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  1. The number one rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club
  2. That's a little offensive. I was just sharing my opinion. No need to call people insane.
  3. Are you saying this kind of thinking is so far outside the box that you don't understand it? Innovation always begins with ideas everyone calls crazy.
  4. I swear, there's more trolls.on this forum than anything else. Still think it'd be a good idea to toss the long time players a bone and save them from a grind. Suggest removing he passive system and no one bats an eye. Suggest a small boost for vets on launch and everyone loses their mind.
  5. It's actually no more than a week or two of work for a guild that knows what they're doing to get Max crafters. If you're taking several months to gear your guild, you're doing it wrong. It's just a boring grind considering we've done it a few times now. So I don't see it as asking for much. Just helping the vets enjoy the game more. As far as advantages go, being a backer gets you a few extra mounts and some sigils/totems that don't really add up to much of an advantage since ACE has shown they're probably just going to hand those out after launch. The only real advantage here is knowledge. As far as experience goes, I've been the level 30 player fighting level 35 players. It's not as big of a difference as people think. Gear, build, and player skill are much more important. Besides all this, new guilds coming in with hundreds of players are not gonna really care about a guild of 30 people getting a headstart. Game is more about numbers anyway.
  6. Dunno why this is a novel Idea. It's a light version of keeping passives in for long term players. Like... dare I say, a compromise.
  7. Puppy is on the money here. Guilds who know what they are doing will just stomp people anyway because of skill and knowledge of the economic system. I don't think it makes things worse for new players but it would be a nice gesture towards the older testers. Especially ones who don't want to spend 80 hours a week grinding out mats and discs.
  8. Macdeath. Why would you go in with your 34 and roflstomp people? seems rude. I don't think day 1 noobs will be competing with you if you're already through the grind.
  9. Shoot, I hadn't thought of that. That's a super good point.
  10. Hey everyone, I have a simple suggestion for a smooth transition into the launch of Crowfall. Having put so many hours into the game leading up to the launch and spending tons of resources on leveling crafter belts and discs, I'm ready to jump right into the game when it officially launches. Solution? Just don't wipe the servers. Here's a few good reasons not to have a wipe. 1. There really isn't a significant advantage for players who've put all this time and effort into testing the game. We deserve a little bit of a boost for all the work we've done for ACE. 2. The servers will likely be crowded with all the new players hopping into the game. We could reduce some congestion by simply not forcing the old players to do the crafter grind again. The 3. People are already prepared for a long grind that isn't very fun. How about we allow those people to jump into the fun part of the game immediately instead of making them work on a second job? Work/life balance is hard enough with a fulltime job without having Crowfall become a second one. 4. People did quit the game over the difficulty of the grind. We shouldn't put them through that again. No one wants them to quit the game forever after a terrible grind. Player retention is something we can all get behind. So before you go telling your guildmates to get back to hitting rocks. Give this post a like and share with ACE why -you- don't want a wipe on release. Lets bring the community together on this one and send a clear message to ACE. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and have a good one. Good luck pleasing the gods! May your enemies fall before you!
  11. 100% Agree with Xarrayne. Actually. Every item without a roll should have quantity arrows.
  12. Here's my list of things I'd like fixed so far. 1. New players need a place to chat. Please revert until new players have a place to ask for help. 2. Grey action bars are really hard to look at. Please revert. 3. Bon Tippers are too expensive. Please revert. 4. Mob population in camps is too low. Please revert. 5. EK's are bugged again. Please revert until fixed. 6. Drag and drop trading at 50m is very bad for my immersion and makes no sense. Please revert. 7. There is still no way of knowing who in my guild is online. Please implement. 8. EK crafter buff got nerfed. Please revert. This patch has some nice things but is incredibly bad so far and I haven't even logged in to see what else is borked.
  13. Nice writeup Nyurt. Will be expecting more of these in the future
  14. A lot of people don't really even want to go out in the world, let alone test sieges, with the 20% gear drop. Might want to consider removing it so that people will test. There aren't many people to test with right now. Even if removing is not an option, some people have suggested a 5% rate.
  15. This would definitely change the game and make more mechanics viable.
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