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  1. Hey devs, As the title says, I really think there needs to be a mechanic to force encourage people to get involved in the pvp part of the game. The best suggestion I have heard would be to force a level cap of 20 until you join a campaign. This coupled with better loot being in the campaigns themselves would definitely get people involved in the worlds rather than just hangin' out in the safe zones. I wouldn't think that this is a good idea for MMO's in general, but this one seems like it's the proper place for that kind of mechanic. I would love the world to be a dangerous place. That's my two cents. Thanks for making an awesome game. Keep up the good work.
  2. Hey all, I second the generic wiki page name. Also, It would be AMAZING if a graphic designer could share some UI ideas for the site. As an aspiring programmer, I find this to be the hardest part of making a site. I am super excited that people are ready and willing to create community resources for CrowFall. This community is awesome!
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