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  1. This was a concern of mine. Doesn't that pretty much force all bow users to take up the arrow crafting discipline? Why not just allow all bow users to craft their own ammo?
  2. This please. I'm #1060 EB Sapphire. Should I be looking or am I too high a number?
  3. Well done. I love clean and streamlined UIs like this. Honestly, this is one of the more exciting bits of info for me. A good UI is important. I can easily spend an hour adjusting the UI to my liking in a new game.
  4. Agreed. I can't believe stunlocks are still a thing in modern MMOs and I see no reason for it in an action-based MMO. And 15 seconds CC immunity doesn't do any good if you're already dead.
  5. Amber and greater backers get free Google Fiber.
  6. In a pvp game, I'd rather just dead be dead. Besides, ACE wants combat to be fast and dangerous. A "downed state" mechanic like GW2 would be counter productive to that goal.
  7. I'd rather have a computer just implanted in my brain, like Ghost in the Shell. Edit: Is there a reason it has to be worn without a shirt?
  8. Got it downloaded. Was planning on playing a little bit tonight. Any server recommendations or any other tips? Tried it way back in beta with archer. Got to level 10 and quit because generic questing was painful. Wanting to get back in just to play with combat system.
  9. Problem is if short campaigns gave good resources, everyone would just farm and not do normal campaigns. If they gave crappy resources then no one would do them. Seems like too much of a distraction from main campaigns.
  10. The Many-Faced God has chosen.
  11. That was my point. How do we define "exciting?" Do we really need another WS vs DF hijacking?
  12. It's already going to be action combat. Not clear what else OP is looking for. It's not going to be like CoD or whatever.
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