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  1. from reading one thread to another this is still hard to process. From playing sb with many of y'all over the years and even reunited and meeting old faces again from the sb emu's and even other adventures in games we have all played together memories like this don't fade away.


    To my friends in Winterblades; Coolwaters is a true eternal flame of the guild.




  2. I only messed around with the gfx setting a few the other night and for med and basic netted me the same results which hurts. Only thing I didn't look into was cpu usage which I have a feeling added into the drop. 

    just a quick note since you said your gaming laptop has the same card, I would assume you hit a throttle point vs what I would hit. also there is a difference between a 970m vs a non mobile card.


  3. Just from trying to play yesterday it was a pure slide show in fps for me was horrible and I haven't had frames drop like this in while let say going back to HD and SP but more or less of SP due to walls coming down ect. Please note GTX970FTW should not be choked like this. I didn't get a chance to watch cpu usage last night either which is my bad and I know it was stated that there is a problem with the client chewing up cpu pretty good.

    Note #2 I did mess around with GFX settings brought stuff down from high down to med and still was getting an avg or 18FPS! just ugly :(

    Pulling items out of the spirit bank also created a good 10 to 17sec MSG spike to 1200 solid

    Client it self now crashes each time you exit

    Due to how FPS was I had to call it quits I hope the next build will have some resolve to this.

  4. What a miserable, detestable question to ask someone.


    I'll relay my nation story here, at the risk of sounding like a bad cover of Viva la Vida by Coldplay.  At one point, Moonglow Town Council of the Atlantic shard of Ultima Online was sizable. The magocracy had recruited and trained a vast number of members who swore loyalty to the island and would die for her. Dwarfed only in size to the Syndicate, MTC with its legion of a hundred strong conquered island after island as it hopped its way towards Britain. In the great wars between light and darkness, Moonglow vacillated between, ultimately falling prey to attrition that plagued the neutral. Picking between the sides was important.  I cut my teeth on court intrigue and politics in Sosaria, refining the needs of guild management and delegation.


    In Shadowbane, I thought I'd learned my lesson. The Order of Moonglow became gargantuan, the home to more than 1,100 individual members in an empire that spanned the entire western half of the largest continent to stretch across 26 separate cities. We were a mercantile nation-state, a great benevolent empire that warred with none and sought mutual prosperity for ourselves and our neighbors. We sought to bring and security to the lands we held, and our Inner Council under my guidance treated fairly every member of our nation-guild, allies, and friends.  I sharpened my diplomatic efforts in every way I could, taking great effort to ensure that the magnificent capital of Moonglow had all the best trainers, equipment vendors, facilities open to any and all who came in peace.  My empire was the first to discover the path to the secret developer island to the extreme northwest, out in the deep ocean, and we erected a citadel on the island to serve as last resort if the worst should happen.  Minor skirmishes erupted periodically with one of our more bellicose nearby neighbors whose members harassed visitors, killing them or chasing them from hunting areas.  The reports grated on me, but I made nice. When there was banditry or rote murder, we'd offer restitution to the victim and set them up to survive on our dime.  We had unspeakable amounts of gold since none of it was used for war, so we could afford to construct new lives for those who had been ruined by the privations of others.


    Whispers from the Shadow Company told me that the allies of our grating neighbors, The Black Watch, were about to be assaulted by a multi-nation army and the result would be the burning of Melnibone, their capital, to the ground. TBW had offended nearly every guild of size in the game through their antics and hostility, and Melnibone occupied incredibly desirable territory at the crux of Moonglow's sprawling territory -  the highest level enemies in the entire world. We knew we were no reasonable match in training or drill as they were, or their allies, but we had an immense superiority of numbers and the strike teams and assembled allies that Shadow Company - a rebel offshoot of The Black Watch itself, had provided.  Plus, striking at the heart of the largest ally of our progressively more hostile neighbors made strategic sense. If we won, we could isolate them and scourge their city from our environs. It was decided by council vote that we had to intervene in the wars, and we would do so in the siege of Melnibone.  The first day, we won all of our battles.  The second day, the tide turned as The Black Watch called upon and activated their alliances.  Elite squads from small, but ruthless pockets of domains from around the map were brought in and we were routed from Melnibone.  It was two days of truly heinous fighting and a few weeks after that eradicated the soft mass that was my Order of Moonglow from the map.  


    I remember vividly as the guilds so eager to see us burn occupied my shining capital, killing our people on sight.  They rez-killed me repeatedly when the bane went active, and Moonglow's guards were wiped out, the thousand-plus member guild scattering in the violence.  I died, and came back each time to the tree of life at the center of our nation as it crumbled. They let me watch as the city I had spent years building was annihilated under trebuchet fire over the course of a day. The terrible lesson of Shadowbane was taught hard that moment to me, and it sank in as I joined with the partisans that later became DLF and WMD in prolonged guerrilla warfare.  The ultimate goal of Shadowbane, the endgame, was that to win, you had to get the other person to stop playing, and in so doing, you rule over nothing but ash.  What may take exhaustive time and energy to build can be lost in a heartbeat. Quantity doesn't always matter, quality doesn't always matter - and sometimes you can do everything right and still end up sifting through the ruins of your home.


    So, you ask if anyone who had done this would do it again.  

    The sick, twisted part is, yes, perhaps.  It was heart-wrenching and thrilling. It was misery and euphoria. I wept. But I was part of something that made the Game of Thrones look like checkers.


    I don't know what mistake I may make in Crowfall - or if I've managed to figure it out yet.




    pointing this out "the highest level enemies in the entire world" was part of an FC event that meddled in a political war... If my memory is right for that FC event they wanted us to loose what we had built. We took a stand and said screw that. Shadow Company left TBW with hostile intention which lead to the destruction of your city and including anyone that had ties to Shadow Company.... Which if I remember correct your city was just west of undead isle on a small island from the town called "The Tree"  if I am wrong please correct me :)


    I would like to compliment and say thank you on our so called numbers we fielded. We had every dedicated groups that would summon and wash death shroud.


    Also to note that was the first and final FC event to EVER happen on dread due to screwing around trying to meddle in guild vs guild politics. 








    Sent this in with different screen shots via email @bugs  leather on and off, pretty funny looking. I think you guys should keep this around as low level stealth :)

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