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  1. hi everyone. im new here but i have seen some videos on youtube with devs. i have a question which i maybe ask in suggestion box later on if i be allowed to. the question is - ive heard that game economy has sort of inflation and there too much money, more then u can spend. and devs are trying to figure out how players could spend there money to put it out of game. meanwhile i ve heard that there are some secrifise in game, like you can sucrifice for exp and so on. i just figured, why we dont add abilty to sucrifise money. for example we can invest money into buildings, like built cost or renovation cost. but we could also sucrifise money for anything else, maybe for exp, maybe for craft, maybe for points, anything. so that players insted of doing gold selling simply invested money into the game to become stronger and more powerfull. this way there wont be any inflation. cos money will have actual value. maybe create money investment with progression. like if you are stronger you need more money and if you r weak then just a little. its a good idea, its like to go back to golden standart when money was a gold which had value by itself not like a banknotes which actually a piece of paper. in real world you can do heaps more if you have a lots of money, like you can become a president even. so in real world people dont get bored of geting more and more richer, in the game if u billioner you just have nothing to do with them. i had a friend who was a very rich in game and she just was giving away millions to noobs who begged. so why dont we make money great again?)) i dont know who will read this but hope im being helpful
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