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  1. Yeah it is. The proper spelling would be Mashadar but ages ago when I was going for an online name I put an I instead of an a by mistake but stuck with the change as I use it everywhere online now. I'm just starting to reread the wheel of time. Been ages that I read the series.
  2. Hello folks, I've been watching the game for awhile but was not sure about pulling the trigger on backing the game. After reading and watching different things I felt now is the time to join up and learn about the game. While I tend to have a more solo mindset I am going to be looking for a guild that is looking for new members to join and learn the game. Also I've enjoyed PvP in the past and look forward to learning all I can about this game and first and foremost have fun with other players. Any early tips, advice, or guild invites are welcome!
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