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  1. from reading one thread to another this is still hard to process. From playing sb with many of y'all over the years and even reunited and meeting old faces again from the sb emu's and even other adventures in games we have all played together memories like this don't fade away. To my friends in Winterblades; Coolwaters is a true eternal flame of the guild.
  2. 3440x1440 is looking great now and for the folks that are upset on the fov "advantage" I think ACE can fix up a few things with in the gfx settings and "ADD" an fov setting so the folks that cant support these resolutions don't get left out. (Simple Fix)
  3. pointing this out "the highest level enemies in the entire world" was part of an FC event that meddled in a political war... If my memory is right for that FC event they wanted us to loose what we had built. We took a stand and said screw that. Shadow Company left TBW with hostile intention which lead to the destruction of your city and including anyone that had ties to Shadow Company.... Which if I remember correct your city was just west of undead isle on a small island from the town called "The Tree" if I am wrong please correct me I would like to compliment and say thank you on our so called numbers we fielded. We had every dedicated groups that would summon and wash death shroud. Also to note that was the first and final FC event to EVER happen on dread due to screwing around trying to meddle in guild vs guild politics.
  4. the infection is spreading already!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6Aamx_897c
  5. good to see OPP around! Really hope to see the whole crew roaming the field =D
  6. nice ! waiting for alpha testing to get more main stream and others should start playing/testing
  7. Coolwaters you can blame the glitter fail, or the other 2 excellent candidates
  8. 2nd video @ 58 sec didn't even know Sib was playing lol
  9. omg you did get that clip from earlier! oi that sucked thank you Uya lol
  10. I would have to agree, I would love to be able to open up with what ever spell that I want. Example I don't want to mash a key X amount of times to get a stun off on someone. Or having to go 3 deep in a combo to just get a debuff off.
  11. Achiever 67% Explorer 13% Griefer 87% Socializer 33% LoL that Grief
  12. good stuff last night Protonix get a pc up and going and join us
  13. ohh yeah bring out the thieves! Ranger should be pretty fun testing
  14. missed out on last nights fun doh gl this evening
  15. hmm this thread needs some popcorn, and some wonky troll chingadera
  16. what day is trash pick up?
  17. no clue, haven't seen an update for what has been patched or even if anything has been patched.
  18. Some of my best times have been on a thief or a scout, and to note if you think a scout was only useful for popping a stealth class you sir are surly wrong
  19. Let me know when shoot me a pm and I'll do what I can to be around
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