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  1. This is what the alpha and beta are about: test things. And it's our job to tell them it feelings so they can better make the game. Ofc 5.100 is not the final version, but the craft is broken and i hope they know it so they can change it for the next versions
  2. This is the problem dude, crafting is only usefull when passive skill is 100% trained and with food / armor / major os Blacksmithing. This is the whole point of my post: it should not be like this.
  3. Yes, GR is unbalanced. It should be like a tutorial map for ppl learn how to play, not a farm paradise as someone said. People need to be directed to PVP maps asap, so they will experience the game better. Those OP drops is what is really breaking the craft of armor / weapons.
  4. Right now we have a situation that is not what game promise: player driven economy. Crafting middle tiers items is not worth it, since you have better gear by dropping them in pve (and it's really easy to good items in pve). What to do with green / white ores? Nothing, they are useless. Item drop should be nerfed (white only items, or maybe a green from king / chiefs). All other stuff should be made by players while crafting.
  5. PVE is givving too much item drops, with good quality. It should drop only basic item so the market could be really player driven, but in order to do that, we REALLY need an auctioneer! Seelling stuff via NPCs arent effective and its annoying to keep checking all of them looking for a item.
  6. Those Combat / Craft / Exploration skills trees lacks more clear info about each skill we can level up, sometimes they all looks the same, specially in crafting skill tree. Sometimes i just dont know what to lvl up since all the descriptions are the same. Please improve it and make it clear 😃
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