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  1. I agree APE just fun to think you can besides lets hope we have years to achieve this. I work long hours and i do not get to play and relax as much as other and this makes it sometimes tough to find guilds in games like this willing to take me.
  2. It is also best to remember also that we are playing in Alpha Beta and much will most likely change. I only say this, because i am told this many times.
  3. OK so, at some point my one vessel could master all lines and be able to craft everything on its own? I thought they were making it so that all professions need the other to graft high lvl quality items? I under stand that this would most likely take a LONG LONG time but i could be possible in time?
  4. Ok, I am sure that this has been answered before, but how many of the passive lines can i master? I assume you can not master like all leather, wood, forging and necro? and then still be able to master combat as well? Thank you in advance for getting me turned in the right direction. I am pretty sure i have messed up my vessel and will want to start it right, when the wipe happens. Thanks.
  5. I guess i see and understand were they are coming from, i work long hours and do not get to play much, but when i do i like to see an accomplishment (gains) at the end of the day, like batter at what ever i was working on. Not sure this will work well, you seem to be giving me no real incentive to log on and play, if all it gets me is better materials witch i can most likely buy from players anyways. An all passive skill tree seems to me a bad idea, i get know rewords for playing? I like the idea behind the passive skill tree but there should be a balance otherwise people will tire of the game after a small amount off time.
  6. Ok want to start with that i am really enjoying the game so far. I have not got into the PVP yet and hoping that plays as well as the PVE. But what i do not get is skill gains, so you do not get anything for doing a skill like skinning, crafting or combat? You only get to spend points in a tree that you get automatically? This seems a bit off, what is the point of even doing the skill if i do not gain anything by doing it? Why wouldn't i get better at crafting leather if i spend time crafting it? Or am i missing something? Seems to me with the way its set up with passive skill point gain that i am better off making a character then just not playing him for few weeks then log on and spend all the skill points i have and i am just as good as the guy who played every day and used the skills? Am i missing something? i hope i am.
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