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  1. Really, this game is not appealing. You send a person alone, for 15 days, with all the current problems it has, the new user experience is not enough, the game is not intuitive enough. And then, after 15d, you want them to buy it? Sorry, few will do. The game has too many problems. Although it has a great pvp, but new players barely have a chance to properly pvp in 15days. Most did not know how to leave gods reach.
  2. just look at any dregs and its population, nothing more needs to be said.
  3. Crowfall is supposed to be a PVP oriented game. But everything is too easy. Wanna craft an item that will least for months? Ok, do some pigs and you are ok. You gotta send it to the caravansary? Ok, you have one full protected in your keep. They will drop a blue ingot that you cost you only 30 dusts and give you 125 resources, thats is enough. But you want to refine it? Ok, go get that mobile bank and do it almost risk free. You dont need to break one single node and you will have a blue gear. No breaking node = no roaming map, no partys farming, no partys fighting for spots. They
  4. Thats why this game is fadding. Everything is so easy and risk free. That leads to nobody doing poorly made dergs at campaing, nobody roaming the map, no pvp. Only some few roaming groups. An mmo cant survive like that.
  5. Looks like the drop of the discipline is somehow linked with the color of discipline, i explain: Farming low rank nodes with a purple miner is not dropping anything. But, farming low rank nodes with white miner is dropping lots of disciplines. So, this system is dumb. Ofc people will farm all the disciplines they want in a noob vessel, in gods reach, and then bring it to their farmer at the campaing, and, again, we wont see ppl farming at the camp in order to get their discipline.
  6. So passive training is gone and the habilites and farming stats will be moved to disciplines, as they said on the live stream. They moved disciplines to loot table on resources, what has a good point that makes ppl actually go farming, insteand of only doing forts / pigs, but it has a negative (for me its a positive as well) point of increasing grinding, ppl seems to dislike it. Jtodd already said its a temporary solution until they came with a better idea. So in this post, i will bring some ideas for where players can get those disciplines from. - The main idea: Crowfall lacks people
  7. The game has a major change that will change all the economy balance, the economy path players have to make in order to craft their stuff and it will also shake the relation of new players to the game. SO, WE NEED A FULL WIPE. - Changes in economy: At least at the start (and how long will depend on the difficult of farming explorations disciplines), the resource outcome is way lower than the normal, we need to test it and see how it works in a campaing, for example, so they will have more data to do the propoer balance of things; - The economy path: Until now, you needed a passive le
  8. grind is what makes players play the game all the time they can. No grind, no players roaming the map and no pvp. Or you think that a mmo can live just because some outposts flipping its flags? This is no moba.
  9. I am ok about this passive training removal, i personally saw a lot of players that quit the game as soon as they knew about this passive training. This game needs a higher player base and this change can help it grows. But now we have a problem: things will be probably too easy and too quick. Like someone did, if you do the math, even a random chance of 1% would be too high for a big guild, they will be quickly able to equip purple disc; but it would be to boring to an alone player or smaller clans. It would help a snowball effect. I guess the game will need
  10. Totally agree about most of the things said here. I have already posted about it and, for me, the main issue today at crowfall is the economy of it. The unbalaced economy system leads to the lack of pvp for the well said reason. It's very important to make farming around the map a MUST for every clan that needs to craft something. I would say to leave caravans ONLY for building materials, increase the building materials demand for each construction. Forts should drop only until green stuff, maybe a blue with a very low chance, but no purple at all.
  11. THIS Being saying this for some months... We need a reason to stay logged in outside siege time and the need for farming is one of the reasons we should have for it
  12. Guilda: YggBrasil Líderes: UDeadPro / Coiote Descrição: Somos a única guilda BR ativa no jogo, já estamos ativos diariamente a mais de um ano. Somos conhecidos e respeitados por todas as guildas do jogo. Somos focados em PvP, mas fazemos todo o conteúdo do jogo. Regras: usar discord sempre que estiver jogando e participar dos conteúdos em grupo que a guilda faz (defesas e ataques de fortes e castelos, farm em grupo e etc) Interessados mandar pm no discord para CoioTe #0966
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