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  1. correct, but i should have been more specific, it doesn't indicate if you personally are progressing it, just if the point is being progressed or contested. in group play i don't think theres a way to tell if you, specifically, are helping or not
  2. hey, wanted to go over a buncha things i felt were lacking in the interface. these may have been on a list elsewhere but wanted to give my thoughts. (i do not consider my suggested solutions as the only/good/best solutions but more to show where my train of thought is on why its an issue) lack of guild ui can't see whos in the guild except on the site, can't see whos online buffs are just a giant blob thats difficult to filter meaningful information in combat. have shrine or other long-term buffs have different colors than player-casted buffs. self-casted sh
  3. i think removing dust/gold would promote more open farming and potentially promote more smallscale pvp, provided it isn't more risk/time benefitial to just farm it in gr/infected and import due to the risk of loss(i think that's a larger, separate discussion from this though, to be fair) Agree with Ruq's post - only giving rewards to the person that holds it at the final second is a poor setup. to expand on ruq+arctic's posts, a 'king of the hill' style where it rewards based on amount of time you hold something would be interesting. no matter what the solution, time investment befor
  4. (No lists are in any order of importance) Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like the class variety, done bit better with recent discipline changes, feels more like there's places for everything. shifting things helps and there's always going to be a meta of course, but i think it's a good direction at the moment. i think this gives good area for changes that can shake things up if you maintain it well. I like the idea of gathering creating areas for pvp. watching the balance of player numbers vs available resources/respawns is going to be very imp
  5. I like the intent of the fort suggestion, giving more gameplay and resource opportunities is certainly something that should happen, even if it's not that idea specifically. I think Outposts affecting things is a good direction. Resources or affect the 'power' of nearby structures (guard count or patrols or something, to throw other ideas out). Any changes along these lines would require some visual clarity on the maps to be updated, to show whats affecting what and if somethings actively vulnerable or not, but that should probably be happening anyway.
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