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  1. Probably time to lock this thread lol
  2. At least half of Chaos isn't Specter Legion...
  3. Idunno, I thought we had W with the numbers last night between 4 guilds. But zerging them didn't get us the win.... -Sincerely, an Order person
  4. Please do?... It's cute to threaten people with things they like...
  5. I think we are all doing the math wrong. Your loot is worth nothing until it's secured in a safe zone. Period. The stuff isn't yours. It's fair game for anyone who wants to take it. You can never risk more than you decide to gamble. And in all reality, it's not possible to lose anything at all because digital loot is worth zero dollars if you can't sell it. Just enjoy the game for what it is. If gathering is work for you and it's not fun, just don't do it. Go do something fun. Edit: We need to believe the devs are doing their best to provide the best experience for their customers, or else, what are we doing buying into their game?
  6. Please don't take this as condescending APE. I don't understand the difference between pvp'er and non-pvp'ers. This is a full on pvp game. It's whole purpose is to have players fighting players. So in this case, someone gathering resources is participating in pvp by being in the PvP world. If they're afraid of getting ganked, then they need to have bodyguards or be prepared to fight for the resources they carry. If a guild's resource harvesters are getting ganked, the guild better damn we'll get out there and protect their harvesters or they'll lose campaigns. It seems like you are saying that people who gather resources somehow risk more than the people they're gathering the resources for. Again, not trying to be condescending. I am curious. Do you think Crowfall needs to do something to give gatherers an advantage so that they don't have to participate in the PvP? **Edit: I didn't think that's the kind of audience Artcraft is aiming for but if those people are here, I guess we ought to encourage them to continue playing
  7. Been in the game a few weeks now and been with STC for most of that time. This guild is for real. Sophia_Scarlett and ZombieGhandi spend so much time and energy trying to make this a guild we can be proud of. From kitting out their members to training us to fight, or coming up with fun tactics for our squads, this really is a guild where their members are taken care of and can feel like part of the team. If you don't mind finding yourself in tough fights and being stretched to your limits in PVP, give STC a try. We will certainly get in over our heads in many fights but we treat every loss as a chance to get better. In the field, ZombieGhandi is relentlessly positive and pretty damn good at keeping us in line. Even if you don't join the guild, check out our discord. Sophia_Scarlett can craft anything in the world and knows more about the game than people should be allowed to know. We are a mercenary guild so you can even hire us to fight along side you! See you all on the battlefield!
  8. Hey devs, As the title says, I really think there needs to be a mechanic to force encourage people to get involved in the pvp part of the game. The best suggestion I have heard would be to force a level cap of 20 until you join a campaign. This coupled with better loot being in the campaigns themselves would definitely get people involved in the worlds rather than just hangin' out in the safe zones. I wouldn't think that this is a good idea for MMO's in general, but this one seems like it's the proper place for that kind of mechanic. I would love the world to be a dangerous place. That's my two cents. Thanks for making an awesome game. Keep up the good work.
  9. Hey all, I second the generic wiki page name. Also, It would be AMAZING if a graphic designer could share some UI ideas for the site. As an aspiring programmer, I find this to be the hardest part of making a site. I am super excited that people are ready and willing to create community resources for CrowFall. This community is awesome!
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