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  1. but do they? most of em does not even know it exists.
  2. those campaign at test server are so meanless.
  3. Game has improved a lot, no doubt about that. Better game leads to a improved population on the game. We was seeing more ppl playing Live servers, more new players asking things and etc. But the dregs ends and what ArtCraft did? Abandoned the live server and made a test patch. There is nothing to do at live, so every non newbie went to test, but there is nothing to do there either, so ppl just stay fighting at EK´s. So now we have an empty live and beta servers and the game will probably loose a good ammount of those new players that started playing at live but sudenly it was empty and there was nothing to do there. This is so wrong. Test server should be there to test some experimental things, some particular things, it should not be the main server. Dregs at live ended and you need to test something at test server? ok. Patch the test server but do something in the live so the game dont die. Let infected running, or even better: start a faction campaing, let newbies find players there, interacting with them there, joining guilds and etc, just dont abandon them. And after all, i saw no big siege at test so the test itself is meanless. Everything you tested on test could be tested at live. Dont kill your already low player base.
  4. balancing is a thing for beta. Is the last phase of a game development
  5. Every game is, but, there are different conceptions of "winning"
  6. Despite of not seeing a reason to any alliance coming together in a alpha/beta version with limited population, this is what MMO's are about. There is no way to stop it either. Dregs will be always a tough environment cause this is where the competition really have a reason in this game, unfortunately some ppl like to win no matter what, some other enjoy a fair environment.
  7. So devs said about how they are not happy with the current craft, since it it's almost useless until you research most of craft passive skills, but it takes time. So basically, the current passive skill tree is the problem: we should unlock craft skills per rarity. The passive skill tree for crafting basics should make us a top basic itens crafter (white items), but an ok uncommon crafter (green), a bad rare crafter (blue) and so on. After we unlock blacksmithing passive tree, we would unlock experimentation points, sucess and assembly rate of uncommon crafts, so we would become a top uncommon crafter, an ok rare crafter and so on. With the kind of change, crafters would become useful since the beginning, we would be farming and crafting stuff that would be useful even with only the crafting basics unlocked. This change should be done in most crafts: blacksmithing, necromancy, leatherwork and etc. This would make the whole economy roof the game better, would give more reason to log in and farm stuff, more reason to fight over castle and etc. And would greatly help the progression of the game.
  8. There is no point in the test server. It should be only for closed experimental things. Live is already a test server since we are still at alpha version. This just kill population on the game, noone wanna play live or test anymore. Just keep updating Live, since ITS A TEST SERVER ALREADY. Game will be wiped yet, no point in making 2 servers.
  9. Just saying that this passive skill tree also make ppl play this game. I am here cause of it and some guildes are also playing because of that. But the craft and economy really needs some love. The main problem right now is that there is no economy for crafted items since there is no point in creating anything less than purple or higher and with an upgraded skill tree. MMO without a good economy environment won't survive.
  10. Yes. All pvp zones should be lootable. White and greens, only, should be accessible at GR (and i would add a PK system). All others should be only at pvp areas.
  11. green + easily farmed soul essence = blue.
  12. Farming is still much unbalanced and right now the game is yet too easy to farm: GR should not drop anything more rare than "common". Want a gree armor? a green weap? a green vessel? go to PVP areas and farm resources there. Crafting still needs more balance, since drops from mobs are still too good and ppl dont almost craft nothing green / blue, it does not worth it. GR drops should be all "common" PVP areas shoud have better drops, this would makes pvp more and farm more linked, and a game is great when the pvp has an objective behind it. Some specific problem at vessels right now: they are too easy to get. Want a white vessel? ok, you can farm it at GR. Want a green one? you necessary should be farming at pvp areas. Same for blue and etc. The parts drops rate needs a really good balance: its too easy as well. Imagine how much u need to farm to craft 1 single breakable armor or weapon. Now think about vessels: organs and parts drops way too easy and a vessel is forever, it wont break. Its a Mid to endgame content and should be really harder, one of the main goals for ppl to go pvp should be in order to farm good itens for vessels, and it should not be that easy.
  13. NOPE important and mid to endgame items SHOULD be dropped ALL at PVP areas. There is no need for another carebear farming gamming.
  14. Is Haunt working properly? Its not seeing to be healing what it says it does. Seens broken to me. If it is working properly, can someone explain the skill to me?? tnx
  15. This is what the alpha and beta are about: test things. And it's our job to tell them it feelings so they can better make the game. Ofc 5.100 is not the final version, but the craft is broken and i hope they know it so they can change it for the next versions
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