working again, this has me happy, the bugged bank in the past was really annoying. 300 slot campai
  12. I don't see an issue with the "grind" for gathering and crafting. It is much better than the previous system of passives. While i dont mind some sort of account progression in games thats permanent and rewards long term play, the current passive system is broken, once catchup mechanics were put it, it would have been pay to win. Every wipe showed just how much of a deterrent it was to the community actively participating in the game play. Aside from a couple names, much of the people complaining about it aren't the types who will sit and farm/craft what their guilds need, they are the
  13. Not strange at all. Crafting in this game is what kept me interested, it involves invested time. Gathering and getting ganked is a small set back vs losing higher rarity items that required significant investment to craft. Making the gear lootable off someone's paper-doll means the crafting cycle will likely need to be watered down, otherwise people wont risk losing their items (either by not crafting, or refusing to enter unsafe areas unless protected). Im not saying crafting and gear progression is perfect as it is, but just that i think paper-doll loot will just make things worse fo
  14. +1 for a token system, that the runecrafter can then craft via stone/ore combos. Before this happens though, they need to implement a system that shows an outcome of what you combined.
  15. I have no problem with outpost chests as long as they aren't flooding the economy with materials. I want people to have stuff on them when we kill them. I would like them even more if they replace gold and dust forts, giving the two major economic currencies a more varied distribution than the fort system was doing.
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