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  1. Details Panel for Crafting.... With release imminent, I feel this panel needs a bit of love. Each craft deserves its own section like harvesting has. Assembly, Experimentation, Experimentation Points, and thrall power can fall into each craft The Above to sections can be combined into "Modifiers" I don't know of a way to increase Additional Risk Points, so this is likely a stat that can remain Hidden until made useful. Additional Risk Difficulty vs Experiment Difficulty Reduction. These things have the exact same result and there's no way to cap either, so why maintain
  2. I managed to keep my Wife's and I trade EK up pretty easily through this last iteration (up until launch announcement) thanks to the 3 hour benefit of VIP. Just need enough nobles able to launch it and enough foot traffic around to keep it open when you do accidently log out. I also set up RealVNC to connect to my main PC to relaunch from my phone when I'm at work/out if a vendor owner messages me panicking about the EK being down. As to why there is a timer? Vendors tick down gold as long as the EK is open, Some people would likely want to keep those gold savings when there is no traffic.
  3. The extra ring slot doesn't matter for harvesting, as its only a raw attribute gain + combat stats gained. The High elf reigns supreme for these, especially since assassins aren't as horrible as they once were. as for the crafting, you would require a keep w/ ranked up tables to truly take advantage of rat/high-elf crafting, but you then would be hindered crafting outside of campaign. Now you just need someone with the right statue in an EK, which i don't mind. Just means they need to do another pass over crafter balance since there is no longer a drawback unless a guild doesn't have the
  4. I'm still hoping they add 5 experimentation difficulty reduction to all the racials, so specializing in one craft w/ the proper race will give you 1-2 more reduction than an extra jewellery slot could provide. The Rats and High Elves will still work fine for duo crafting since you will save a character slot. as for the lesser assembly marklarr mentions, it can be easily countered by making better sealed armour, so there is no draw back going guinecean/high elf. Experimentation definitely is having scaling issues, you can wear no jewellery, no armour and pretty much be capped.
  5. in an EK, my character couldnt move or jump. I do not use the UI option to keep inventory open on movement, but i tried escape just in case, didn't work. Opening and closing map somehow freed up my character.
  6. High elves Second necklace slot, and im sure the third ring slot for Guinecean will not let you slot in crafted jewellry if you use transmuted variants of other items still slotted. Ie. Diamond Necklace + Fire Diamond necklace won't work.
  7. i haven't really cared about it much since they removed the rarity matching the vessel requirement. WIth minors, the book shelves bring enough in passively to help compensate some of the supply restraints due to the ridiculous RNG. I would be satisfied more though if major thralls dropped their domain soul, vs specific item, then have the RC recipe require the white disc so the recipe will adjust to the proper souls accordingly.
  8. I don't understand this Uncle Bob reference I keep hearing about. I also find it funny how people demand a hardcore "anti-carebear" game not meant for casuals but on the other side of their mouth they demand the passive system back because it allows them to be casuals. My job is an hour and a bit away from home and I have kids, yet I'm much more progressed than I'd have been on the passive system, despite having 3 accounts. I don't spend hours grinding gold, I sell stuff or I take advantage of being in a guild with pooled resources. So I don't see the argument over how the current
  9. Had they stuck to their original vision, myself and many more would not have come. Their market was simply too small for the vision they originally had. Partial inventory protection for harvesters came about because there was 100% no risk to an attacker with no inventory. They had the opener, full stamina, and built for pvp ganking, where as a harvest was often stat gimped for efficient harvesting . Hardly seems like hardcore pvp to me when its so one sided. Originally it was 100% protection, but most of the community thought it was too much, so now they lose half of their stuff, and so
  10. i disagree with this part, chaos embers are not supposed to be a faster route, they drop way too slow for this. This is more of a change for smaller groups who can't afford the time away from gathering/grinding discs to farm the necessary gold, It may save them a handful of hours of war-tribe farming per upgrade, but not much more. New guilds barrier to entry into dregs isn't the speed their crafters are progressing, its their ignorance of the game and biting off more than they can chew. Don't forget that once someone has an Epic craft disc, they can use the factory table and buy a non c
  11. Stealth chief/kings/heralds There needs to be some other indicator of their presence aside from 5 or 6 cairns of unsuspecting players getting nearly one shot. While i think its hilarious and normally understand that meaning of such a display of unlooted goodies, it can be very disheartening for newer players, or players not in zone when the initial event is announced. If there is some sort of very large range debuff that does nothing except warn you of the risk, it would give players a chance to think twice before running through the center of a town
  12. You would be surprised at the percentage of players who will dump all their gold for personal gain vs progressing their guild. Early crafting is white vessels, white weapons and harvester armour. The market is there if someone is willing to spend the time to capitalize on it. As for your premise of this thread, i think 15 Chaos embers per domination dust is an adequate trade. for harvesters and crafters, Time is the most valuable currency. Getting a much less efficient path towards paying for your upgrade progression at the expense of a valuable resource would still be a huge boon just
  13. A lot of this game isn't meant to be all done by one person, its not some sort of survival game, its an mmo meant to be played with others. A crafter is meant to have support from their guilds, some don't, but those people spend a lot of their own time farming and rarely get to enjoy the larger scale combat this game can have. The lack of resources is rather unfortunate, but that is starting to get better. Some members of the community have starting to develop resources now that the system seem stable enough and not substantially changing each major patch iteration. An example will be
  14. Treated Leather Quantity is still missing since factories were added, treated steel still has the option to make multiples
  15. Bug with Crafting statue in EKs providing inconsistent experimentation pips
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