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  1. shadowbane and food oh forgot fallout 4
  2. Cappasada, I'll be honest sir I have seen what you post from both SB Emu servers and you shouldn't be dragging in SB politics here man, and to be honest your no peach either, especially 60% of what you post. At least to help ya where ever your guild goes it will be crushed, your tears will always fuel all of us with more power. -Washuu of TBW
  3. Nak what times are you on in ts since you have been busy?
  4. One game comes to mind now "There is a spy around here"
  5. Shape Shifter would be pretty mint, just as long as I can fly/steal/stealth/back stab I will be one happy camper
  6. they discussed thieves a little for the July Q&A Now they just need to announce some sort of bird class
  7. Muh old school SB friends, which one of ya'll do I get to kill first?
  8. I would like to point out there was only 4 TBW on at any given time if you know what I mean
  9. meh might as well say it since this #'s stuff keeps going ect and its what been what 2 years? "56 Bros" good times gg's and please let it go
  10. Right I was so ready for us to do that and we had it down to the T also! Figured we would have put a dent in folks also
  11. Oi! this #'s game again from those banes Just to note I remember us testing TP + stealth to just right off the grid and we never got to do that
  12. washuu


    "GoD has never been beaten 3-0" 3-1 R8 GOD cap down just saying
  13. I hear ya on the work, starting next week no days off till the 9th , I am sure there are some toons one of us can pass off for ya to play
  14. I thought that was what was going on at the end of that video
  15. Dru with quality videos Btw do you have any video footage of the FC event that happened at Dystopia?
  16. just Aracoix and Minotaurs in general...
  17. that like asking for skinamax.......... things to ask for tho should be Aracoix and Minotaurs
  18. That is true lol loved our spot on undead island =D
  19. I remember Marmot Marauders, y'all were allies
  20. TBW from SB And a lot of us played together in WoW on Arthas
  21. Was wondering when KoS would show up. Warlock (redrum) better on par to play this =D send him over to TBW Vent to say hi
  22. I got to find my pics from dread I know our map was pretty packed
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