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  1. A lot of people don't really even want to go out in the world, let alone test sieges, with the 20% gear drop. Might want to consider removing it so that people will test. There aren't many people to test with right now. Even if removing is not an option, some people have suggested a 5% rate.
  2. This would definitely change the game and make more mechanics viable.
  3. Hard for me to think of this in that way. Dregs campaigns are 2-3 weeks. After each reset, everyone has to start over on zone control. You will have to fight for a keep to reduce your loot drop chance if this suggestion were implemented. I am also assuming you can't just import everything you need to dominate a campaign as a well established guild. As far as noobs go, I would hope they aren't trying to make it in dregs without a guild who is trying to compete. What do you think? If this is too oppressive, is there anything you would change to make it better?
  4. Someone had suggested tying these things into gear dura loss. What do people think of that? What do people think of the idea of having warcamps even if they don't effect loot drop?
  5. I hadn't considered forts into the equation. Great thought.
  6. Last suggestion for the night, but I thought it would be important to get this one on there too. What if harvesting a node on a parcel with an outpost you control increased your rolls on harvesting? For example, If I own an outpost, I have plus 30 to every harvesting stat. Idunno if that's the right number. This would further increase the need for groups to control outposts while still promoting PVP because capping a tower to farm resources puts out a call to people that you are in the area. If you don't want people to know you're there, simply don't take the outposts. You won't get the
  7. Sorry for multiple posts on this topic, but I think these are great ideas people are suggesting and they should be seen. We see there's an issue of gear not being accessible when lost due to loot drop. so we have a way to make it easier to get back in the fights when we lose our stuff. This idea is a very simple vendor fix. Simply put a vendor in each temple zone where you can buy gear. For example, I need a healer 2H sword. I will go to the vendor and pick a wartribe healer 2H sword at the quality level of my choice. But here's the catch. The currency is skulls. So I could go to the
  8. In our discussion about loot drops we had a great idea for territory control. To set the stage, I will suggest a 50% loot drop rate, yes, I meant 50%. We will build a way to reduce this into the game. Now, if you take a keep in a zone, the loot drop rate for the owning guild/alliance is reduced to 25%. This will make it vitally important to control a keep in the zone. I realize this will still be a prohibitive drop rate so lets move on to the second part of this idea. If you take an outpost in the zone, your loot drop rate goes down by 3%. Assuming there are 7 outposts in a zo
  9. I believe the Jewels from ML thing is specifically designed to force people into guild play. They have stated in the past that they want to force people to do group pvp IIRC. I absolutely agree with their philosophy there. However, I could see granting higher gem quantities so that JC isn't such a chore. But I am not really an known MMO'er so my opinion is less important.
  10. I very much want this to be a throne war game where one guild wins and gets tons of rewards the "king" can distribute. The politics that come from that are far more interesting to me than winning a fight here and there. I do enjoy the pvp, but the politics is a bigger draw. I can pvp in any game.
  11. https://youtu.be/1TO48Cnl66w
  12. This is a group pvp game, it's not a solo thing. While you may be a great pvp player, please remember that anything said here reflects on your guild so be kind to them by watching how you interact with the forums.
  13. Should probably let this thread die.
  14. I heard the going rate to ally under the SL flag is 400k gold. If we knew we could get paid to zerg for Erad, I'd be pushing for DIS to join as well.
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